Monday, October 20, 2014

Mid-night encounter

The freezing winter night at pelela top was hard to stand. It was almost mid-night, when the car man and his baby wandering stopped nearby our camp. Today only, I have understood why he had stopped his car? - in the hope of that deem light. That historic night still lingers in my memory and reflecting of that frosty moonlit night awakes me alive all times.

It’s no exception for me surviving through that icy night. No sooner did he stop his car than, we'd rushed towards him thinking some emergency. We felt little uncomfortable yet, for good reasons we advanced and approached him in a decent manners.

Initially, my friends have treated him not so generously.  Yet, some moment later, he had shared his whole story in a painful tone holding his baby around his arm, "like one utters a self-evident truth". He said his wife had died soon after his baby’s birth. With this - he had remained quiet for a while, which gave me a clear message of his painful sufferings. We felt very sorry for the questions we have asked him unknowingly. Honestly, to this fact I have silently cried for him.

We felt very saddened after knowing his truth. Truly, we do not have any relation. Yet, he opened-up his truth in front of us. Thanks for that. I was really touched by his unknown fate - with the demise of his beloved one.

While, we have seen his baby rested in peace on his lap. In the distance, I felt pity for him. I am sure his heart might have felt millions defeat with extreme pain. At the same reflection, the chosen father for that baby was not mistaken since; I have seen all the best human value in him. As a young boy with premature thoughts we didn’t utter a word that would please his suffering heart. Rather we have endured in silent just by shaking our head for few times. Sorry for that.

Nevertheless, after complete story he had fed his little baby with bottled milk he was carrying. So, before he left us he adieu us warm goodnight wishes in a saddened voice.

Soon after his departure, I felt complete empty and remained silent for a while to get back to normal life proceedings. Later, we have shared amongst our-self about his gentle heart. Thus, with his caring nature I have learnt much value. I am sure; it’s hard to meet human like him – ‘a decent and thoughtful man’.

I have decided to keep his presence a wonderful throughout. After he left us, I had an inspiration of becoming a faithful father like him one day. He taught me many values in the heart of being good human. And that was the time my heart started to beat for him. I could feel the closeness that exists between a father and the baby. I honestly declared his being father was compare-less to any beautiful survival. He really deserved to be a greatest father.

Well, without much conversation. He left us there in the mid-night. He headed towards present Wangdiphodrang with his baby boy on his lap. Today, I could still feel his painful voice, the clear face of his baby calmly rested on his arm and his slow motioned car faded to downhill never to be seen again.

I am sure, today that baby boy might have grown-up taller and to a gentle youth. Perhaps, in greater hope, one day - he may read my story and know how his father has suffered in shaping him into a splendid being.


  1. Really sad to hear about your mid-night encounter Sancha Sir. That is how we can measure the love of our parents to us. I believe there is no other love greater than fatherly or motherly love. Enjoyed reading your flowery English. Keep posting.

  2. Thanks for the well thought comments la...thanks

  3. I can call this a beautiful encounter. I am glad you are touched by the father's affection and that you made a silent resolve to become a great father. I am sure, you are just doing that in case you have become a father now. God bless you-father and son!

  4. Reading the Mid-night Encounter, it encounter with sorrow deep in the heart and feeling at the deep of marrow of my bone. Nicely written Sancha sir.
    I pray let the son be a good son of his empathy father.
    Now, I too want to become like the father in the Mid-night Encounter.

  5. Thank you Gyembo and Jigme sir for the critical comments that alys gives me way to move forward la..Thanks for dropping into my blog all the times la...Thanks


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