Thursday, July 9, 2015

To Sir, With Love

It is easy to be called, but difficult to be one amongst many is a teaching job all times. Although teaching was outside his experiences yet, Mr. Braithwaite, a new teacher, had first to fight the class bully rather than going with the subjects he was supposed to teach.

Unsure of what to do next, he started his teaching with humiliation. He fought with them, educated them. He also taught them disobedience, hard mannered students to address him a 'sir'. He trained them to wash their faces, clean their class room, and respect their schoolmates and to read books took a long way.

To check their level of true behaviors, he planned to take his class to museum and to opera. There he expected some wrong behavior. But instead of catastrophe, a wonder happened. Perhaps I should say 'big turnover' he'd seen and experienced was the day he had taken them to outside world to learn History.

As a result of this, he noticed a remarkable change in the behavior of his pupils. They became polite, addressed him as 'sir' and entered the classroom like any other decent youth and even some disobedient boys had cropped their long hair was all his effort to change indirectly.

Finally, a committed teacher had turned hatred into love, teenage rebelliousness into self-respect and dislike for other into introspection had won all aspect of his life. He finally was bestowed with what he wanted to see in the life of his students fully satisfaction, relaxed and with calm mind.

Mr. Braithwaite a rejected technical graduate from many interviews was finally turned to be a teacher. The rejection in the entire interview mainly came because of his color, 'as he was a Negro'. An engineer by course finally destined to become a teacher, a fate twisted him so much to become a school teacher - a motivated, inspired and best teacher. 

Mr. Braithwaite had taken countless sacrifices to those rude and ill-mannered high school gangsters in changing their morale.

Here, the youngsters who confront him once in front of the assembly have become best teacher for many students amongst many teachers.

Mr. Braithwaite’s technique of throwing a challenge back at them made a big turnover, in their thinking and especially to overcome their arrogance. He remained so firm on 'if they expect to be treated as adults, which they're about to become, they must act like adults'.

As, I could see his hard work round the year had never wasted rather it turned to be the stepping stones in his total life far beyond. The sacrifices he'd made actually came with many things and that is what he'd worked so hard for. He'd changed a big mess of life confusion into life reality and that is a big job he did as a teacher. 

Towards the end the students to whom he had dealt seriously felt so much sorry and ashamed of the kinds of behavior they’ve shown to their teacher. They felt their teacher was never wrong and they circled their wrong deeds and promised never to repeat again.

Finally, what I belief is 'only great wealth a teacher can give to his/her student is making them stand all alone after their schooling' and this thoroughly a secretly. 

Photo: Sancha Bdr. Rai

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  1. Thanks for sharing such a heart-touching story sir. I wish to be like Mr. Braithwaite.