Friday, November 25, 2016

Thimphu Has More City Bus Services than Zhemgang’s Total Number of Vehicles.

Thimphu, City Bus
While it is very good news for the people living in Thimphu city. But it's not same for the people living in far-away places like Zhemgang about the new city bus hitting the road. The very obsolete fact about the Zhemgang is – zhemgang always remains cut-off from public transport services. Even, Taxi isn't so reciprocity during emergency.

Whatever, city will continue to prosper - while Zhemgang can only afford to produce pools of fresh and polished air. No vehicles no air pollution – and the recent parliament discussion wasn't far-off from the new city bus hitting the Thimphu high-way.

The planners in Bhutan lack a key ingredient to a free and fair developmental plans; the freedom to see the forest beyond the trees, the freedom to choose what is necessary for the growth of the country lies within and far away from our unwise politicians.

I couldn’t help but to simply agree with the policy makers and the bureaucrat on whatever they implement.

Precisely, I have found that there is a big mismatch and the problem with our planners in framing and implementing the plans uniformly and wisely always.

Happiness comes through good judgment, good judgment comes through experience and experience comes through bad judgment. But, there is something very wrong with our system, making the same mistakes over and over again, day in and day out. This shows a complete lack of self-awareness, the very far-flung zhemgang will continue to experience its fated doomsday, whatever and whoever comes into power.
Bus: Zhemgangpas have never demanded this kind of Bus service.  
It’s sort of like breaking in a new pair of shoes - at first, it’s a little hard to wear them but soon they fit like a glove. Here, I don’t fully agree onto support the ideas on an effort to address the increasing number of vehicles in the city as if life happens only for city people, as if they only can afford to buy new vehicles. When city has already plenty and better-off facilities than any other places yet developmental progress never stops to freeze. What is really happening in our country - isn't this against the wheel of GNH or the power lies for powerful minds?

The latest City Bus services for Thimphu city has given me lots of mixed feelings; how and why Thimphu only need such facilities, as if government of the day was elected alone by Thimphupas and not by other far-off people. It seemed to me that people living in Thimphu only need such good and advanced facilities. It seemed that people living in Thimphu only has the problem, need to survive and need such facilities. Then, why our policy makers are arguing so much on to reduce rural-urban migration.  

The cost of imported City Bus has amounted to Nu 67 million, I can flatly agree upon it without any deny. But, my question is - what, if our government can spare Nu 3.2 million for procuring one least advanced bus for places like Zhemgang to ease more severe problems of increasing number of private vehicles hitting the road every day. But, more importantly it would unruly benefit uncountable disadvantaged friends and families. 

The recent survey from 'Roads Safety and transport Authority' has found out that at least seven-to-ten vehicles are hitting Bhutanese road every day and the story is no different for Zhemgang. 

If government can deploy few decent bus to the place where there are no bus service and on need based, it would immensely benefit the people far-and-wide. Resected politicians and concern agency; “Zhemgangpas, only need decent and fine bus service.” 
Bus: Zhemgangpas, wanted this kind of of simple and workable bus service.
Thimphupas will continue to advance more while Zhemgangpas will continue to suffer without one decent bus service and forget about the optimal use of the buses to help the government’s initiative to curb the increasing import of vehicles and pollution.

Is our government of the day wise to do this job? If - otherwise, we also need one decent bus service to ease even more dangerous social problems than any other. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Mr. CG7???

Chencho Gyeltshen: Bhutan's first international
Football player.
It's harder to believe in reality, the veracity of the changing times throughout. But, it is as simple as this; once we used to believe life beyond impossible to sustain through playing 'Games and Sports' alone. Although, playing can also conceitedly encapsulate likelihoods like any other jobs or business. 

Shall we still continue to remain complacent like what it used to be in the past or time to turn back the clock and say it’s time to think out-of-the-box. Whatever, let’s be more practical for constantly changing world to beat the uncertainty of times.

No sooner did we hear the press release of our only Footballer; Mr. Chencho Gyeltshen (CG7), who will be soon playing in Chittagong Abahani of the Bangladesh Premier League than he started to become largely popular figure everywhere - even to the most and far uneducated lots.  

I know as an individual person that he might have ascended from the mountain-top and taken the path which was less-travelled by everyone. And nobody knows how and what level of race and energy he might have taken to reach this point. But, he did it the way he wanted it.  It is very sure, he might have faced so much of family demurral but nothing has stopped him from becoming the Football-Star. What we can learn from him is that everything is possible, as long as full self-acclaim is affirmed - be it small or big. 

Had he not chosen to risk his life as a Footballer, he might have ended his life into the things he is less capable of doing, he might have wasted his entire life doing unfertile labor and he might have juggled his life behind the things he love less. He might have become a burden to his family but now he isn’t that. Because of his firm braverity and self-confidence in Football game, he could finally stand to become a football-man for his impeccable football acumen. And I have a deep respect for his great football skills and ability to at least play in some international football club. I hope he will continue to become better player than today.   

It seemed to me that this game is promising only for CG7 and not to anyone else. It seemed to me that he only knows how to block and tackle the ball. And it seemed to me that he only has two skillful legs and no one else has. If not - why can’t we let our young boys and girls learn more skills for games and sports from the very young age at school by providing right amenities and right resources. What if our government of the day can plan for better games and sports center or ‘Sports Academy’ for sport enthusiastic rather than forcing someone against their will, skills and ability which is not so germane at this point?    
In the history of Bhutanese Education system so far, ‘games and sports’ used to be the least count option although students in school are supposed to learn. But, to what level and who is counting their progress in the sporting field is - beyond question.  Whatever, we still find very less individuals or parents taking interest in supporting their child to take up sporting career and the main reason could be the market within and outside the country. Because we have very deep rooted culture of studying has only the future, and nothing more. But, is it possible for all of us to get into government jobs for every day swelling populations. But, for our CG7 the case wasn’t like ours. I am very sure that he might have rescued so many of our young boys and girls who also wishing to take-up sporting career very soon by setting a very firm example within our nation and - beyond. Perhaps, which is like any other job or business. But why we still have very less people opting for sports when there are pools of opportunity nationally or internationally?

As a parents, as a brother or sister and as a guardian, do we let our child decide for their career path? 

Amongst all, just few of the individuals are big on goal-setting action and that is how I have seen this boy setting football legacy even in our land too. I hope for sure he will going to have more financially successful journey than all of us if he can hold onto trying more and more on his career path than usual. Lately, his name started to appear everywhere; in newspaper, on the television, at the office or in the town. Because he is the first Bhutanese man to earn his living through Football Abilities and nothing more.

The moment you start to concentrate on what your heart says, then only you start to notice its rhythm and its qualities and that is exactly what has happened to our CG7. This is a man who is responsible for his own Football-destiny.  

The best is soon to come. You run your own race!

Monday, November 21, 2016

My Workplace Toilet!

If you think you need rules to use toilet then we need more straighten rules in place to visit marketplace here after. But for sure we don't have both even decimally in place. And remember our first option and the priority should be to have clean toilet for all of us, for all times.
My activities at my workplace on World toilet day: 19th, Nov.

I hope all of the colleagues would like to use this clean toilet. Let's make this a lifelong habits and not just for a day. I would like to request all my friends to use all the toilets smartly so that we don't want our Bhutanese giving example of other countries like Japan and Singapore for serving the cleanest toilet when we have everything at our reach. 
My workplace toilet: 19th, Nov 2016
I think and to my best level - 'Bhutan toilet organization' is doing their best to implement clean toilets and good toilet habits to all of us but unsure of how many of us are really taking care of this simple yet imperative aspects of life. And not only that they are also trying to instill the values of personal hygiene through lots of written postures and various social activities through social networking sites over again and again. This is the right time we must pick some of the good habits for better future else we will fail as a nation.

We only realize the price of toilet unless we are to attain some emergency natures call and during loose motion.  I hope our toilet habits would multiple for better with so much effort from our 'Bhutan Toilet Organization team' and from international agency in making TOILET as one of the most important wealth of every individual people around the world. I wish everyone a happy toilet habits and sojourn for better health hereafter.                                                                 

Just remember your toilet and my toilet is so-so but mine is far superior from everyone. Because when I make a visit to toilet I never forget to take water with me. While in toilet I also never forget to follow clean toilet habits which makes me so different. So, if you all possess worthy toilet habits, I shall request you all to continue and if you don't have one it's time to incur some good habits else it will going to cost you even more than your own life very soon.  


Friday, November 11, 2016


      61st- Birth Anniversary of your Majesty'; King Jigme Singye Wangchuck!  

Fourth King of Bhutan

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mr. New President!

45TH presidential-ship of America has came as a big surprise to the world but not to me. 
I have been internally supporting your mission and the party you lead. I have started to regard the honest administration, when you declare yourself from a business tycoon to throw onto be the elite political leaders was a great deal to assure you. 

And now I must say your greater political window for four years have started, without any division. More importantly, everyone might be in the hope that you would bring back all the political whim back by bridging your country to outside world to greater height. Remember world would see you, your country and Trump Administration as an example. I hope so you won't compromise the line you used to state always - "corruption free conservative laws in place for better America!" 

Over Mrs, Clinton I have seen you a better futuristic person to lead your fellow citizens forward. I hope you would restore more peace by setting more prodigious political wheel and sustainable economy conditions.

Although, I am beyond Trump Administration yet I had a great feelings that you would bring some forgotten hopes and dreams of your people back again by building better political ground. Not alone by building walls between Mexican border and to your country.  

Now it is time for you to put best and the right share of laws in your soil. It is in you to build the kinds of society you wanted in future. It is in you to put your country first as the most secured, rich, dynamic and politically rich country in the world.   

But, the good news is that Mr. Trump would unite all the people living in America. He says it's time to bind the wounds of division, he has promised to have great, great foreign relations, he will put US first but deal fairly with everyone, he will going to have great economic plan to double growth for all classes of people, he promised to serve his people fairly and rebuild the nation as one big family. He also promised that he will be president for all Americans. 

Mr. Trump family and his supporters would experience the big, honest, longest and the peaceful good-night sleep while Mrs. Clinton family, Obama family and her supporters who threw all the possible weights behind her would experience the shortest, the most terrible sleep for rest of the nights.

And here won't be any - 'Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga' singing for the final political game ending for Mrs. Clinton. 

When some panels or table analyst was busy arguing on "Unexpected Results", Mr. Trump has already won the race to white house? While I hope Mrs. Clinton won't have another Blood-Pressure drama.  

Sunday, November 6, 2016

XII Science - A

Class XII science A - 2016

Champion Class of  2016

My heart dance with joyfulness - 12 science A.

My dear students! Can you remember, when I said you all, we must stand "champion class" for the year 2016 in the beginning and finally we did it, right?

Initially, we have faced some obstacles and gangue because it’s not over-night dreams and hopes. First, we talked to unite as one, second we have set our goals and third we have started to work and now we have proven everyone that 'we can' anyway if we can work unfailingly.

All I could remember is we have toiled so hard, we have promised to work calmly and smartly keeping many good hopes alive, we have started from single point, we have gathered single nut and bolt, we have multiplied our hopes again and again when we go out of control in the name of this championship. And finally all of these have paid us unreasonable strength in life to work even harder. 

Today is the most appropriate day to reap back our hardship and cherish the bygone days with crowning champion class of the year. We have really worked hard, we have acted as one throughout, we have remained calm in all the activities, we have done all the assigned work impeccably with dedication and we have never let go any work unattended throughout the year. Nonetheless, we have also never overlooked to value our hard-work round 365 days and nothing more.

More importantly, all I could reminisce is we have fabricated our bond so strong that nothing can un-bond it for the generation.

'This victory goes to all of us.'

Remember, champion not always lies in the hand of the most powerful men but its lies in the hand of most precision men.

Perhaps, because of our unfailing dedication and effort have drag us to this point; place where we have stand today proudly and boldly. We could stand high above all and we could proudly stand before everyone with our head held high-up in the air because we did for what we have promised for so long – by crowning, "champion class/best class" for the whole year.

When we have cultivated a deep sense of faith in our own abilities and an indomitable spirit, nothing can stop us from succeeding in all our pursuits and living with great rewards.

I wanted to - "thank all my heroes and heroines for the most unforgettable hardship that you all have generated throughout the year, the assessment gang and the school management team for recognizing our privation step-by-step for the whole year."

Remember! You will just have to do the best you can!

Cheers for all of you dear students of Zhemgang Central School for giving us chance to stand in front of you all.

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