Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Solar Panel versus Electricity Confusion

Recently I came across news by Kuensel. –"83 households in Tsirang has no grid electricity." And it caught my attention for the outlandish failure and wrong information recorded for rural electrification.  

Interestingly, it was sad to see poorly schooled officials who do not know the difference between solar and hydro power energy. I feel such poorly maintained record of data would hamper any future development of the villages. More so, it may also lead to series of implication for future plannings of the gewog as well. 

At this time and age, home without any electricity connection, villages without road connectivity, shops nearby and strong telecommunication tower may bring any kinds of disaster. We don't want to travel back in times neither we don't want to be like camel on the deserted island. 

It is sad to know that our officials are failing to perform their duty. Why these many villages are still without any electricity connection? What are our local leaders, planners and BPC doing? 

For a country like ours where hydro power are ample, our own villages should not be left out with reliable electricity connection. As a local leader and the planner, they have to raise concern and voices on such necessity of daily lives, and not only on what share of salary and benefits will they get in autumn. 

How some well-educated fools can say the dzongkhag has at least 83 households without grid electricity and still claims that the all the villages are electrified? We give so much emphasis on the use of electricity; it is locally available, cheap and clean forms of energy. I have seen our leaders encouraging the use of electricity over fire wood and other forms of energy. But where is their stand when some villages are still without any electricity connection. 

Unlike solar energy, electricity has multi-function. One can do so many work at a time with electrical energy. However, on the other hand, solar panel can't perform such heavy duties at a go. With the kind of solar panel provided to villages, it can withstand one or two 4-6 watt light bulb for 2-3 hours with some occasional break. With such poor facilities in place, how can we curb the problem of rural-urban migration? 

"In a recent report, Bhutan Power Corporation reported that with the electrification of Soe and Lingzhi in Thimphu and Jigmecholing in Sarpang, 99.97% of the households in the country have been provided with electricity. The remaining 0.03% constitutes 300 households in Lunana."

Where is the 83 households of Tsirang without any electricity connection in the record? A place famous for its landscape, land of vegetables, oranges and dallay chillies. 

“BPC's Divisional Manager in Tsirang, Dil Kumar Rasaily said that those households connected with solar energy are also considered electrified. That was how Tsirang's 83 non-electrified households got reflected as electrified. It is just that they do not have grid connection but their homes are lit with solar." How poor are our leaders? Who do not know the difference between solar and hydro power energy?

We don't want any officials and leaders of such capacity to rule us. In future such officials should be banned from entering into any job market. 

How many more survey are still required to provide electricity to these 83 households of Tsirang? If they are still waiting for another TA/DA claims, they can leave their offices. We don't want such voracious officials and poorly educated minds to represent us. We don't want such poorly educated leaders to speak on behalf of us, the villagers. 

The below is the link for those of you who do not have caught up with the news:

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

World Cup Fever

Belgium was out last night. But I still have one last hope with England tonight. 

Uruguay side seemed unarmed when Cavani couldn't make it to first eleven. The other team mates were mentally disturbed. Luis Suarez was alone to hit the target. Surprisingly Argentina have conceded more goals than expected from scintillating France. Messi was blamed for it. Spain was another big team who was axed by the Russians. Gerard Pique had not done enough was the reaction.  

When many rejoice the world cup, few Thai families mourn for 12 boys and a football coach who were trapped in the Thai cave. However, due to international help, good fortune and weather conditions have favored the extraction work of all 13 beautiful souls successfully on time, just before the the first world cup semi-final. Heroes were the cave divers and the doctors. 

But on the other hand, Ip Man was heavily paralyzed by his physics and mathematics syllabus. Some local researchers have found out that some of his brain cells were damaged severely and some have started to corrode. The cause of his brain damage was due to excessive sleep and his sluggish nature. 

"GOAL" was declared. Offside flag was up. In the centre few players have exchanged some punch and few have already blown up their nose. Kylian Mbappe was booked for Yellow Card for unnecessarily wasting time. However, referee settled to call on for VAR (Video Assistant Referees) to assess on the damaged caused. Everyone waited for the final decision. He came back only to resume the normal game but ended in penalties. 

With this technology in place, trust between referee and the players is at stake. So far referees decision have worked so well for any level of football games. Referees decision should be final and binding if the conscience was clear and fair. I am bit worried about the revolution of artificial intelligence versus the future of human. Seriously, workmanship is at risk!

My little daughter have supported team Japan for their fair play but couldn't withstand Belgium in their first knockout phase. I have supported Belgium for no great reasons though. Belgium has a wonderful team squad. One reason could be because of the amazing performance put up by Kevin De Bruyne. He is someone who can cover the full pitch. His energy, creativity, pace, intelligent passes and the fair play are something to admire on the ground. He is one player who have changed everything for Belgium right from the start. 

Germany made a great mistake by axing the entry of Leroy Sané to the squad. He is a young and talented player. Power to finish well in the front. He is the world class player. Manager's poor choice of the players was to be blamed.

Messi and Ronaldo continued to leave the world cup stadium at the early stage. Neymar Jr. have progressed but just to finished up his world cup gala at the hand of Belgians. However, those who made in squad were born to play football game and extraordinary in their football talents. But Neymar to the most extravagantly clever to seek referees attention at the slightest touch by his opponents. Nonetheless, Luis Suárez have save his dives and the bites. The opponents were lucky, maybe because of his age and wisdom. He grew wise and old. 

Football is a game of team work. On the other hand individual talents, skills and commitments are necessary.  

Mbappe have robbed the world attention for his skills versus age. Although young and talented and skillful. However, I did not like his behavior on the ground. He need few discipline classes to be great footballers. But time will only tell his football career. 

If France wins this world cup, Kanté should be given  a golden boot for being the most silent and the efficient player. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Lesson to learn from our three Bhutanese women recently rescued by Mumbai police


No sooner had I read the news titled –'Alleged trafficking of three Bhutanese women to Sri Lanka yet to be verified,' I recalled the movie titled –'Taken Film Series,' which was well played by Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) to rescue his 17-year old daughter after she is being kidnapped by a group of Albanian human traffickers and sold her into flesh business while travelling to France for her vacation.

Like in the movie, it won't be possible to have techniques and skills like how Bryan Mills have to get his daughter. We can't rely on GPRS technology like in the movie unless it is well planned. The movie comes as a great lesson for anyone, our youths, parents and guardian –especially young girls or women to be extra careful about themselves while travelling, both within and outside. More so, when one plan to fly abroad.   

The movie connect so well with both good and dreadful sides of human life, when there are good people around, there are equal bad people who would also follows your foot print. The movie took place in a simple setting, but slowly as it advances, it brings in more confusing, horrifying, complicated and mind-numbing scene. I felt good to watch this movie because every bits of movie is a great life lesson.

In the movie, the Albanian human traffickers are so smart. You can hardly finds their lapses. They are trained. They are professionals. But on the other hand, I was thoroughly amazed by how Bryan Mills, the father of a daughter handles the situation to get his daughter back. However, he finally gets her back but all in hopeless grief.

One thing we must learnt from the movie is that, such techniques and intelligence won't work in real life. It can never be possible to track and find back anyone who have been abducted. 

With population expanding, unemployment is certain, technology getting more sophisticated, and we could see many Bhutanese being fooled, entrapped and being scammed so easily. It is good to have job abroad, it can bring home lots of money and make family happy. However, at the same time it is also important to study the situation carefully before making any foreign deal. You are responsible for your own action. We need to remember travelling and earning overseas isn't as easy as you think. It is not like fighting for water dispute among neighborhoods back home. After all it makes no difference as long as you are in the homeland. You can be still safe and sound! 

The recent case of an alleged trafficking of three Bhutanese women by a Lankan man after colluding with a Bhutanese woman comes as a great lesson to learn. 

I thank immigration officials, Mumbai for doing their job. Their intelligence, vigilance and concern are what it makes them to be the best immigration servants. The concern cops involved also deserves hands down salute for informing concern authority as fast as possible. They all are the winners this time. We must all learn to work like them for the quality service.  

But this time our own Bhutanese woman have deceived our own three innocent women friends. I don't actually understand, why our people are so crazy about overseas jobs, when they can have their comfortable life in the country with little construction work, road maintenance, plumbing and car washing jobs? Why people still have to fly overseas for the same job or even more so dangerous and over pressurized work load? Still most of our jobs are in the hands of our Indian friends. 

Please, do not loaf over jobs easily from unknown agent or someone you happen to know through the phones. Do not give your real information to such people. Never fully trust them. Study the about the job and the assurance first. If you get such lofty offers from such person/agent, try and share the information to the rightful person around. Remember, people can deceive you without your notice. Be careful!

Although, money can do everything, it brings happiness and luxury but at the same time it can also takes away life so easily. Remember money can't buy you happiness. Money can't replace your happiness. 

However, it was happy to know that they are safe. I wish them to travel home safely. Nevertheless, as a sister, mother, wife, cousin, and relatives they may have learnt some good lessons from their trips to Mumbai. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

I wish I was a Painter

A farmer by profession. A painter by destiny, was a man I met unofficially in my school campus few months back. He is an extraordinary man. He creates magic when he is with his little brush and a color. I bet you, his painting skills will simply impress you. He not only does painting works but also does farm work to keep his livelihood sound and alive.

He recently took some painting works at my school campus. I met him for a brief moment when he was busy painting Tazey (assembly podium). I chanced to share about his painting works. For a while he claim to say that government jobs are far superior and healthy to what he does. However, it took me long to convince him even though I have backed with some good reasons to stand my claim. 
Assembly Podium

With unemployment on rise, our curriculum must focus onto practical and hand on experience lessons, broadening their knowledge and nurturing transferable skills to support their success in school and later in their life. Education must prepare life beyond the syllabus to overcome daily obstacles and challenges. 

Rather than simply sipping in mere redundant unhealthy contents, our school must blend curriculum and some U-Turn program with rich practical based learning of paintings, carpentry skills, masonry skills, pastoral farming and arable farming, which shall benefit in building better, stronger and self-sufficient nation. We need thousands of successful businessman, farm owners, painters, mason and agriculturist, who can bring more money for themselves, community and the country. We need farmers who can supply our own farm produces –more eggs, more pork, more rice, and more organic vegetables at a cheaper price.

His painting works not only boost his livelihood but also he can send his kids to school without having to loan money from his insatiate neighbors. Perhaps, whatever he earns, he don't regret much for not being able to pursue his education. Education don't alone make a living. Even if he would have been to school, he may have lend up becoming a painter. So whatever he does, he seemed pretty content. He believes in his painting skills. Perhaps, painting is his birth gift.  

At first sight, I felt pity on this little unschooled man, but after knowing him, I felt pity on myself. His earning is impressive. His earning is roughly double my salary. Thank God! I didn't mention my salary. 

I not only have developed a deep admiration for his work and earnings but also for his luxury of time. 

He mostly does a traditional paintings, which symbolically represents country, dharma, peace and spirituality. Above all it also represent the age old culture and tradition of the country that have not even lost an inch of its original design and symbolic representation that have existed for centuries.

From a school boy to a bearded man, I am always impressed with Drukpa Kingley's divine red Phallus painting on the doors of buildings and Lhakhangs. The size of his Phallus amaze me the most. According to legends, Phallus painting on the walls have so many benefits, it also represent the exclusive spirit and identity of the Himalayan Kingdom. Indeed, almost all the paintings are said to have originated from Tibet.

If I were a painter, I don't have to be bound with 9 to 5 job and need not have to be under the boss. 

Someday, I wish to become a painter…but the time will only going to tell. 

Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Gyalsey: The future of Bhutan

Gongsar Ugyen Wangchuck is the son of Desi Jigme Namgyal. He laid the foundation of Wangchuck Dynasty on 17th, December 1907 after bulldozing the last chanced battles that culminated at Changlimethang to the ashes. He was best known for his muscular strength, courage and intellectual ability from his early age while he was serving at his father's office.  

We came long way through thick and thin journey lead by our visionary Monarchs without much external threats so far. Till today we can proudly stand to say that we have our own land and our own national identity. Had it been the other ruler, Bhutan would have been different. The royal focused would have been for –GDP over GNH. 
HRH, the Gyalsey, first Royal picture taken by Druk Gyalpo
Image courtesy: His majesty's personal Facebook page

Bhutan has made yet another bigger milestone on 5th, February 2016 with the birth of our Royal Prince (to be the sixth King of Bhutan), Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck at Lingkana Palace. 

On February 9, the lunar New Year (losar) for Bhutanese, His Majesty have announced that the Royal Prince is the son of every Bhutanese, and he would be the true son of Pelden Drukpa. The big surprise came when His Majesty have assured that he would be brought up in a Bhutanese way. He would be well trained to serve the future of Bhutan by King himself. When he turn 6, he would go to school along with other children, and it is the moment of joy and happiness for all of us. 

5th, February of 2016 have become more than just a date on Bhutanese calendar. The future of Bhutan was made. 

While on his Royal outing he made several –home and abroad high headlines. Nevertheless, our Royal Prince, the Gyalsey is the most loved and admired child in the entire kingdom. He is not only the most popular child in Bhutan but also around the world.

I feel so lucky in many ways to be born in a very spiritual country ruled by our visionary kings, and I would love to happily work under our Gyalsey somewhere someday. I also would love to grow old along with our Royal Prince, the Gyalsey. 

Like your 3x great–grandfather, may you become bold, courageous and intelligent to lead nation towards more secure, stronger and vibrant country. Like your father, the Great Fifth may you become tall and handsome.  

May your dream always come true? May you always live happy? May you always live long? May you always remain healthy? May you always shine like a diamond? May your wishes come true? May you always protect us? May you always remain forever young?

Long live their majesties, long live HRH, the Gyalsey!

Picture courtesy: Taken from His majesty's personal Facebook page.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Historic Summit Between North Korea and the US.

In upholding peace and tranquility of every nation, this costly handshake of two extreme leaders of North Korea and America was long anticipated.   

The two very unfamiliar men by choice have finally set to meet on the far Sentosa Island of Singapore is something very special and historic not only for the two nations but also for the rest of the world. Although, it is claimed as one of the most expensive meeting by the two leaders but it was worth spending 20 million US dollars. 

I wish I had all that money. I can retire young, rich and powerful. But on the other hand, the history was made by the first sitting US president, Donald J. Trump for opening new brotherly diplomatic tie with longtime rival North Korea. This is what world is waiting to see for so long. 

The actual clash escalated only after Kim took matter single handedly by testing several missiles threatening the world both physically and mentally.  

But the bigger fear came only after the last ballistic missile that was tested by Pyongyang, which it claims could reach anywhere in the world. The message was sent so loud and clear that Pyongyang stand ready for any kind of war.  

However, Washington took the charge to stop nuclear fuss by sanctioning Kim government before they finally head towards their full nuclear ambition. Mr. Trump furiously vowed to unleash the hardest penalties if Pyongyang kept threatening the Washington, meanwhile Trump has called Kim, 'Mad Man' and 'Little Rocket Man.' But in reply Kim has called Trump, 'Mentally Deranged' and 'a Dotard.'

I pray Kim to agree this denuclearization deal with wholeheartedly and diplomatically and not to the personal gains of Washington. It would immensely going to benefit the world in keeping peace for all, for all times to come.

What surprised most was when Mr. Kim explored Singapore Main Street, waving to excited crowds and snapped some selfie in the eve of summit. It indirectly ended Kim subjugation regime to modern era. However, it became one of the very extraordinary moment for North Korean. 

In the street of Singapore and the eye of the world, Mr. Kim was viewed more like a celebrity than a totalitarian leader. We hope and pray more peace and prosperity to prevail in the world.  

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Night to Remember.

It was 7th of June, when my better–half left for her official outing to Bangkok. I was compelled to be an acting mother to my little baby girl. 

Initially, I was bit worried about how shall I keep her happy, and my other worry was to manage her in the night–board.  Perhaps, with finger crossed I hate night approaching. I wish night to be the shortest or else no night at all. 

During the day, I can make her happy and laze her in many ways by taking her outside in the sun and in the rain. I can take her to drive and buy her favorite chips. With all these thoughts first night have approached sooner than expected, but wasn't troublesome as anticipated. She slept peacefully with occasional break through. But I have doped her with some milk and with her favorite nursery rhymes.  

For young kids, I know what it is to be without a mother. First few nights was completely a heart pinching nights for three of us? When she cried, I felt the weight of thousand nailing over my head both physically and mentally. It is not as easy as you see to manage, handle and understand innocent kids. They don't understand your feelings and vice versa.   

Few years back I used get annoyed with neighbor's child nagging and crying needlessly. Now I am married, and had my own baby. I feel the difference. I started to love kids. I finally realized every kids are perfectly same despite caste and creed, rich and poor, so treat them same.

I have one of my blonde–faced cousin who hate kids more than anyone. I saw him throwing pots and pans to his brother's kids few years back. He got married past some years. He now have two beautiful babies. Perhaps, he became world–class father. Now he does all kinds of baby keeping –he cooks for them and happily put them into sleep.

My little baby girl is a very peaceful girl. She hardly cry and nags. Occluded within her body is her damnless face. But she is such a loving girl. You all would love to hold her. 

But for past few days, I observed some change in her. She became more serious. She became the new boss. Although, I am experiencing quite unhealthy nights but I am also equally learning so many lessons from her as a parent and a father.

One strange thing is that, I have to repeatedly play her nursery rhymes even in the late mid–night and early morning. I am afraid what my neighbors or passerby may think of me. These days my room was completely flooded with the repeated rhymes sounds –'daddy fingers, heads and shoulders, and baa baa black sheep, etc...' Such odd hour's culture is something very strange for newlywed’s couple.   

My worries is not only to put her into sleep but also her sickness in her mom's absence. I always pray for her good health and sound sleep. Indeed nothing have worried me like this before.   

Nothing has come to me as hard as this moment. I have to do everything to make her happy, –I often have to walk like a cat, sing her song like a superstar and have to dance in the middle of the night. I fear how my father would have duped me into sleep during those days when light and nursery rhymes were absolutely rare. 

Although, with time and space everything have settled so well, but I am much worried about her emotional growth and emotional detachment. One good thing I have learnt from this moment is that she taught me to be more patient, funny and serious. 

I don't understand how some mothers can leave their child to be with another man. I also wonder how some well–educated parents can abandoned their baby to go abroad. With week–long practical on experience, I give up the idea of Australia Dream completely if I have to leave my baby girl behind. 

I say undeniably NO to Australia journey until my girl turn five or six or not at ALL!

Solar Panel versus Electricity Confusion

Recently I came across news by Kuensel. –" 83 households in Tsirang has no grid electricity ." And it caught my attention for ...