Monday, December 31, 2018

Highway 2018

Highway 2018
The king of all roads The best of all roads The busiest of all roads Many will travel and few will fall but I will not miss to drive in 20's.
I sat next to highway, The house was empty I sat in a musty dark room and couch by side On a beautiful super last sunny day to watch this highway, the last day of the year. Tonight is the last to breathe for the last year Tonight many will fall but I will watch this road more sour-fully than usual. Tonight many will blast their belly and some will rock their road least travelled. I will stay tune for the night watching this highway Tonight some will become a highwaymen And some will ride for the last I will stay active eleven meter away watching some gruesome highwaymen. tonight some will ride their horse on this highway and few will ride for the last I will watch this musty road in color. Tonight some will ride their tiger on this highway and few will sum up their cash for the last And I will watch this highway of pattern petifull tonight some will ride their dog in this highway And few will ride for the last I will follow this bending road in light until next light Drive slow, be safe Enjoy but responsibly 2019, is all ours. I will watch this

Monday, December 10, 2018

Do not compare your child’s achievements with those of other children

I am sharing one interesting piece of writing from the book –Teach Your Children Well. This book has tons and tons of parenting information’s. Teachers can also get plenty of good material. The puzzle like why Tashi outperform Pema in math test is overly solved through examples and case study. A very book for all of us.

Kids this age are making comparisons in earnest and they make them about everything, most especially academic performance, athletic ability and popularity. This opens the door for a few high-performing kids to feel really good and many more to feel bad.

Teachers and parents both intentionally and unintentionally make comparisons between a child and classmates, siblings, peers and other family members. Your brother got all A’s, why can't you? If you don’t keep up in math, you and your best friend, Tashi, won't be in the same math group anymore.  

Pema and Tshering seem to have such nice friends. Couldn't you try a little harder to be friendlier?

While these kids of comparisons are hurtful, kids often say they feel the worst when their parents look disappointed, angry or sad. Kids are exquisitely tuned to their parents' emotions and if they are disappointed that your child can't hit all ball, wasn’t invited to the popular girl's sleepover, or isn't in the top reading group them your look is enough to tell them that they don’t measure up.

When you have just begun the process of learning a world of new things, the best medicine is encouragement and positive reinforcement. Applaud effort and improvement.   

While it's fine to acknowledge that another child excels at something, let your own children know that you love them whether they bat first, fourth or last.

Happy Reading!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

How Parents can Help?

I am sharing some excerpt from the book titled –Teach your children well. A most read book worldwide. This book is for all ages -parents, teachers, school counselor, siblings, politicians, law makers, seniors, businessman and entrepreneur to know your own child first.

For some moms there is a sense of loss now that their child is out of the house much of the day and increasingly turning to peers for companionship, support and comfort. The secrets and confidences that once were shared between the two of you are now being shared with others and your access to your child's internal life is becoming restricted especially toward the end of elementary school. For other mothers this is a welcome change, allowing them to concentrate more on other sibling, a career, their spouse or themselves. For most of us it's a mixed bag. 

There's the drumbeat of eventual separation at the same time that we are extremely involved in our child's burgeoning desire to explore and be active. There are car pools and new schedules, clubs and teams, parties and sleepovers. Since, we are handing part of our children's lives over to new people and new friends, we want to make sure that they have the skills they need to form healthy, satisfying friendships.

Think back to your own early friendships. Do you still have contact with any of those friends? Do you remember more the close parts of those relationships or the conflicted parts? 

Your attitudes, the pictures you pull out, the stories you tell will affect your own child's view of friendship. Share some of your positive stories with your children. Let them also know of your positive stories with your children. Let them also know that friendship involves cooperation and sometimes even disappointment.

Keep in mind that the rules, expectations and behaviors you endorse when your children are young are being internalized and will serve as a template for how they will approach friendships now and in the future. 

Listen to the voice of nine-year-old student.

It's easy to make friends unless you do not say hello. To be friend you should not talk about them behind their back. That means, do not talk about someone when they are not with you. Don't say mean things like you are stupid. And you should always smile when you introduce yourself. That is the number one thing. And also you should behave properly –even when you are angry. And never shout at your friend. If you are that angry, go get your mom.

Happy Reading!

Friday, December 7, 2018


Name of the book: 1984
Book genre: Political satire (classic/fiction)
Page number: 318
Year of publication: 2005 (7th impression on August, 2014)

George Orwell's 1984 talk about the basic human qualities that changes often without any notice. Thus, book is all about the expression of mood of despair of humanity.

Peace and justice are the goals of man. With the breakup of the medieval age, man's sense of strength and his hope, not only for the individual but also for social perfection assumed new strength and took new ways –war and peace are inevitable part of society.

While one experience the freedom, there are society facing prejudice, irrationality and injustice of mankind that are the main cause of sorrow and unhappiness.

Precisely the significance of Orwell's book also talked about the new mood of hopelessness which pervades our age and has taken hold of our consciousness. The book discussed in great length about the mood of the present and warned for the future to behave well and accordingly, otherwise the consequence will be different and severe. 

The personal life to professional life, what so called "ego" plays very important role. It will make as well as it will destroy mankind. I mostly liked the authors idea of war, war mean the end of an organized society and by dropping a bomb to end war is not the ultimate solution to end any form of injustice.

One of the most remarkable point in the book I have found is the human truth, that basically what author called it as "double think". What he found was that weapons might destroy most of our population and that of our enemy but it can't root out pain and suffering. It can never restore peace and harmony of the society but rather creates more imbalance mind, imbalance mind creates more disorder. Disorder means disharmony. 

The book predicted about the future of mankind. Whatever, it is important for all of us to be mindful, be reminded of human race, ego and leaderships matter. Not to forget that we need to respect each other's existence and the spirit of humanism. Like any other authors of negative utopia, Orwell is not a prophet of disaster, he warned and awakened every mankind. 


Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Should be there be School on Saturdays?

Although, Saturday classes can give few extra hours to study (almost null in our present context) and will help them not to compromise their learning subjects because of pressure and lack of time (this has not happened much across all the subjects). 

Usually on Saturday students can come to school on their best colorful attire but only to ruin their mood and themselves in their agriculture garden or SUPW or mass cleaning or class decoration work. In this way most of the Saturdays are used up for such miscellaneous activities which actually is more stressful and burdensome for our young kids and school teachers. That means Saturday classes aren't benefiting much but end up more tiring day than usual. Same day (Saturday) in most part of the world reunites most working and school children with their friends and families. However, this luxury in our context is given only to few handful fortunate civil servants. So, in this way where is the free time, washing time, family time and friend time to our students and teachers.

Next, why I think there should be no school on Saturday. Unlike any other individual, teacher also need a break, need rest for their brains and re-energize themselves (both teachers and students) to last for next five tiring days. It can also give them (both teachers and students) happy family time and great weekend to have fun. 

In PDP's time, education sector felt the exact same thing with the idea of Child Adoption Policy (one child, one teacher policy) which both teachers and parents felt unrealistic and unnecessary. I mean dislike the idea of our previous government. It was hump dump. There were so many questions being fired to our ex-PM through some social media platform. Why to adopt someone's child when they already have living parents? How to adopt? But slowly the idea picked so well and rooted deep within and beyond the ministry's domain. Now it's doing very well in our schools across the country. Everybody was happy now. Similarly, let us test this new reform also.

In education system there are already overloaded workload to perform on daily basis by our teachers. Students almost paralyzed throughout the year for heavily mismatched content. When school activities become too intense it becomes very difficult for students to cope up with content. These things are already making education system weaker knowingly or unknowingly. When one cannot be at par with the syllabus and with other friends, it is obvious for more school drop outs (that is happening and it will happen). Our education system has failed horribly somewhere. Five learning days in a week is enough for any kinds of learning. If there are any pressure for completing PE classes or any other co-curricular activities, any few Saturdays can be used on school convenient. Sometime, more is less!

Therefore, something must be done now. The question I always put to myself –Why is our education system failed to produce scientists or someone working in international firm or some multi-billionaire entrepreneurs or some high intellectuals with our present curriculum. I feel we have still so many things to look upon in our education system. Right through building facilities, curriculum, fooding for students, play field and smart classroom settings. We can still crop out some redundant topics that are no more applicable and in use. Interestingly, some genuine topics are missing out from our curriculum. Topics like cooking classes and highly valued classes are highly recommended. These are the simple equation for making classroom learning more interesting, engaging and fun for both teachers and students. 

Although, in our context there isn't any research data to back up this decision but it can definitely find lots of benefits near and far. Some countries not only have free Saturdays but also most of their afternoon session is filled with value driven learning activities like how to forge in fire, entrepreneurial skills, farming skills, learning of foreign language and their culture. However, looking down at our present syllabus, our education is rather a volume driven and not a knowledge and value driven. Instead of shouting at the new reform, we must come together and look for some smart classroom setting and how to help children learn more and better life skills within a framed timeline. When old system did not work well, we must look for something different and unique. I feel such change in education is must. 

Interestingly, most of them were worried about the syllabus coverage and some unhappy for teacher's long holidays. However, many feel that the change in this time and space is must and it would definitely bring lots of positive impacts not only for students but also for families and friends.

Until, we are clearer about our core values, the parenting choices and good old curriculum that are most likely to lead to few successes, we will continue to raise exhausted and mentally impaired children who believe they are only good as their parents, teachers and friends.  Therefore, please do not say this new reform (going to be) is a stupid idea of one man.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Take-home message from Chhokhor_Tang (Bumthang) general election public debate

As Bhutan gears up for the third general round of elections, we can see so many political glitches. There are numerous attacks for both the candidates and the party by other party representatives and fellow Bhutanese citizens. But, the more severe was between the two different party candidates when they are on live tv program. 

Like any other constituencies, Chhokhor_Tang general election public debate between former Journalist Dawa and DPT incumbent Pema Gyamtsho has surprised me more. Although, they come from same blood, but I never thought they would be this polite to each other because they represent two different political parties. Like in Bumthang, other Dzongkhags also has similar family members taking part in election from different party but never was like DNT Dawa and DPT Pema Gyamtsho. Both are fighting to win the political race with their own party motto and pledges. To me the debate between them was very lively. At any point of the debate, I did not feel like the debate between two different party candidates. Instead of being very rude and talking more for self, they were perhaps supporting each other more. The debate was very professional, educative, goal oriented, clear and matured. Overall it was meaningful and straight. No personal attack. The fight was absolutely clean. Both seemed clever. I salute them. Some highly qualified and experienced candidates who lack professionalism and maturity in democratic process need to learn from them. 

The best part of the live program was one never put the other down to lure the live vote stating so many ambiguous party pledges. Both the candidates were substantially superior and eloquent. We want such quality leaders.  

People of their constituency should feel proud of them. They have represented all of them to next level of humanity. Both have quality and they can work perfectly under the feet of His Majesty and the people. If people elect DNT Dawa, he has the quality to become cabinet minister and DPT Pema Gyamtsho can still lead his team with his 10 years of experience and can become the next Prime Minister of Bhutan.

The final choice must come from the people and not them. Let public decide their fate in free and fair manner. I feel public debate must be something like this, sublime and vibrant.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Youth and Culture

Culture is a strong part of our everyday lives. It influences right from our views, hopes, values and loyalties towards self and others. Together culture and tradition play very important role in building strong family bonds from generation to generation.  

Nevertheless, to progress further with existing practice of serving meals in traditional etiquette in Zhemgang CS, school has recently introduced the culture of "Phob and Thoray" (Phob means "small soup bowl" and Thoray is loosely translated for "white scarf") to uphold our age-old culture and tradition. Perhaps, it may have seemed new to some, fashion to a few and burden to little. But it is for the good cause. 

So long the history is known, "Phob and Thoray" was long been existed as a part of culture and tradition in some part of high Himalayas. But, to Bhutan Zhabdrung instituted this culture in 16th centuries. We have nothing but this very uncommon folklore. This makes us very different and special from rest of the world. This very isolated and untouched culture and tradition of ours have already attracted enough foreigners. With the introduction of this forgotten traditional culture in school, our children are experiencing two very strange lifestyles –one of the past and the other of modern days. While some said perhaps food taste best from their "Phob and Thoray" and some feel cool to have food in such extraordinary fashion. 

At the time of rapid advancement in science and technology, it is extremely difficult to convince our young friends on such subjects. And even difficult for them to accommodate in such old fashion. For our students the only way we can conjure such lesson is through emphasizing its significance and integrating into daily lessons. Although, it was quite late, nevertheless I hope this lesson would immensely benefit them in many ways than one. It may give them new hope, new excitement and new dimension to explore and take this culture –beyond school boundary –to their family, friends, neighbors, relatives and community.

The conundrum of age–old culture and tradition is putting every society at risk and have become the thing of the past. And at this time and space if we fail to educate our kids on such deteriorating customs at home and school, we will going to face the consequences very soon. It is everyone's sole responsibilities to jointly share and uplift on our ancestors good value to new generations. What I wish our political party must include this kind of important and necessary unit in their manifestos rather than insincere agenda in mining rivers. 

If we want to be the champion in our uniqueness, let us do it together with our heart. If it is good for the self and the nation, let us join our hands collectively to say we are one people and one nation. 

Thus, we are the creator, we are the actor and we are the ambassador of our own culture and tradition. Together we can!

Highway 2018

Highway 2018 Highway! The king of all roads The best of all roads The busiest of all roads Many will travel and few will fall but I wil...