Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Take-home message from Chhokhor_Tang (Bumthang) general election public debate

As Bhutan gears up for the third general round of elections, we can see so many political glitches. There are numerous attacks for both the candidates and the party by other party representatives and fellow Bhutanese citizens. But, the more severe was between the two different party candidates when they are on live tv program. 

Like any other constituencies, Chhokhor_Tang general election public debate between former Journalist Dawa and DPT incumbent Pema Gyamtsho has surprised me more. Although, they come from same blood, but I never thought they would be this polite to each other because they represent two different political parties. Like in Bumthang, other Dzongkhags also has similar family members taking part in election from different party but never was like DNT Dawa and DPT Pema Gyamtsho. Both are fighting to win the political race with their own party motto and pledges. To me the debate between them was very lively. At any point of the debate, I did not feel like the debate between two different party candidates. Instead of being very rude and talking more for self, they were perhaps supporting each other more. The debate was very professional, educative, goal oriented, clear and matured. Overall it was meaningful and straight. No personal attack. The fight was absolutely clean. Both seemed clever. I salute them. Some highly qualified and experienced candidates who lack professionalism and maturity in democratic process need to learn from them. 

The best part of the live program was one never put the other down to lure the live vote stating so many ambiguous party pledges. Both the candidates were substantially superior and eloquent. We want such quality leaders.  

People of their constituency should feel proud of them. They have represented all of them to next level of humanity. Both have quality and they can work perfectly under the feet of His Majesty and the people. If people elect DNT Dawa, he has the quality to become cabinet minister and DPT Pema Gyamtsho can still lead his team with his 10 years of experience and can become the next Prime Minister of Bhutan.

The final choice must come from the people and not them. Let public decide their fate in free and fair manner. I feel public debate must be something like this, sublime and vibrant.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Youth and Culture

Culture is a strong part of our everyday lives. It influences right from our views, hopes, values and loyalties towards self and others. Together culture and tradition play very important role in building strong family bonds from generation to generation.  

Nevertheless, to progress further with existing practice of serving meals in traditional etiquette in Zhemgang CS, school has recently introduced the culture of "Phob and Thoray" (Phob means "small soup bowl" and Thoray is loosely translated for "white scarf") to uphold our age-old culture and tradition. Perhaps, it may have seemed new to some, fashion to a few and burden to little. But it is for the good cause. 

So long the history is known, "Phob and Thoray" was long been existed as a part of culture and tradition in some part of high Himalayas. But, to Bhutan Zhabdrung instituted this culture in 16th centuries. We have nothing but this very uncommon folklore. This makes us very different and special from rest of the world. This very isolated and untouched culture and tradition of ours have already attracted enough foreigners. With the introduction of this forgotten traditional culture in school, our children are experiencing two very strange lifestyles –one of the past and the other of modern days. While some said perhaps food taste best from their "Phob and Thoray" and some feel cool to have food in such extraordinary fashion. 

At the time of rapid advancement in science and technology, it is extremely difficult to convince our young friends on such subjects. And even difficult for them to accommodate in such old fashion. For our students the only way we can conjure such lesson is through emphasizing its significance and integrating into daily lessons. Although, it was quite late, nevertheless I hope this lesson would immensely benefit them in many ways than one. It may give them new hope, new excitement and new dimension to explore and take this culture –beyond school boundary –to their family, friends, neighbors, relatives and community.

The conundrum of age–old culture and tradition is putting every society at risk and have become the thing of the past. And at this time and space if we fail to educate our kids on such deteriorating customs at home and school, we will going to face the consequences very soon. It is everyone's sole responsibilities to jointly share and uplift on our ancestors good value to new generations. What I wish our political party must include this kind of important and necessary unit in their manifestos rather than insincere agenda in mining rivers. 

If we want to be the champion in our uniqueness, let us do it together with our heart. If it is good for the self and the nation, let us join our hands collectively to say we are one people and one nation. 

Thus, we are the creator, we are the actor and we are the ambassador of our own culture and tradition. Together we can!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Why BKP lost their primary election?

When the party motto fails, the politics is a game of luck and it favors the other party. BPK have lost their third parliamentary primary election for few silly reasons.  

Like any other party, BKP was a good combination of people and could have become one very strong and capable political party if elected. 

1. Debasing or uprooting corruption from the system. Word "Corruption" has always a negative connotation for whatever maybe the affairs. People have misinterpreted the concept of corruption this time. Corruption motto did not interest more people. They mean to make corrupt free society through good system in next five years. BKP wanted to debase and uproot all form of corruption for better future of the country and people. 

2. They have failed because they have not appointed any party coordinators, or they did not used any money to bribe anyone anywhere in any-form. 

3. The other could be probably for her straight forward spoken tone, which everyone felt she would dominate and she is incapable to become Prime Minister of Bhutan. 

4. She was a female president. In a patriarchal society like ours, it is very difficult for a female counterpart to raise their voice. There is very less trust for any female friends. Thus, she and her party failed.

But she is the one last piece who can probably serve king, country and people with utmost loyalty and dedication. There won't be anyone above her who can serve TSA-WA-SUM. 

Friday, September 14, 2018

Know your NA Candidate

Honestly, our party lack long-term pledges and environmental conservation agenda to deliver. Thus, I voted but not only for the water pledges. 

While all the political parties gear up to publicize their party, party president, themselves and their pledges for next five years and –beyond, it is also important to know the right party and the right candidate who can possibly serve the nation well. Whoever comes into power, they must keep the wheels of development and progress turning without increasing the national dept. Therefore, they must be creative and workable.

Whatever and however they sell themselves and the party, the only two best and the lucky party will see the light of the day after 15th October and two losing parties has to be in the queue for next five years. Although, the journey of the two winning party will become one step closer in crowning the victory but at the same time it will be more intense and challenging to pass the final test. For which they must be smart and selective for whatever they will talk and how they will walk their talk.  

Whoever comes into power, they must remember that they represent all the four party in their best suit, they must live up to their full promises from their office or they must remain committed in their good behaviors, actions and will. More importantly, we want proper progress and the wholesome development to take place. We want someone who believes in most fundamental principles of lives and someone who can really unite people as one nation one people. 

Winning doesn't lies in the party president, party motto and the pledges. But, the winning formula lies in those who have travelled to the furthest and to the remotest pocket of their constituency. They must or have to win the heart of the people they come across. 

I doubt their one-day luck but one is sure to win the race. One will decorate in full blue kabney and the pathang for next five years. Therefore, I wish good luck to all the party representatives of my constituency on and after 15th October. 

NA representatives of Sergithang-Tsirangtoed constituency.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Reading Solitude

Reading. One word that defines everything. 

Is it necessary to read a book or anything? No. But, reading makes you wise and bold. 

It may be the easiest thing for some and hardest for the other. But for me reading is something that pleases me so much. It's always fun to read some good books. Remember, reading few books will never transform your feelings, make you good speaker and a writer. But, it can definitely widen your thinking horizon. If you enjoy reading some lines or few paragraphs a day, that is good enough. Feel happy and satisfied. There is nothing as good as that. 

To my students, I always encourage them to read more books besides their school text to see world –beyond seeable. Reading makes you feel better, takes you away from bad habits, it relieves your pain, engage your brain cells and more importantly it makes you wiser.

Although, I pick up reading habits quite late in my life due to some circumstances, but I enjoy reading now. I am seriously into it now. Nothing interests me as much as when I am with some good books. There is nothing as special as reading a book now. Please, know that reading happens everywhere –steps, corners, ground, kitchen, bathroom and in the bush. 

Today, to mark the end of reading week, we chose to read outside for 45 minutes. In fact, it was the mass reading that happened in the steps, assembly ground and on the lawn. I enjoyed reading few pages of the book that I am cemented for few weeks now. However, it was not so pleasing to see some indecipherable and nervous faces. May be reading wasn't fun to them. While few have showed their expensive smiles, which means some have enjoyed reading. I have learnt that perhaps, reading is not everyone's cup of tea.

But, to me reading is always fun and this part of habit will remain forever with me. I read when I am happy, I read when I am sad, I read when I am unable to sleep, I read when I am in pain and more so, I read when I am normal. Thus, I find secret happiness is reading and it improves my moods as well. Thus, there is nothing beyond reading. For me reading will remain impregnable for now and in future. My heart thumb when I see some good books and articles around the corners. 

It also inject feelings of eagerness and ease my stress when I am with books or anything that is readable. 

However, it is disappointing to see our youth not taking up reading habits seriously despite repeated request both at school or at home. I don't know, what will actually interest them.

Often, I use this phrase –if you wanted to betray yourself, please don't read anything. 

But, I feel good when I read...

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Are we ready for the Water Pledges?

Instead of more water flowing in our water taps, the onset of summer brings in more water shortage. And this is our perennial problems for decades now. Perhaps, very scarce water shortage in a water rich country.  But with the election nearing, party campaigning on high and tight, the hopes in access to safe and sufficient drinking water supply for every household is becoming quite hopeful and impressive, whoever comes into power. Since, all the four political parties have their water agenda to deliver. However, I am bit worried about this embellish pledges for how far it takes and work for the common need.

I am happy for the handsome and excited big party promises but worried equally for not being so genuine. I could see their pledges would cost more than a country's total revenue for five years. If this is the case, why our two governments have terribly failed to solve this water problem which they are promising now. They felt the urgency, but they have failed to deliver their services to people for last 10 years are something very unexpected.

Now they claim that the main problem of insufficient water supply is all due to poor water management system in place. Whom shall we blame for this? What our two governments have done for all these many years? We must understand the difference between –physical water scarcity and economic water scarcity. Ours is economic water scarcity, which means improper planning and distribution of infrastructures and insufficient human capacity to meet the demands. Current data states that around 80% of homes lack the access to clean drinking water supply which is something to worry for a small country like ours. 

When our taps go dry for almost every day, should we feel proud of our mountains and valleys or should we feel proud of our governments for not doing enough.

Bhutan being in the greater Himalayas should out-stand with enough drinking water supply. Going objectively by the number of mountains, trees, glacial areas and the population we should easily achieve the goal of clean and sufficient drinking water by now. In fact, this problem should have invariably solved and focused 10 years before and not now. 

Although globally water is becoming scarce and extremely rare element. But it shouldn't be an excuse for all of us and walk the talk for future. It is extremely important that every effort must be made to restore this problem at the earliest not only as a party convention and candidate wooing for a vote in their constituency.  Nonetheless, by and by we can have rice shortage and salt issue. It is understandable for a mountainous country but not this water shortage at all. 

Although, in our context one thing is obvious that human settlement and streams or rivers are perfectly mismatched. About 87% of human settlement is away from the periphery of streams/rivers but it should not be an excuse. Thus, I feel bogus party pledges should not stand for this.

Of late, the research based in London and USA made me think overly for which they have found out that, "levels of plastic fibers in popular bottled water brands could be twice as high as those found in tap water." Which means bottled water is no safer to drink. What are we supposed to drink, when our home taps go dry for almost 24 hours a day?

The more shameless is when you get your monthly water bills so high, when your taps still goes dry for a month. Interestingly, water in Zhemgang has become more expensive than Lobster Frittata and forget about fueling your own body with clean water. 

I am bit worried about the very curious party febrile air forming now about all ambitious promises. However, I am ready to vote for the party whose primary agenda is in conserving environment and not to anyone else. 

Friday, August 31, 2018

Farewell to a Friend

Sir, Dawa D. Tamang with his boys.
Image: His FB page

As we came together to bid farewell to one of our colleagues, ministry of education will be sort of one experienced and qualified teacher. He is such a cool and a soft spoken guy full of humor. He is a man of few words well versed in content and dealings. He is one of the good looking guy in the school. He has been one of the great asset of the school in the field of mathematics. Perhaps, a math wizard of the school.  

Until the education system and teaching job become attractive and loose, we keep losing more and more teachers. It seemed education and teaching jobs are not much grabbing the interest of our teachers. It means teaching job has some problem, somewhere. If such trend continues further, I worry the future of education and the kinds of youth we will get to lead the nation. If education need to prosper, we need good, qualified and experienced teachers in the field. Ministry need to find some ways and means to hold back such teachers. However, only the wisest of all can understand this crisis and what it is to be a school labay

Teaching job is nothing like the highly polluted politicians leaving their post empty anytime. Anyone can fill their post but not the space of teachers. Although, he seemed quite hefty but his teaching and content of the subject is irreplaceable. I bet you, the person of his caliber will be difficult to get back in the field of education. As a teacher, I found him adjustable with anybody and his dealing with students is excellent. Even though, he handles one of the hatred subjects, we have already seen his potential of teaching and wisdom in the form of the good performance of students for decades. Perhaps, mathematics is not everyone's cup of tea.

To the world, in the eye of ministry, he may not be anything but in the eyes of students, the future of Bhutan, he may worth millions and he may be the hero and the superstar. Perhaps, it is a great lost to education, to school and particularly to those students who are just few yards away from their final board paper. I already felt the air of confusion and some genuine heads bemused so much. However, it's a far cry now, we can do nothing but sit and maneuver the challenge. 

We wish you very safe flight and good luck in the foreign land, in the land of chilips. 

Take-home message from Chhokhor_Tang (Bumthang) general election public debate

As Bhutan gears up for the third general round of elections, we can see so many political glitches. There are numerous attacks for both t...