Thursday, May 25, 2017

Literary Carnival

"In great literature, I become a thousand different men but still remain myself."
                                                                                                                 –C .S. Lewis.

MC (master of ceremonies) –finally informed gathering about the start of long waited Literary Carnival to go live performances shortly. He quickly updated the mass on day's programs to make the day more exciting and lively.

I felt such festival shall shower every child an opportunity to shine, showcase their quiet talents through –speaking, singing, reading, playing instruments, characterization, dancing, dramatizing, play acting, mimicry, jokes and many more.

Looking at their live performances on stage, I felt all of the class have done their jobs with utmost sincerity and dedication. They all deserve hands down ovation for putting up their talents in the best creative ways. All of them have done a wonderful jobs. It was fanciful. It was perfectly presented.

Of all, "Lozay and Tsangmo." have completely robbed my time and energy. Indeed, the participants of this groups have surprised the audience in their flairs and versatility. All our child need is a right support and the platform to grow and showcase their endowments. 

It was such an uplifting two days, thanks to our school management, class teachers, literary in-charge and our loyal, creative and thoughtful students, for wrapping up the show with most delightful literary activities for the year. 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mathematically at 28

By calculation I have already lived my life for 10,220+ (28x365) days. Which means I have already used half of my life. What have I done? What am I supposed to do next? Where my destiny is taking me? But, at 28 - I became a Father of a She Baby. This is indeed the beginning of my Fatherhood Journey. 

From the time we have beget-ed a seed of life, you started to fill and remain in millions of thoughts and imaginations. The more time we spend with you, the closer we begin to feel you. We know what it is to be a parent, precisely a responsible parent. 

18th of March, 2017 - the day you were born as our little baby girl, the day that will always remain so special throughout. Although the curiosity were torn apart, however we have never ceased to dream for you. So, as you grow, we hope you would make us feel happy and proud with your work and personality. Perhaps, you have inhabit us the light of a parenthood.

Nevertheless, we wish you would grow up to an affectionate, loving, caring, responsible, understanding, well-adjustable and successful adults. 

                                     "When you were born, you cried while the world rejoiced.
                                 Live your life in such a way that when you die, 
                                                 the world cries while you rejoice."

With change in time, we became mentally handicap and too ambitious for living a life with this and that jobs. Therefore, I also wanted you to be a great personality of my own choice without knowing your ability and luck. Remember, the road you are travelling is treacherous and unending.  

I wanted you to run after a Science College after you pass 10th grade and run after Engineering or Medical Colleges after you pass +2. 

I wish you to be a Singer and your mama said No! I wish you to be a Writer and your mama said No! I wish you to be an Artist and your mama said No! I wish you to be a human Doctor and your mama said No! What are all these? What values does it have? Why only these?

How foolishly I have tailored your future?

On one side, I stand firm to make you someone great which you may not be liking. On the other end, your mama wants you to be someone of her choice and liking. But, we don't know what fate has in store for you. All we wanted is - you to be kind and financially powerful!

I seek your absolution for making you mentally sick with many tangible options before you begin to figure out life, an unsure puppet of unhealthy minds. All I could realize is, my thoughts and plans are absolutely ridiculous.   

This world is a perfect place if you can take all with your positive energy. You can take your own strength to grow which brings you more joy. 
Every day before bed time, I always wish you be in a good health, more prosperous and a successful person. I throw all my weight and opportunity to grow old alongside with you.  

We look forward the best things to happen. We wish you would bring more peace and happiness in our family. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

‘Importance of conserving birds in Bhutan.’

Although, it is a century of rapid change in society, development in science and technology and in everyday life. It is the age of spacecraft, super-fast computer system and genetic engineering. At the cost of luxury, we became exceedingly ambitious and selfish of unrealistic commitments by mining our environment inaccurately. But, these changes should not come at the cost of conceding our immediate environment –beyond repairable, for which there are millions of life.  

Indeed, human beings are the principle agent who is seriously posing a threats to our environments. Over the recent years, intensifying and expanding reckless horizon of agricultural work, unlawful farm road construction, cunning hydroelectricity expansion and vitiate bird's natural habitats, nesting place and food. Climate change, with impacts already obvious is yet another serious threat building up around recently. These threats have deeper causes, rooted in complete failure of futuristic laws.

The number and the variety of the birds that migrate has declined over the years. Several bird's species continue to migrate and visit relatively unreasonable altitudes is perhaps another outlandish failure from Royal Government of Bhutan. Indicating serious change in ecosystem.  Previously, most migratory birds used to spread uniformly across reasonable altitudes. But, recently we have started to see more bird species visiting the uncommon places. At the same time few bird species which have terribly declined to an alarmingly low have signified poor human monitoring system in place. In the west, they have already started to feel this brunt of losing more such bird species than ever over few years, indicating serious urbanization. According to bird records and database maintained by UWICE, several migratory birds –black necked crane, hoopoe, bee-eaters, swifts, cuckoos, some warblers and white-bellied heron have not visited its normal habitats indicating very staid imbalance in nature. This drop of bird population are due to - recent global heating, hunting, lack of food, construction of roads, hydro-power hijacking and moody pollution.
Perhaps, it has left our bird enthusiast and environment lovers -beyond the questions, when common migratory birds within District have failed to turn up for nesting and for feeding. Since the places have seriously injured with unkind human planning's leaving our bird enthusiast far away from reaching their bird destination.
Within few years of time, we have already lost over 4-5% of bird species. Which means within few years an extinction rate has multiplied in many folds. The world records of birds database reads – “one in eight bird species is threatened with global extinction exceptionally at high rate to almost 200 bird's species critically endangered. Plus, the Red List Assessments has warned that serious decline in many bird species over the years in the row is a serious concern and needed serious and immediate national interventions.” This is an indication of broader environmental problems, attrition of biodiversity and serious imbalance in our ecology.
Honestly, we live in a small compact society and everything is still manageable. All we needed is a committed mind to execute the plan more accurately by being more human. Unless we have tight policy, we can never experience healthy environment and friendly ecosystem.

It is time that we must come together and make a proper decision and act wisely right from the base. Bhutan's forest coverage, ecology and conservation of some critically endangered bird species would result in top human management system in place for all times. In fact, we are already ahead of other advanced countries in knowledge of bird habitats and conservation. Therefore, it is our responsibility to make sure that the birds need to survive and multiply in a pristine and clean undisturbed environments with less threats. Let our individual social duty be their Red Carpet opportunity for their survival. It is time we must stand firm and let go some political promises unnoticed from unwise mining of forest for their political advantage.   
To let the population of bird decline would be a national disgrace. Safe wildlife to safe Bhutan's Outstanding Environmental Stewardship Award. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May 2

3rd, King of Bhutan and the Queen. 
May 2, of every year is marked as the Teachers Day coinciding with the birth of the Father of Modern Bhutan, His Majesty the third King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck. 

The same day was marked to give an importance of the introduction of modern education system in Bhutan. Over the years some of the educational reforms has changed. However, the base of the education system has remains almost the same. 

Celebrating Teachers day simply means a lot for every teachers working far across the country. It symbolizes the importance of education, hardship born by teachers working in the field, education an inevitable subject for everyone's life and the power of education for one's living. 

On the day, all the teachers across the country get due recognition of their hardships and to work even harder in times to come. The message is so fine that nothing can beat education.   

My Facebook page and timeline was thoroughly flooded with -"Happy Teacher's Day, SIR!", messages from my teacher friends and dear students. This is how I am at least remembered once a year. This is the power of education, just salute for it. Let's put Education First!

Happy Teacher's Day to all my teachers and lecturers. The excitement among my blood stream today is palpable, to even leave a message to my parents for being my first teacher. Had you all been not there, my life would have been different and unique. Anyway, you all have shaped my living. 
Thank you all!

Monday, May 1, 2017

April Archive

His Majesty in Punakha with Granny.  His majesty's personal Facebook page. 

His Majesty and her Majesty; HRH Jigme Namgyal Wangchuck.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Teacher and Teaching Jobs in Bhutan.

Every trained teacher leaving their profession is a pressing concern not only for Ministry of Education. It's a national concern and the shame! 

If this trend continues, it will leave behind a series of education depth. Honestly, it shall impede the systemic flow of humanity and hampers in the economic growth of the country. 

Of all, our parents and students are at loser end when government turn their deaf ear to solve this national issues.  

It is high time our government take ardent means to stop our veteran teachers leaving their profession. They should do some serious homework why and what is making them leave their job at this surprising rate. When someone with good field experience leaves the system, it would cost government in millions. These days our teachers are more like Chinese product as they reach their expiry date so soon, easy to enter and easy to exit. 

Does it mean that those teachers resigning are boarding abroad for better lives and earning like hell in private schools? I must say this is perfectly a sheer outlandish conclusion. To me, it gives me how attractive and secure is teaching jobs in the country. 

I have learnt, what is really troubling our teachers – the lack of passion and love for the job. Why could this be? It must be the salary, working environment and system support. But, on the surface we feel everything is under control, OKAY!
We talk so much on the possibility of life on other planets and Smart Technology System, so often forgotten the type of education we inject in our Youth. We have been into education system for more than a century. However, we have failed to produce our own scientist and no one working in a big international firm? Where are we failing? What is wrong with our education system? Perhaps, we have already failed terribly.    

We have learnt that, working environment, ridiculous curriculum, lack of teaching materials, worn out buildings, unending reforms, financial cuts, student's behavioral problems and management crisis are in fact troubling our teachers -beyond their dreams.  

Recently, we have seen some reforms taking place in ministry of education - workshop on 21ST Century's Transformative pedagogy (i.e. a necessary tools requires by our teachers to be in their toe and to sharpen their skills), warden and matron for boarding schools and limiting eighteen teaching periods per week and one-teacher-one-subject concept. Is this fair to say that government has done enough for education system?  
To an economist, pay enough to attract really good people to become teachers in the first place is more like investing in Telecommunication Business.

In Germany, teachers have the highest salary in the country and when judges, doctors and engineers asked the chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel for the salary, she told them, “How can I compare you to those who taught you?”

In Singapore, we looked at what qualities we thought our kids needed to have to compete in the international world market and then we made the changes to get that.

In America only two types of people are considered very important person, first scientists and second Teachers. 

In the honorable court of France only Teacher is allowed to sit on the chair.

In Japan police has to take special permission from the government to arrest the Teacher.

In Korea any Teacher can enjoy all those facilities which a Minister in India can enjoy by showing his identity card. 

While in Bhutan, a teacher has to fear poor behavior of his/her own students and has to fight for his/her rights for basic needs. 

"Good teachers are costly but bad teachers cost more." 
Teachers are often said the nation builder but how far they invest in our teachers. They are in fact the "Jack of all trades, master of none." For almost every time they have to perform herculean unpaid task risking their own life far in the moors. They have to constantly fear of student's poor attitude and presentation.

If we want to reshape teaching and learning sector not by mere cut-paste curriculum, we need to first invest more in building our teachers and need to build Smart Classroom. We need to develop better teacher evaluation systems, plan for fair accountability system and develop more useful professional development courses. 

Unlike, teachers in the west our teachers are paid very less as compare to the nature of job they perform in the society. By the nature of job they perform, they should get the maximum salary and benefit amongst other civil servants with highest dignity and respect. 

Teacher working in the field are at constant fear of not being able to complete their syllabus on time, academic performance pressure, students falling sick in the middle of the night and often times fear for student bashing them.

My appeal to government would be to enact 'Rights of the Teachers similar to Rights of the Students', which shall give them boisterous strength to perform their duties. The other is select few quality teachers into the system each year on need based, make this post tough and charming by putting the strong base.    

"Curriculum should help children make deeper and fuller understanding of their own experience." 
That means we need to fix our curriculum all over again. There is a big mismatch in our present curriculum, content being irrelevant and not in order, some topics beyond the level of our learners and unending topics which ultimately ruins the interest of learning and teaching. There are many topics in the present syllabus which are –beyond the brain level of our learners, making them difficult to relate with everyday proceedings. Therefore, pumping such bulky contents is really challenging, even not a healthy practice. We really need to restructure and invest more in reliable, genuine and quality curriculum. 

However, it is time we must rethink and rebuild more user friendly syllabus, which parents can also understand. 

That shall ultimately benefit and secure both teacher and student. This is how we build our nation stronger together. Lets make Education First!!!

Here are some of the good references and insightful notes teachers earns around the globe:

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Chilli Story.

Our organic gang is robbing the country. This is for them,
the only possible remedy to stop them from turning illegal.

Nu. 700 per kilogram! For what? Green Chilies of Punakha. What's wrong with our chili these days?

Chilies are an essential ingredient which make up 25% to 75% of our dishes. There isn't any other substitute for it. And going by the price hike, back home I am thoroughly confused what number of chili should I add to prepare a meal. 

Expensive meals! It looks perfect but what about the survival, when Electricity tariff and Smart Net Pack system is already robbing us.  

If situation do not improve in coming days, I won't hesitate to beg chicken-chili from my neighborhood lady.

After hearing the market price of our chilies, the very first impression I had was to quit eating chili. I would rather prefer to go for other balance diet foods to hit my dining table than to pay this huge sum for one item. Honestly, I don't want to lose my hard earned money simply to these group of hungry farmers. 

Although, with the ban of foreign chilies, our local chilies are doing good jobs, have dominated the market and our farmers are being profited but this times they seemed to be above the law. I don't know what's wrong with their chilies. 

Through mathematics one meal is costing close to thousand bucks. I find this is a very expensive affairs for a common people to continue for every day.    

What do we expect our people to auction - their Kidney or their heart!  

Last year the same green chili was sold for a maximum of Nu. 200 a kg at this time of the year. And today the same chili is costing Nu. 700 a kg. I feel this is too high. Who is playing this hide and seek game? What if we are to market our produce outside Bhutan? What should we call them - literate or educated? But, for me they are the Great fools, a crazy farmers!

Why this time, our agriculture ministry has fail terribly to maintain the reasonable and uniform price?  This is not fair! 

This is perfectly a barbarian hoard. I call this, a weaponless mugging. – corruption and power struggle are still the growing concern we have in the country. I called this is a chili war! 

Every time I walk past the street, I see endless posters calling for 'Gross National Happiness' and justice for all. Where in the name of this is our Happiness, while we mine the price of a kilo of chili unreasonably high?

Are they doing this to impress other organic gangs or simply testing the imperturbability of our rule makers or do they have some representative above the country's law?

In the name of organic product our farmers have already crossed the red line marketing norms of the kingdom. This is too bad for a small developing country.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Bhutan National Flower

Recently the national flower of Bhutan has got a new name as Meconopsis gakyidiana from Meconopsis grandis by Japanese researcher team. The blue poppy now has been upgraded to a species. Earlier the national flower was misidentified as a subspecies to Meconopsis grandis.

The Maconopsis gakyidiana was named after country's development philosophy, Gross National Happiness. Gakyid stands for "Happiness" and diana is the nomenclature term for the flower.

The researchers have found that the Meconopsis gakyidiana is found only in Merak and Sakteng, Bhutan. Meconopsis, which are similar in colour and pattern are found in Paro, Haa and Bumthang are not Meconopsis gakyidiana, which people misunderstand with the national flower.

What more hoax do we expect to happen than this catastrophe?

There are number of assumptions we could draw from this failure; first, it seemed that our education system is not meeting demand outside the classroom and it has really wounded our education system, second, we have very poor sense for learning and it’s a crazy disaster, third, we lack in producing silver minds and it has aggrieved the most ordinary man, forth, we fail to produce individual equipped for better career prospects besides any qualifications and we are a mere beggar. And it has kept me mentally handicapped.
What our College of Natural Resources (CNR, Lobesa) is doing all these many years? What type of field workers are graduating from the college? 

Whatever, we are safe and lucky this time, team from National Biodiversity Centre and Blue Poppy Society, Japan came to rescue from this big gaffe, otherwise national flower would remain unnoticed for generations. And this time we have failed together as a nation. Who would pay for this big shame?

Thank you team Japan!

Thursday, April 6, 2017


I shall envy no other subject than this still subject. There won't be another bigger and happier moment than capturing this undisturbed mountain-top. 

I have seen many national and international family visitors and so is me.

The moment I have walked uphill to get some clean shots, I have seen few following me for the same. The minute later I have seen some more creeping closer to me shooting on the same subject. I am not sure how many of them have a gawked-eye to see 108TH stone stupas the way I have seen it.

I have overheard people around said about how beautifully it was built and placed over the landscape. 

The jewels of the valley and the country!

The name "DO-CHULA" came after successfully subduing the most terrifying demons. It is believed that the demons were uprooted and put underneath the soil in the same spot where 108TH stone stupas are standing today. 

Anyway, this is how I got my long standing dreams of Dochula photo-shoot.