Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Book Of My Life

A book called a great teacher. Also a start of my life journey is something I have long been waiting to share. I will tell you how my first Dzongkha lesson has changed me.

I was enrolled in school on 10th march 1996, my first day in school. I will never forget the year I have started my education journey because it has given me my entire transformation of life. Today I could recall my bygone days learning of all the subjects and more importantly my life’s first dzongkha period and my Lopen. Dzongkha was the first subject I have ever learned in school as a formal student. My Dzongkha Lopen taught me all the alphabet and a number. More importantly he taught how to correctly spell my own name first in Dzongkha. After he had done I have practiced until I have perfected because next day I have to write it in front of him without looking in the book. Indeed, those days writing of my own name has really troubled me and became a fashion for me. Today also I could vividly remembered on how I have perfected in writing my own name in Dzongkha.

My lopen, has taught me how to play with alphabets, numbers and other symbols to make a meaning. I know the hardship my Lopen has taken to shape my empty slate. He was also the one who taught me to sing a simple nursery rhyme with action.  I have learnt to pronounce the alphabets followed by few words along with him. And I know best how much hardship I have taken to master my skills for writings and speaking. Thus, I must say that the journey of humanity will only get complete with teachers.

Today I can stand proudly in front of my family, friends and society because I have a decent education level at hand. They are the one who made me feel a valued human being in society. In learning process I had several beatings and punishments while learning yet I never feel down because it was that stick which made me strong.  If my Dzongkha Lopen, have not taught me well, concept of living would become impossible today. 

Learning of Dzongkha was a hardship during those times. Since, we are compelled to memorize all the text rather than understanding yet I adieu my teachers. This is the end of my first Dzongkha period and a book of my life.

My Teacher

long is a night to him, who is awake;
Long is a mile to him, who is tired;
And long is a life to the foolish.

Please! do not say me I'm trying to be so clever regarding survival. Everyone loves their teachers as wisdom begins from the teachers and more importantly skills for living. They're the North Star, idol and life’s best trusted references.  

It is not right to think I love my own children but not other’s children. I’m a Buddhist so I love Buddhist but not other religions.  I’ll be nice to human beings but not to animals. To love and help only those of our own race, religion, country and gander is to limit the outer world. So, these are some of the important values taught by the teachers.

In this world I've acquire a cheerful living and independent life because my teachers are the main poles behind my existence. Since, they've taught and acquire my life. They've taught me about the equality of self and others. It is not wise to think I want to stay alone and be happy, so does everyone else. Just as I don’t want to experience pain and a problem neither does other are some of the central key messages for the nation.

In 21st century living without good education and valued life is a waste of things. Now it’s right time for all of us to rethink about life. Today I’m sharing these known thoughts for everyone on life that has well shaped by our teachers.

Did you ever think of our own life becoming the best example ever with teachers?

We know what it’s like to be sick or in pain, to be lonely. Our feelings hurt by an unkind remark. Teachers are the one behind these to unite and share everyone’s value equally amongst all human races. A real charm and the eternal peace of the living being on the Earth are borne by our teacher. They've prepared so much before sharing these values to care for other, not to hurt other living being and to be good humanity. They've travelled so much on their own foot and created the peace in the world. Life is little easy when we communication but many times life will not go the way it is to be. Staying alone in the room is not as easy as we think of life alone. If you understand me and my outlook for the teacher you all will never feel empty.

Believe me through this example of living. When we see a cockroach in our kitchen, our first impression might be to mash it out of its survival but stop and think. This is a living being who because of ill-fate has been born in the body of a cockroach living in dirty places. So is it really wise to think bad on this little creature or is this the values learnt from our teacher’s at school. So everyone must think about the importance of other life too because teachers have already opened the chapter of right living for everybody.
A good meal can benefit for a day.
A gift of clothes last hardly for a month.
But doing good worth for a life time…MY TEACHER

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Letter To Dear JIGME

Dear G-ME                                                                                                Date: 15th March, 2004
Please don’t misunderstand me. I am here to tell you the truth of myself. I am left with no other option than to confess you truly. Now I think I have to open up myself to you otherwise it will be too late. Somewhere around and without any face left you to be recognized I felt in love with you so dearly. I think you didn’t dream someone around you silently holds a breath for you. Then I hope it would be a surprise.
But, I don’t know whether if you have of that kind or I am mistaken in falling LOVE with you. Just some feelings keep on reminding me of you deep into my heart. It’s like a wish to be someone dear to you. Till now I understood the beats of my heart and did all things accordingly and now hope this letter won’t mislead my feelings for you.
You hold a secret sweetness that can’t be well expressed until I write this letter. Your charming face always reflects in my sleep and even with footsteps I take forward. Your inner beauty of caring for others makes me so crazy and your simplicity of human kind makes me dream of you all night.I must declare that you are the last piece ever existed for any human being on earth. Remember without any mode of correspondence we will always remain incomplete.
Now, if you think and find any truth in my letter to be trusted, just believe in yourself. Keep all of my feelings secret that no one else should keep promise with you. Hope this letter would keep us alive forever and if you trust in your beauties reply me with remembrance.
Till then I'm your love thanking you in advance for a positive reply here.

Yours sincerely

This is the letter I've sent to dear G-me on my 15th birthday...

That Little Days

I still remember those days
clear, bright and light;
Those are the best days
I've ever had in my existence.

I’ve changed a lot, in fact completely
With all the binding of life;
Those are the days
I’ve spent playing marbles.

The year 1996 was the last time,
I still remember how I used to play?
Those are the days
I’d lost countless pencils and more.

The year 1999 was the last time,
I’d a worst beating by mom;
Those are the days
I’d forgotten beating just by cry.

My changes was like a caterpillar
to a attractive butterfly;
Those’re the days
I’d tension free life.

The First Day

It was through the dark hours of the winter,
As soon as the head fell upon my pillow;
The sound snoring sleep overruled the time,
And, the long night was just like few seconds.

It was frosty Monday, the 15th of March,
It was a full bright day and was cold;
The clear beauty of Paro valley was seen,
Yes, I shall be brief, and very brief indeed.

All felt unspoken for a while with no words,
None of them seemed to have anything to share.
Before I could get any reasonable responses,
I am gone from their company for good sake.

Indeed, I was excited, very excited to explore;
I dressed up in usual, fresh and full;
My sweet friend, please listen to me,
I'll not rest until I see the college door.

It was quarter to eight, I said with confusion,
By now all are making themselves ready.
We were to follow senior's footsteps,
With my friends and nameless faces we started to move.
 As the days passed, I learnt to live with the life.

Look how magnificent it looks the PARO valley?
I looked those valleys with calmness,
Beauty of the valley just gave me breathes.
The days passed from weeks to months.

The cold seasons into a lovely and warm;
I've seen a roaring PACHU still,
With my friend in black;
My life has just begun.

He'd been an old friend of mine;
I could still remember those moments with him;
And still smell the beauty of those happy times.
I could remember the bygone days,

With my fistful eyes in the clear valley,
Wonder how it was to sit under shady tree?
Rested with the sound of valleys,
Still that moment rounds me like yesterday.      

Monday, June 23, 2014

My life

Of late, when you see me alone sitting
Ignoring all the works of life.

With wide eyes searching.

Don't judge my steps

because you are not me

You don't know my uniqueness.
My way of life is match-less.

A choice which is precious. 
and that is called my life.

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