Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Red House

The Red House
I salute for the modest appearances you transpire to appear now in front of all. I now realized how you transpire my hopes and dreams into reality. Today, as I toil on your advents looks –Information centre, Finally, I could find a new beginning each day. With it, I became much relaxed with life realm. It was my long-time dream to make you appear beautiful in front of all. It was my long-time works, hopes and reveries to make you appear in human empire, as point of references, point of attraction for each person that passes by your sides. In fact, to transfigure into decent romance red house and info centre. 
Designing period
As a teacher, I always labour for the well-being of my beloved students and for my school as a whole. When the sun rays falls upon the hill side and then, lately upon you - my red house, the glory of happiness deep inside me and my GNH country Bhutan is afar any mission. The life I had given to you is all about contemporary era yet full of prices. All human being at this time of expansion wouldn’t survive without your coordination in finger. I must honestly declare you are the wonder of this existing time. You are the decent sustenance, path of illumination, real education and nonetheless, the entire working system for humanity at this age.

I didn’t make any worthy outlay to make you appear fine-looking in front of intact world of Zhemgang family yet I had taxed creating you humble within GNH morals. I had just made you what I had long been fantasizing for but not so close to my plan.  Still, I am so content of your present appearances you have taken. Since, the place you have reserved in the garden area is just ideal and noticeable. I know by this second you might have already entered into several sincere hearts, to those who reflect life without you in twenty-first century is impossible to persist. I know you might have already entered into the new chapter of any good books with plentiful themes. 

Info Center
Knowing every compounded possession would decay and no exception for you too still, for a moment I am making you appear on this era with the hopes to value Nano reality. Amid all these people would change, time would change and therefore, system needs change and that is what Nano world is offering us now?

For every step your presence is necessary. Your service is inevitable and living without you is bare. Life with you (social networking) is very easy and comfortable yet it has many disadvantages too. But, now living without social networking would become empty, may not progress comfortably. Life is becoming so complacent, starting right from eating till one goes to bed social networking is the key player. For all of these reasons, I found time to make you appear physically in front of all.  Just to pass an important messages for the world.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Extraordinary garments

The Oxford dictionary meaning for underwear is ‘the cloth worn next to the skin, under other clothes’. The undergarment comes in many forms - underwear, waist, bra and small panties for both men and women. These wears really save external dresses from being stained by bodily secretions, discharges and even keeps our body in proper shape. In cold weather, long underwear is sometimes worn to provide special warmness. Special types of undergarments have submissive importance in daily proceedings. Some items of clothing are designed only for wearing as undergarments, while like T-shirts, shirts and other shorts provide dual utilities - underwear as well as outfit clothing’s. 

Special piece of cloth.     Source:
Today, because of all modernized technologies in place had made life much special, starting from getting smallest and cheapest to biggest and expensive things. Now, I am particularly sharing the life extent of inevitable underwear for all people. The existence of underwear itself is so special and extraordinary. I saw and felt the usage of underwear is so extensive. It is used from new born baby to very old people. 

The loincloth was the simplest and the first type of underwear made and worn by human beings. In record ancient civilizations, Loincloth was the only undergarment available in the markets. The loincloth had taken several modifications before coming into a fine piece. But, today there stand countless brand of underwear - Jockey, Puma, Nike, Levis, Bonds and diesel in the market with all outfits.  Simply, the architects and the special cloth designers are the person to be credited for coming up with the concept of this undergarment. It is also important to ruminate upon the size, length, shapes, comfort and the choice of colours before going for manufacture. Since, the users of this product would be from different age group, genders and of different likes. 

It is very simple and cheap yet it has numerous advantages. I value this cloth so much beyond any other things because of its functions in human society. I know what would happen to the culture if this cloth piece was not discovered. I have great faith and earnest appreciations for its inventor because everyone’s life was made so contented else, life as I know would become wretched. At the same time, everyone might face with challenge and assured circumstances at times without it.

For me, my Puma and Nike underwear are like any other expensive Jockey. For which, I am so happy and comfortable with it.  I have all my admiration for any underwear in the market. Wearing any brand makes me feel I am on track for all activities. I do like other brands of underwear as any brand would give me equal comfort and serve its functions. My personal feelings about underwear are so wide and deep. Nevertheless, I am also close to its design. 

On the other hand, with all its comfort nature and design, I dream to become one of the top retailers and the owner of any underwear production. Since, I found this is the only cloth piece used by all people of the world. I found it’s the world top most sold product today in the markets. If anybody wanted to become an overnight millionaire one would dream to become an owner of the underwear manufacturing industry. 
My liked brand

Friday, August 22, 2014

I owe your thoughts - Brave Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai was born on 12th July, 1997 to a Muslim family in Pakistan. In their dogmas her name has great significance. From very young age, she was said to be wise, against violence, decent and honest in manners. Her schooling has started all over with the aim to become a doctor. 

Malala speaking for the World                  Source:
She was brought up with all right thoughts and with all the human values in place. Although, she really was young yet, she came-up with a voice against all Pakistani girl to have proper education. She fought for the right education of every child of the country. She stands up for herself and other girls for the need of education. She used national and international media to let the world know girls should also need schooling. She wants right protocol in place for the rights of every girl. 

For which she became an immediate victim to Taliban. Her death was posted on Facebook and in many Talibani media papers. Even, she became victim to many Pakistani who all were against girl’s education. For which, she was known all over the world today. Since, she stands for good motives because at this time world felt the importance and power of education in everyone’s life. She knew education is the key foundation for all beginnings. Every beginning starts with right books and pens.
I was really touched by her nerve for coming up with brave ideas of right education for every girl. Although, she was young to fight against great Talibani still she did it with all pronounced ideas. She stated the countless values of proper schooling. She was of the view that education only can eradicate poverty, one can become self-independent, one can best judge injustice and ignorance in the society. Her statement was clear. She wisely has stated, Let us pick our pens and books. They are the most powerful and non-violent weapons that only can change the ruling and organization of this world. 

She has given a simple and valued lesson to world to have right education for all girls. Her focus was to make world realize for the need of education and what education does in the society. She felt education starts right from day mother conceive because mother gives birth to child.  She pointed out not to be so violent against women's rights.

I really owe her ideas and her great courage for letting world know the value of girl’s education. I feel she is all for good cause. World should respect her ideas, her motives behind education. If all of our girls follow the footsteps of Malala no doubt, world would become one of the best place to live in for all times. 

For all of these self-less acts and defying even her own death for child's right for education, she was nominated for the National Youth Peace Prize for the year 2013. As, world felt her thought was simply wonderful. That would change the living standard, living method of everyone. I would admire the concepts of living; the great Malala is surviving now as a girl. I would also respect ‘One child, one teacher, one book and one pen that can change the world. Education is the only solution. Education first…’ So, her idea was simply marvellous and I would salute her brevity.

Monday, August 18, 2014

My favourite show

Rowan Atkinson (Mr.Bean) has the mysterious ability to make people laugh without saying a word. His body language and facial expressions are wonderful. Very few people in the history of comedy have unique talents like him.

When I was a little boy I saw Mr. Bean showing all of his funniest gesture. Starting that moment, I started liking him so much. Whenever, his show was being aired on TV. I usually do not feel like missing it. Besides, almost every time I was hooked in his funny expressions and gestures.

Mr.Bean as baby boy!
The one of the comical shows I had ever watched was when Mr. Bean was acting as a kid in a grown-ups body. He tried a lot of uncommon things that would get him into bad situations. He tried things that wouldn't embarrass him but seemed to be so peculiar. But at the end Mr. Bean found out something else since the guy he acted was visionless. At this point, everything would have boiled beyond zero centigrade deep down inside Bean’s heart. Still, he has that automatic talents to hide things and can act as normal.
Mr.Bean's Teddy Bear
Yet, other interesting shows that made me felt he was abnormal being but it is not.  Normally, Mr. Bean is a silly and foolish man who lived in an apartment with his Teddy Bear. He makes stupid things such as losing his swimsuit in a swimming pool, acting anew to his apartment, shortening his dresses, driving his wonder cars, way to washroom and cheating during a test were some of the funniest shows.
Mr..Bean's Holiday
Mr. Bean wants things to be in his own way. While trying to accomplish the funny acting’s, he gets himself or someone else into more trouble. I found him with the rarest quality that a common people least possess. All of his shows were just beyond compare to normal show.

Mr.Bean was born comic. He doesn’t talk but his actions alone are enough to make him a humorist. Not everyone can act like the way he does. He acts out what he wants to say to the viewers. All that matters is he can make people laugh all the time. His action may seem silly but if we look deeper, we can see it’s all just so funny impossible to beat. I can say it’s amazing to watch his shows.
Mr. Bean's Wonder car!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The wise footsteps

If reading and writing becomes the part of daily learning’s, it is not impossible to become a writer. Likewise, it's not a new thing to take up writings as a part of everyday learning at school. Knowing, everyone has born with unfilled brain. Yet, we are accustomed with insecurity feelings for writings. At the same time, it is not wise to judge or down-look oneself before proceeding into writings. So, that makes us feel, we are not born gifted. In fact, we are born with boundless talents in placed.

Ask any writer whether they read or not. For sure, the response would be positive. Since, every writer’s journey begins with readings - newspapers, magazines, journals, on-line blogs, books etc...

One can write only through readings. Otherwise, the world to become an author would remain in dreams. Simply, having done with many writings, one can best cherish the moments of humankind. Moreover, through writings one can easily express the sincere feelings, difficult times and show artistic nature. 

To improve on writings, one needs to write daily on any subjects or happenings and even need much dedication, patience and time.

Being one of the skilled writers is not an impossible dream. It's closer to reality if one believes into read...and

So, these are the techniques to improve the skills.
1. Maintain daily dairy or journal.
2. Participate in writing prompts
3. Rephrase newspaper and magazine articles.
4. Read beyond what you normally learn in the subjects.
5. Comment on your friend’s write-up.
6. Join a writer's group.
7. Attend conference or workshop on writings if any.
8. Make daily writing habits.
9. Select any reading materials of your level. 
10. Log on to English news channel 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Home coming note

I am going home riding my little DOG
I don’t trust this twenty-first century so much as the times of my grand-parents. Those times were enjoyable and great in many ways. I am sure those times would remain paramount for me. Those times can’t be ancillary with any super-discoveries. Even no greatest historian can tell those times better than the clock in itself. Thus, nothing would describe primordial life and impulses.  

Every existence on this planet had done the finest discoveries to comfort life however; I am not so pleased with it - advancement and findings. Since, everything comes along with enormous defies. Now, I am totally drained out with urban life. Perhaps, no money no urbanization is merely becoming a mission for millions these days.

I think many Bhutanese are of the views; living in twenty-first century is everything without comprehending the outgoing cost. Living in town with all the ease life style is just for few people of higher status. To them life is more objective with times yet still in questions.

Simply, living in town at this time is all about the money outflow.  For all living and ravenous mouth only money could best quench the impulse else it might stop functioning the next moment. Therefore, even for small scale shopping during weekend also needs big money else there will be a different story. Likewise, to many it might be a challenging moments for filling their pot with simple grain for some days.  For considerable people, life is becoming really sorrowful to survive with the type of inflation going around. If life in town for many continues with similar stereotype whirl, there may come some chaos.

All human survival does not need individual discoveries, because if all suits as scientist each house might become rich with every wants and discovery. Thus, the very concept of living might complicate too many folds.

Where the money comes and goes? I didn’t even find a place where the money was dumped finally and for what purposes? Who all were consuming the money and how much money normally comes out for daily survival?

Now living in town is full of giving money and getting back the life or survival or living. If life in town accelerate with the similar rate in coming days I am bit concerned about paying house rent, weekly shopping, electricity bills, water bills and for miscellaneous items. Nevertheless, living might become empty with all these outgoing bills and what to store for future is yet another part.

In present time, decent job won’t fetch any subsistence. For sure, I may not accomplish any of the wealth for future if the outgoing cost shoots at this rate. Therefore, for all of these reasons I am leaving urban steps for noble cause and to have sound sleep back at my village.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Beautiful seconds

From my mobile to on-line

Times at CST-2013

Times at ZHSS-2013

Times at ZHSS -2013

Times at Thimphu-2014

Monday, August 11, 2014

Biology beyond classroom

Learning is inevitable everyday activities throughout one’s life. There’s no place on planet where learning is impossible. Learning takes place everywhere, in anyway, anyhow and in any form. By knowing these facts, I consider learning takes place even in doing bad proceedings that happens to one’s life. I believed learning is everyday outfits, which makes one’s life to precede further otherwise, world would modestly come to an end with tiny thoughts. 

A biology subject teaches about plants and animal’s life, its functions in the society and its reality. So, for the hunt of more practical knowledge on raring of Mithuen (hybrid animal, similar to cattle), class twelve bio-science students, subject teacher along with few teachers headed to a place called Dungbi a best known place for rearing of Mithuen. 

Mithuens in active hours
After reaching to the place we were warmly received by one of the person in-charge. Firstly, we introduced each other and stated about our purpose of visiting to the place. He was happy then. He took us to the place where they used to keep the Mithuen. He showed us the area where they let Mithuen to graze. All the students seemed very enthusiastic about knowing more on practical rearing of the animal. So, students themselves formed different groups and they started asking questions on – how is the rearing of the animals in the farm, what are the varieties of fodders needed, grazing timings, breeding seasons, area needed for the grazing, the nature of the animals, weather required and the kinds of common diseases. 

In a nutshell, there are different 
subjects learning at school. Some subjects requires more of practical ideas for learning well. Since, part of learning is not only knowing about the written facts from the book but beyond. Thus, all students felt happy about their field trips to Mithuen farm. Moreover, they got to know many useful information on practical rearing of the animal in their life. 

   Curious learners                      Photo graph: sancha Bdr Rai

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