Monday, October 27, 2014

Why do I need exam?

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Is it only to get pass? Then the main motive behind appearing an exam becomes less pronounced. I think it’s more than the stated objective above. As, I always believe it’s a license needed for each life processing. Where, without it we might become invalid in any fields.

For me, appearing an exam is more than the exam. For sure - it is to get passed, get good results, promote to higher classes, to get good jobs and to check the level of subject understanding at school. At the same stand, we use exam for bad reasons sometimes, which is not sounding good for small country like Bhutan.

As per my experiences before, many of us think exam is just to exam the subject at the end of each semester or each term. So, at the end of each exam, we forget learned information completely. I must say we become empty the next moment like puts (a famous Indian dish). We leave behind every leaning along with the paper. Then, the main purpose of education is just done with the exam paper. If this is the trend of learning in school, then we can ask an un-educated man to write the exam paper. As, he can also write his name and scribble few answers that can fetch him some marks. So, exam is done. If learning ends with exam, we no need pay huge sum to our teachers. We no need to construct school infrastructures (i.e. classroom, sport fields etc...). Thus, I am sure with this learning acceleration we cannot stand for self-sufficient.

Perhaps, I may sound rude, but I am trying to list all the happenings in Bhutan with our present youths. As a Bhutanese - we need to bring some changes, the change is urgent because the time has come with greater challenges to be self-independent. Our present youth wants life to be easy going. They feel happy with few luxurious gadgets in hand, pretty dress and punk hair style. So, with this what they can do next is still in closed fact. If these things can fill one’s belly then, I must possess all of the things and start doing what our youth are doing now. I think the main purpose of right and skillful education is getting worse by the day.

If everyone thinks exam is for whole part of learning, then why can’t we take it positively at this stand? Now a day, I could see many of us are not taking part of learning seriously because we are fed too much by other wiser people. We get every simple tools, edible things and gadgets the next door. Then, why to suffer un-necessarily?

Exam is something real that can equip one’s new entry in more meaningful ways. It makes us wiser and more self-competent. It also checks one’s level of knowledge into the fields. Now a day, exam is happening for the sake of happening. Education by the day is worsening and total part of learning is negating because exam is valued less. I think the necessity for exam is eroding with the change of time. Thus, every resource is going into waste (i.e. human resources and other materials).

At this time, we need to be mindful and need to take exam as part of urgent learning. Here, with all of the stated reasons, I am not trying to claim, I have perfected every exam. As a learner, I have also appeared many exams, but I didn't take it lightly like our present youth. I always thought exam is always a new learning. At the same time, it is a mirror that reflects our own image walking back and forth.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Mid-night encounter

The freezing winter night at pelela top was hard to stand. It was almost mid-night, when the car man and his baby wandering stopped nearby our camp. Today only, I have understood why he had stopped his car? - in the hope of that deem light. That historic night still lingers in my memory and reflecting of that frosty moonlit night awakes me alive all times.

It’s no exception for me surviving through that icy night. No sooner did he stop his car than, we'd rushed towards him thinking some emergency. We felt little uncomfortable yet, for good reasons we advanced and approached him in a decent manners.

Initially, my friends have treated him not so generously.  Yet, some moment later, he had shared his whole story in a painful tone holding his baby around his arm, "like one utters a self-evident truth". He said his wife had died soon after his baby’s birth. With this - he had remained quiet for a while, which gave me a clear message of his painful sufferings. We felt very sorry for the questions we have asked him unknowingly. Honestly, to this fact I have silently cried for him.

We felt very saddened after knowing his truth. Truly, we do not have any relation. Yet, he opened-up his truth in front of us. Thanks for that. I was really touched by his unknown fate - with the demise of his beloved one.

While, we have seen his baby rested in peace on his lap. In the distance, I felt pity for him. I am sure his heart might have felt millions defeat with extreme pain. At the same reflection, the chosen father for that baby was not mistaken since; I have seen all the best human value in him. As a young boy with premature thoughts we didn’t utter a word that would please his suffering heart. Rather we have endured in silent just by shaking our head for few times. Sorry for that.

Nevertheless, after complete story he had fed his little baby with bottled milk he was carrying. So, before he left us he adieu us warm goodnight wishes in a saddened voice.

Soon after his departure, I felt complete empty and remained silent for a while to get back to normal life proceedings. Later, we have shared amongst our-self about his gentle heart. Thus, with his caring nature I have learnt much value. I am sure; it’s hard to meet human like him – ‘a decent and thoughtful man’.

I have decided to keep his presence a wonderful throughout. After he left us, I had an inspiration of becoming a faithful father like him one day. He taught me many values in the heart of being good human. And that was the time my heart started to beat for him. I could feel the closeness that exists between a father and the baby. I honestly declared his being father was compare-less to any beautiful survival. He really deserved to be a greatest father.

Well, without much conversation. He left us there in the mid-night. He headed towards present Wangdiphodrang with his baby boy on his lap. Today, I could still feel his painful voice, the clear face of his baby calmly rested on his arm and his slow motioned car faded to downhill never to be seen again.

I am sure, today that baby boy might have grown-up taller and to a gentle youth. Perhaps, in greater hope, one day - he may read my story and know how his father has suffered in shaping him into a splendid being.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ebola the next threatening call for BHUTAN

The latest update on Ebola virus sweeping across the African region was not so pleasing to hear. I could see every news corner highlighting on Ebola virus that has already taken many lives. The expert have claimed this virus is more, deadlier than HIV/AIDS virus.  Well, at the same time, it’s sad to know this virus has higher risk of spreading to other regions if it’s not taken into account immediately. However, the good news is that - WHO is trying their best to stop this virus going further. And we can never assure - one day Bhutan might become victim to this virus. Therefore, every concern individual needs to be more watchful.

So, till date the growing rate of population is never compromised. With this population growth, we need to be more careful with some of the terrifying diseases that might come any time. Perhaps, my belief on recent coming of different life threatening diseases is all because of this growing population. At times, growing population itself is a risk element for every single kits present in the world. It’s a waste of resources and finally Mother-Nature is answering this call.

Well, reflecting back to my geography classes, I had learnt on the Earth’s carrying capacity. Now at present times, I could see a line exceeding the carrying capacity of Earth over population growth rate. Therefore, to balance this change, the nature is playing its own nameless role in minimizing the population growth through different forms. Ebola, Cancer and HIV/AIDS are no exception to balance between human verses nature. 

With the modern development, people have prepared every possible mode of technologies. Hence, anyone can travel to any places within short span of time. So, with this exchange culture and people, anything can happen any time. Thus, way to stop spreading of Ebola virus to any regions is a big challenge.  

As Bhutan, being one of the developing nations, we cannot compromise on bring to a halt on different visitors from across the world. The only way to stop the spreading of Ebola virus to our country is just by being careful on every entry points. I could feel the clear line of spreading of any diseases is no other than this very points. Perhaps-it’s good news to hear that the ministry of health is already in place with the strict checking and scanning system in every point. I would thank the initiative carried by ministry to keep away Ebola virus spreading in our country.
But, we shouldn’t be resting in peace just by this initiative alone. The time has come for every individual to be more careful and watchful. If anyone suffers from slightest signs and symptoms of any extreme fever, headache, nausea, red eyes, vomiting  and total body ache etc..., one need to immediately contact heath personal for immediate prevention. Otherwise, this life threatening virus might take countless life any time. Therefore, it's always wise to take extra cautious while travelling to any land because life is no safer now a day. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fete day- a new happenings in zhemgang

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11:10:2014 - was a day like no other days in my life. The day that had bonded  school and the local community better than any other such occasions. The main objective behind coming up with this idea was to promote community vitality as being one of the autonomous schools. Even,it taught every individual to showcase their talent in many ways. Similarly, it was no exception for me, my class and to rest of the staffs and students. Perhaps - it was a delighted moment for all of us with many ambitious hope. 

Thousands of people from dzongkhag and nearby locality have gathered at the Zhemgang HSS ground to be the part of the day’s celebration.

Around 9:00 am Dasho Dzongda, graced the opening of the day’s celebration through notable speeches. He had also briefly highlighted on great start on move for health by former health cum education minister lyanpo Sangay Nidup and the importance of our individual health because it was the same date our former minister made the utmost move from all the way from Trashigang to Thimphu and contributed the huge amount of money to the benefit our Bhutanese health care system.

source: Pelden Nima
The day featured different kinds of activities from – wide range of games and play, food stall, dances cum mask dances and singings. The interesting part of the day, among many were lottery, weight guessing and lucky-dip.  

Unexpected dimensions were witnessed by this region on the day. The time was better than any such gatherings. I could not ascertain the actual turn-up from the local community but - I can proudly stand that the turn-up was beyond schools hope.

Well, the day ended with declaring the results for lottery, weight guessing and lucky-dip. The winners were awarded with handsome prizes.

source:pelden nima
In a nutshell, through this kind of activities and organizations school would produce better results in all terms – academic results, community vitality, discipline and kinder cooperation amongst parents. Nevertheless, I am with great hope to see this kind of forth coming cooperation by our community in building understandable relation hereafter. Thank you all for visiting our school for making the day a grand success. Thank you dear parents and all!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Inflation rate - not happy game

It won’t surprise our people to get news font-line on inflation rate that are happening round the clock and its even becoming talk of the town. It is not a new updates. But, the very recent inflation rate was beyond imagination to many. 

Perhaps- for civil servant recent pay review is not even equals to meet the recent inflation rate. Since, the rate of every commodities is never been compromised. Rather, it seemed to accelerate in complex. Is it, what Bhutanese are born to face in this century?

As soon as the news derives about the inflation rate for commodities, many of us needed to empty their little incomes. The news on inflation rate is never been a good news for many livelihoods and no exception for me today.  

The inflation rate that was highest in the month of July soon after the pay review for the civil servants was something unexpected. In fact, the news broad-casted was not an impressive one. Since, the little income done by the individual is almost spent for this increased inflation. On the same reflection, civil servants are always the loser for this game.  For now, I am bit worried in buying a kilogram of salt that might cost me more than usual. Since, with this accelerated hike on commodities my salary is not just enough for surviving.  Similarly, I am nervous too with other bills that come at the end of every month.

Again the thrill of this October month was yet another challenging moment for all the mobile users in paying extra tax on every recharge. Since, it was imposed by our present government as green tax for telecommunication. I can understand this as simply emptying the little earnings. Similarly, if all the paying in the form of taxes exceeds individual earnings one would certainly enter into negative before monthly salary comes in account. Then, our civil servant who is depending on salary must need- needful time surviving in Bhutan. 
In general whatever the earnings done through one's hard toiling is going back to government in the form of taxes.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Special sunset
 The everyday's activity is ends by the final bell for all teachers. Similarly - no exception for me now. As soon as the final bell goes, I take a deep breathe to mark the end of the day. With all the good thoughts, I consent my workplace with the hope to return back safe. 

Well, usually I journeyed back to my place in complete tiredness. I could feel the total exhaust with day’s work at school. Normally, I conclude my work to be so decent because teacher teaches all the good values.     
On one special instance back to my way - I could see the very clear sundown setting behind lovely mountains afar to my reach. The time was different; every moment the second passes by, each moment it’s leaving us afar. Leaving every existence behind in darkness and making world older by one day. Sun going behind the mountains is a common routine. But, rest and think about the ruining of the world and the intact being. 

Even though, it makes us older and ruin by each moment. Yet, I could sense many beings enjoying the setting of sun all days and no exception for me. It was nature who is playing a conditioned role. It’s so deliberate without it; survival would end the very next second. Every beginning would end without its presence.  So, for all of these reasons the whole world endures its presence.  Its presence is significant than any other figure on the planet. It carries life and every nutritional value the world wanted. So, it’s sad to forgo the beautiful setting of the sun behind mountains? 

Sun going behind countless mountains and setting after twelve-hours later is not un-common. It’s something very complex mechanism to understand and to believe. It gives a sense of living world. Life continues like a setting of the magnificent sun each day.  

I was wondering in peace with much relaxed manners with many of my colleagues and loving students. I could easily felt their delight because everyone seemed to be whispering in a clear tone about the sundown. It was far beautiful than any moment. Even, I could felt the chirping of birds, barking of dogs and nature being so calm and quite. As, I know dog barks when they are excited and when they sense different happenings. So, was the case that time? Nonetheless, what I can determine is every being on this planet seemed to enjoy the company of sun.  

For a moment - my hunger after tiresome school activities was never noticed. Even, a normal car that passes all times was not into attention. My five minutes’ walk back home was not in any clear footsteps. Finally, I reached home without any bumping and twist turning on the way. So, these were all the best reasons to put down my thoughts into live about sundown times because, I have loved the presence of this magnificent body.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

But one day

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It won’t be a surprise here to lease all my rational. One day - when I was listening to a sentimental songs on my laptop. In fact, my best songs genre was already on air within my edge. I could just think within my works along with the songs. That time was hard to understand. Since, some of the songs clearly stated, the day is closing so fast without any notice and after all life is all empty. I was into it for so much. The world is departing hereafter. 

I have acquired a greater understanding of this world - one day this very time would die in nonbeing. At the same time I have learned to contemplate the events of life with serenity and not to let myself flung in emptiness. 

At the same time, it’s hard to memory the past life for proceedings into new world each moment. I am a kind of person who normally follows all the basic principles of life. Life for me is complete beings that need to obey all the continuity. As a good human being- I have never crossed specific life periphery. I have been working as a decent being. As far as I am mindful, I have never hurt anyone purposefully. But, sometime it happens - a small unknown fact might be enough to hurt someone’s emotion. Life as I believe is something complex. Sometime, some critical situation follows and need to react the way it comes. But, it’s a human desirous self that gets hurt unknowingly.  Moreover, as a good social beings we needed a numerous thinking before reacting into a condition. Otherwise, we may land-up into bad times. 

One day, time was a bit different than usual. As, I am a human being so – needed intensive care of my once life. I knew life may not come for next as human being because to come next as a human being one’s needed a boundless good deeds and life attending mantras.  But, my case is little different here, to be precise - I didn’t have enough good deeds and chanted mantras for worthy life ahead. In a way, my demise preparation is yet not ready for now. At the same time, I know my conscience for the entire world is not corrupt. And this is what; I believe life mantras and good deeds. Simply, thinking good and being good is just significant for life proceedings and life after death. 

So, with this common thought - One day, I happened to share some of my happenings with good friend of mine. But, no sooner did the messages reach to my friend. Friend of mine reacted to me in a complete strange manner. As if - I am talking for the first time with new problems of the world. The voice and the composure through the phone were clearly noticed although, I couldn’t see personally. I have declared my truth personality, since we are very close. 

Finally, the conclusion was broad. So, life has skilled me different lesson, life has given me different values, boundless ups and downs and different breath. Similarly, I have learnt a life lesson, it’s not to be so open and share the feelings. But, one day - I know the truth realization would come and that is far late than to re-start life endurance. Now, I could feel the pains of thousands hammering.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Human body: the most taxing machine

 Indeed - human body has many special things to offer. At the same time, it takes back certain. So, it’s a modest machine that works for the survival of this world. With not much difference, my body is no exception here. Working so hard for this worldly existence -but, sometime I wonder how my life would close. So, to this fact – I heard many people making a kinder statement about life.  In all, I believe life would be a definite emptiness. Yet, we never thought of leaving behind any work undone for life proceedings. 

The human body is a collection of numerous organs; it holds most complicated and expensive system within it. It might be hurt with slightest error. But, it has the highest ability to create greatest and most craved things for the world. I cannot fancy the human creation – most complicated computing system, super thinking machine, flying machine, network that can easily track any latest happenings and fault of human beings, machine that works with the flash of time. So, for this wonderful design, I owe many great human beings on this planet. 

But, the sadist part is - it depreciates with time like other man-made machine. Its value goes on negating. Its value is constantly in negative. Our organs are made distinctly. So, it can think well, do work without any instruction, control the entire system and generate many lives. Nevertheless, human body always equals to any super machine in terms of repairing’s. 

However, human body needs constant check-up, needs to visit and see an expert for healthy life. Sometime, it so happen after constant medication yet some part of the body may not functions well. So, for it we need to see an expert again. It’s like any other man-made machine that needs constant repairing. Well, one part is repaired yet another ready for repair. So, these constant life proceeding happens for every compounded things on this planet. 

I termed human body is no better than the man-made machine that requires outer service constantly throughout its life. Almost every day, we human beings suffer from some sickness, some organs not functioning well. So, for it we need to visit an expert. Therefore, I believe human body is the most taxing system ever in this planet.

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