Monday, January 26, 2015

Through My Lens --- I

The real time - Sun Down

The largest standing statue of Buddha  in  -
'The Land Of Thunder Dragon'

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Where We Stand?

Poor me!  - waited taxi nearly for thirty minutes and couldn't get one in the Babesa express high way after visiting to friend’s place.

I'm very sure there would be some thousands of taxi plying every day every-where in capital city today and particularly the number of taxi that had passed within my stand in the road too was many. Yet, none of the taxi I was trying to stop was listening to my call.

Honestly, I was little pissed-off with the notion our taxi driver has today from few of the un-wise lots. Since, they are injected/guided with little common outlooks that every youth dressed-up like Korean, punk or hip-pop are measured to be bad or notorious. We cannot guarantee and punish all youth in the name of few notorious youth or any of the individual travelling during night time.

Having stand for nearly thirty minutes on the road I'd many mixed feelings. Then, I was vigorously reflecting the back. And I could recollect certain incidences of past years - taxi drivers being robbed, bitten-up, killed, scared with weapon and not paid the fare and so on especially during night hours by our few tarnished youth.

Having known the fact, these incidences or happen-stand shouldn't mischief the honest youths/individuals in any state.

The other feelings I’d was, any of the individuals dressed-up unique is sure to fall under substandard group in every body’s eye and to our taxi/cap drivers the most. Because, it was imbibe common notion that those dressed-up like Korean/punk lend-up in fight rather than paying fare after reaching to their target.

In the name of few of our youth, I was literally punished, punish in the cold weather of Thimphu. I guess, with this action there’re many things to learn in life, in fact, lesson to life.Perhaps, to own a private car, dress decent, unsafe to travel during odd hours in urban areas, not wise to send our young children out with friends and educate our youth on social issues.

Thus, finally I was left with no other choice than to walk all the way to home on foot. But, again walking alone during odd hours in Thimphu has become unsafe.

The recent incidence of homicide case had pushed my entire nerve into flame until I reached back home safely. Its in everyone's eye capital city became unsafe/unsound place to live or survive these days. Yet, everyone of us rush to this place wisely or unwisely with all known facts behind. 

I must call expensive and unsafe Thimphu these days.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cherishable Moment

The moment of delicious egg roll and hand-made biscuit was the last and the most cherish-able time that I had with few of my friends. 

And the other interesting part was that I got to see and experience different kinds of people around. 
--The rich and poor, buyers to beggars, handsome to ugly, tall and short, slim and fat, black and white and so on...

These are the brief summary on some of the interesting things that I've seen around recently.

The last drive in auto
The chicken roast cabin  
The festive moment
The moment of trust - brain drain 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Leaked English Paper II - Needed Justice

Where in the name of the financial echo is the life of thousand innocent lives stand?

I felt the need is urgent to consider the re-conducting of exam for leaked English paper II. Otherwise, thousands are missing their different career tracks, since the mark obtained in English determines their overall performance standard.

Now, all the rumors of redoing of exam have come to its conclusion after the BCSEA board recently announced for not conducting re-exam for the leaked paper.  Thus, it sounded to me that the call is over and the game is played just for the sake. Other way - this has given us the clear picture of where Bhutan would lie in near future. Besides that - the decision taken would definitely divide between poor and the good students.

But, here my point is not to defend or go against any of the concern agencies rather my point is just to benefit our children those who did not get access to questions.

How fair the justification is true over the leaked paper? Can it be fair to award the marks simply looking at English paper I?

To this fact, thousands of concern parents and students felt the decision taken by the panel members was a complete un-fair and the poignant one. In particular, I felt the ultimate losers would be our students from the deprived back-grounds. Because, these are the students who did not have access to any of the facilities – studying in the boarding school with the limited available resources, inadequate parental guidance, references books and other essentials.
I felt it was not the decent reasons to defend against for not conducting re-exam for the leaked paper just in the name of financial crisis. As simply examining past papers and awarding marks wouldn't be enough to justify all of this and their hard-work for whole year. 

How far is true to this analysis sufficient/valid and to what point does it stand and to what extend it would justify?

Can it be possible to cancel the re-exam for leaked paper, when thousands of life is already losing their stand, their beautiful life?

It is high time for us to think on the decision taken before things go in disorder. Did our concern agency taken care of the thousands of innocent lives? How far is fair to our children coming from rural back-ground and deprived family? Or to those who did not have access to questions before exam? 

In any reason the punishment should not be the same for those who did not have accessed to questions.Whatever may be the decision it shouldn't harm any of those innocent children studying in rural areas. Perhaps, they should be given extra motive than the students studying in urban areas with all the facilities – mobile phones of their choice, access to net, references books, nutritional diets and so on...

As many of the children are from the rural background and I’m sure to those rural lots, the only ways to score marks in English is just by reading the syllabus text judiciously. I’m sure the decisions have already disheartened thousands of hard-working and the sincere students across the country.    

If English I can compensate for English II, then there's no point having separate text book containing different genre for learning, teachers and other resources. And I'm sure that the hard work/time/energy taken for the whole academic year is of no use otherwise. 

Now, the panel had decided to award marks for English II equal to the marks obtained in English I. For me, whatever maybe - this decision would dis-heartened many decent and hard-working and the students those who did not have access to questions.

Nevertheless, the factors like the financial cost, hassle to students and logistic should not be compensated with the life of thousands innocent life. So, what we all need is to re-conduct the exam for more fair and justice to save thousands of lives. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

454 Images III

This is the little view that I've seen on the first day of 2015. 
This would be my starting day and the guiding remembrance. 
More importantly, this'd also further stream-line my skills to much awaited field.
I’m sure this year would be more than just its natural happenings. 

The Gyalsey: The future of Bhutan

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