Tuesday, March 31, 2015

'Togetherness Is Happiness'

'Togetherness Is Happiness'
The word 'Happiness' can be defined through different angles. For me, 'The grand-father' watching the art of human being called the dance, the moves of the Aachara (in dzongkha) – the person who makes the Tshechu occasion great, fun, fun, fun are some that defines my right to 'Happiness'.

Simply, man or woman or children sitting under the tree shades, basking under the hot sunny day, watching the close traffics of different people, Baby resting in the warmth of mothers arm, getting together with family and friends - are some that defines happiness in 'The land of Thunder Dragon'.

In Bhutan, the Happiness is viewed plainly. Perhaps, with much deeper and wider sense of life. Although, everyone has right for speech or expression and can define the word ‘Happiness’ in any form.  But, for Bhutanese-  happiness is all about enjoying life humbly and offering upright future to younger generation.

We are not closing our self to materialistic world - Here in Bhutan money or the wealth or the precious stones or beautiful buildings or crowded city or well-planned town are not sole reasons for happiness.  

The real art of Happiness starts from little thing called good and happy family, respectable society, enhancing future citizens, preserving everything for very next hours are given the choice to called it the 'Complete Happiness'.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Lens View --- II

The  colorful prayer flags in the land of thunder dragon, 
a beautiful landscape would mean the serenity of place. 
Even bend in the road is well known through it. 
Otherwise, I am sure everyone would become zombies. 
And for some it's just a far cry...

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lens View

I called this sun-down view as one of the classic view. 
Since, I got to see this and capture it before it goes beyond its horizon. 
So. do enjoy this capture...

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Through My Lens ---VI

This is my first bird catching journey. 
It's not as easy as we think to bring the images of birds into reality. 
It needs much of patience, silence, skills and love for it. So, do enjoy with my collections.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

'Bhutan Is an Open Bin'

With this statement, I would like to say few things on the common happenings. Perhaps, better called is as 'the most talked issues of the day'.

Well, it's good to see our government and concern agencies taking responsible role to keep our environment clean and green through different programs/outlets/initiatives but still we can see so many lapses in the mind and the heart of our citizen.

What more do we expect than these from the concern agencies? who is already doing their best job to preserve better environment?

I'm more confused to know now - why our people are so much carefree and reluctant in dumping their own waste properly or to the right place; - even after talking so much on waste management, its ill effects, health impacts and environment pollution.

Now at this time we cannot simply keep or postpone things like before. Since, the number of people living on this planet is increasing so fast.  Even after having learned so much, we’re still not yet prepare for it. We’re still waiting someone to literary guide us. And that is what I call it – "Bhutan possessing an open bin everywhere".

The only fact I know behind Bhutanese individual is that we're so much bother-less, careless, carefree and indeed expect things to happen rather than making things to happen.  
Perhaps, with the advancement in technologies, thinking capacity of each individual, we need to be wiser human-beings and more sensible than our ancestor but today what we all could see around is happening just vice-versa.

Here the point is so clear that we need to be more mindful about our own responsibilities, if we don't want our environment dirty and polluted. Honestly, we can't count the number of unwanted plastics, papers, bottles, tin and clothes that are going in wrong places each second from the hands of our individuals. 

Of-late, I heard many tourists who visited our country was not as impressed as much as what is written about Bhutan - The Land where GNH is considered as the main concept of living a life. These days what I can see around is all the land is filled with unwanted waste. So, literally Bhutan is an open bin for everyone. 

Truly, how many of us have left the mobile rechargeable cards, plastics and other unwanted waste in the same shop when the purpose is over?  

The dustbin placed gets destroyed over night or simply disappears; waste control pluck-card would miss its daylight chance. Is this thing determining our people? As a result of the fact, I could see our mother earth is worsening day by day.

If we decide to wait for the better change let’s not wait the sun to set below its horizon. Let’s not wait someone to say 'dirty environment leads to dirty mind'. At the same time if we don't care about our individual waste we won’t be able to pass down healthy environment to our younger generation. 

Today, saddest things prevailing around is individual being so less responsive. We also have well written 'rules and regulations' in place that hardly works/functions. Therefore, if this action continues till next day, we don't need anyone to destroy our own environment. 

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