Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Fate Of A Mother

I am totally confused and deeply rooted when I see every mother ‘so loving, so caring, so gentle and so faithful’.

I may have sound little bigoted to those who do not have received/felt the motherhood or word to utter ‘mom/mamma’ in life. But, all I believe is fate takes every chance of life to be great or blessed.  

Photo courtesy: Wandering Eric (Facebook)
Perhaps, today all my thought is under attack by looking at the image posted in ‘Facebook’ by ‘Wandering Eric’ on 21st, April, 2015. It’s simply brilliant and it truly had touched my heart. I’m forced to express my outlooks about a mother carrying her little child inside that basket.

The ‘photograph and the photographer’, has become my point of allusion, it’s just perfect'. His series of images that center normally from rural life style makes me experience many beautiful things that belong to this world. 

Mother’s love in the image clearly showed that her love was well enclosed, well defined and well protected inside that basket. Neither I, nor you would sense the actual feelings but mothers would feel that true essence of ‘basket and the little child’.

How loving and caring is she? What can compensate her love? For, how long she can love her child? Why her love is boundless?

In the total humanity, mother brings every being out from obscurity well known and put into the circle of bigger life events.

But, what happens normally is that soon after the life becomes capable of self-existence everyone forgets and abandoned the hardship that the mother has taken. They simply walk away with independence and nothing more. In a way, mother’s hardship is totally being forgotten, becoming secondary matters. If this is the case how shall we say mother bears the secret key? Therefore, before we forget the pain experienced by our mother. Let us put all our energy and thoughts in right actions to thank our mother positively and judiciously.

As I see the world, the fate of a mother at times is perplexing yet it is necessary. As, said mothers’ love and care’ cannot be compensated with any material body yet if we can try by just being faithful, lovable, caring and dedicated would suffice her heart.

"If I'm given a last chance to utter a word about a mother, I'd state millions of good reasons that makes mother the greatest beings.
If I'm given a last chance to buy a wealth, I'd rather prefer to buy mother than the diamond.
If I'm given a last chance to kiss, I'd kiss her mother more than anybody.
If I'm given a last chance to hug, I'd hug her mother more than she did to me when I was unknown and delicate".   

Let us not forget to pray un-ending prayers for the brevity and sufferings she has taken. Let’s promise and pray every mother’s life and soul to rest in peace, healthy and beautifully throughout. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Heart First

Often, I can overhear many miss-conducts happenings around and I'm sure our youth are the one behind it. What is still lacking in our education? Is our education system not making profound root in taming the heart of our youth?

It's simply an ironic to believe but it's the honest fact that is rampaging time to time these days. Is it enough to possess all this in the name of twenty-first century's change? 

But, here everyone is after the rightful education, superior human circle and better life. Perhaps, every parents wanted their child to be tamed, instilled each values properly at school when their response are not even positive. Who is really serious of the requirements today? As I could see teachers and the school is the ultimate place to deposit those bad hangings. It’s sad to see many parents going against school and the teachers even when their child’s are wrong and that is the real sad story.

At this time teachers are only the one to put sole hard work and energy for the change. But, it’s simply going into vain, out into null and into dead-log. All the hope to instil lawful education through values and attitudes are yet the bigger challenge today in education sector. I know every single teacher is burdens abundantly still the change in the right behaviour and attitudes of our youth are not being improved.

Can we waive these kinds of similar manner in up-coming youth?

As a token, ministry of education is already doing the rightful jobs by stream-lining all teachings and curriculums that focus mainly on three H (i.e. head, hand and heart) still; the progressing is not so promising. The need is urgent to infuse true education and right behaviour in every heart of every child from every door steps so, that our youth won't get chance exchanges bad cultures and conducts. Here, I may sound little phenomenal but it's essential.

For many respectable youth, my point here is not to refute but purely to mean that there is still some room for the better change. Nevertheless, some of our youth were going inversely with rightful decision and choice of life, out into void.

Just by looking at the life style adopted by our present youth, I'm literally blind to see the world. 'The dress, the hair style, the talk, the presence in the society, the friends circle and the selection for luxurious gadgets are some of the front-line reference that gives me the clear steps taken by our present youth. For these, I'm not going against with any individuals, society, family and the western people. It's simply to mean our present youth are forgetting basic rules of life as a Bhutanese citizen. 

If education in Bhutan proceeds with this ratio, I'm not sure of the life our youth would've in near future.

For, all the educationists day breaks with good hopes, the genuine heart, committed optimisms and never fading heart but that is normally ending up to dismay/dis-pair. Their hard work for educating youth through different domains is often becoming cliché. Since, our youth do not realize the purpose of the true Heart of a teacher in school.

Often, it’s hard to nurture the Heart. However, if we work together we can bring big changes in our youth and the society. Not only letting teachers alone to educate the heart. I guess it may not change with the cost I'm forfeiting but I'm quite sure it might work if taken seriously.

Now, I'm very seriously fenced with 'Let's Educate the Heart First'. As to what extend it might work in our education and with our youth. If we are able to change the Heart I’m sure 'Head and the action of Hand' would change for sure. Since, everything starts from the Heart. 

So, if we want the change in the fate of a teachers then let’s work jointly - 'all parents and individuals' because, our youth have already lost their sole purposes of life with new era. Let’s not fight for un-just matters and stop pointing fingers at school teacher’s work at school. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Gift From New Place

This is considerably the new gift that I was gifted from the new place during my recent visit and all I can say is - Bhutan is yet another rich land for beautiful flora and fauna. 

It's modestly for all of my friends those who have similar hobby like mine - love for flowers and growing it with all of my love. Perhaps, I am not trying to tighten the schedule for planting the flowers which we don’t have but it's only for the love for nature...  

Monday, April 6, 2015

Decent In Their Heart

Of all, these kinds of groups were the only decent people around the country to watch Tshechu whole-heartedly. They were the only one who felt the need to preserve age-old tradition is more important than simply going along with the changing time. I felt they're the only one during this season to up-hold and up-lift our nation's good name.

Therefore, simply reflecting olden times and modern times, I felt so much of changes had taken place. This changing time is making me more tense and un-wise.

In the name of changing times, everyone is calling it the ‘21st century world’. What actually is this?  Perhaps, through this kind of un-lawful thinking, every people have changed more to negative. This negative thought makes us think so nano, so negative, so un-productive, and so un-cultured.

Indeed, we don't need anyone to makes us - what we've become and prepared so far. I think we're making ourselves so insignificant and fragile.

Do we want to continue with this???  

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