Tuesday, November 24, 2015


The Facebook - one of the most visited public pages that requires no age limit to hang around has become a place for all people to depot their grievances by uploading all sorts of off scenes human activities by creating false identity.

This page is being over used, used like a dustbin, put to a point of beyond views by posting all sorts of posts. My feeling on this page is something different. For me this page is a bit that should function as it is meant for but most of the time it's never functioning the way it is for. This site in particular should provide a platform for better and more social interactions with friends, sharing information's and to get freed of some stressful works instead we see more like cyber-attack to one another.

As I've seen most of the time it is being misused by uploading some of the obscene post which shouldn't be shared in public. I'm not sure where it is actually coming from, the fact is so much concealed that even the person who is scheming the server is not being able to tighten the matter. My cynical guess probably would be that is it may be coming out from net centers or servers or hackers or some individuals.  If it is the cause then it is time for the regulators of the net to design the programming more secured and tighten so that to we don't face any consequences.

Perhaps, viewing at some of the posts that are too distracting to go a social view made me think on 'social rights or the human rights'. I found it is not so wise to post someone's un-authorized property. The frequent increased in cyber post like sex clips and dirty images through different identity is my top most concern because through this ways one's social image are really put down. My question is who is doing all these cyber-crime or more doubtful on the ownership property or server centre not being tight or security being not put in place for this page.

I've personally felt that it is high time for all of us to think on the rightful and tight security to be in place before thing goes wide or before someone becomes victim of unknown lens because we see present time is more of fixing someone's identity and acquaintance. It is time for every country to seek for high and tight security in place either through server centres or from every individual excess point otherwise it would become difficult for the country to have better security and recent times we've seen so many security problems and this is how country and the individual would fail. I've also foreseen the future of many innocent individual to become easy prey to such kinds of activity. It is also important for everyone to get socially interacted with different people but without forgetting certain humanly actions and activities. So, it is also time for us to be more careful and mindful about every part of life otherwise we may lend up becoming fatality any time to anyone in the name of 'Face-booking'.

Of late, I've seen some post related to very personal video clips, images and some messages which I thought shouldn't go in public and made known through this site. It is a matter of how we value each individual life.   

Although, we've so much to get and so much to give but not through these channelling, not through making someone a public figure, not through criticizing someone's very identity, not through posting someone's negative lens. 

What is there so much in negating someone's personal identity and life which after all makes no sense instead it spectacles one's own inner quality. We can easily put a sense on someone with the kinds of activities someone puts in. There're many other ways to make deals and solve the problems if things go wrong rather than making it communal issues. 

Thus, in the name of 'Face-booking' who should be blame for such a crime, when one's identity is given false or being replaced by someone's identity?

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Toilet Habits

Today as we stand we find ourselves more magnificent and refined society, a society that has everything intact. But, as long as the entire stretch of time Bhutan do not have any good and healthy toilet habits.

The most people are interested in clean toilets and it's no exception for Khengpas. Although this place is far left place yet people around are well aware of 'the importance of Toilets'.

The only public toilet we'll find in zhemgang is below the main town; few meters away from vegetable markets. Anyone can use this toilet free but as a responsible citizen we need to flash down one’s own waste with water while making a visit.  

In Bhutan, toilet habits seemed to be the poorest of all the habits. As, it was passed down from a very ancient time, from our grandparents in using forest, bushes, stone tops and dead logs and so on as a toilets. We never think of replacing our toilets with better water supply, flash system and resting pot. We only think off easy ways to ease the problem without thinking its side effect and health hazards. So, if this trend continues we can never stand as civilized society even in thousand years down. The concept of "ours" isn’t there in our culture and community; we leave everything to government and to others without thinking it's all our investments or property.  

The clean toilets policy is always the common talk and the challenges in every place; be it in public, individual home and schools.  So, why is there always a question of unclean toilets although it is one basic part of life? My understanding on the issues very simple, our people are not aware of personal hygiene and long run possessions, since there are free medical services available.

Honestly, we're a very bad toilet users since we don't have the habit of using water, we only think of one time use, be it toilet or any other public property. We never bother on government's property; we hardly consider things like public toilet usage, dustbin for waste disposal and street lighting system. However, on clean toilet usage there is always a question of Bhutan being bad in toilet habits and Bhutan even don’t have good toilets. So, to my knowledge recently many tourists have left notable feedback on the common toilet issues, they were not happy with the toilet facilities and the conditions of existing toilets nationwide.    

I've over-heard people averring the very clean toilets in country like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Finland, Denmark and Norway. Because every individual in this place takes their own shares of responsibilities/duties, they're well established to be called as civic society since individual shoulders their own task rightly.

Friends of mine who have visited Australia and lived there for almost four years have narrated me several systems and the one that I liked the most is 'paying taxes' to government for them meant so much. As, they believe that government property is also their own property because through huge tax collections government pay back in term of required facilities and that becomes theirs property. Apart from this, if anybody is found to temper and mis-use any of the facility - toilet services, street electricity and trash bin, anyone on the spot can penalize and fine the individual. So, I also wanted to have same rules being implemented in our community so that we will feel the pinch of our exudate. Nevertheless, with similar kinds of policy being in place can certainly place our country's development and reputation to high profile like any other nation.

The people in the west are equally responsible and they've the sense of belongingness always. If they find anyone not complying with rules and the policy they try looking for the right solutions and fix it aptly. Thus, that is how we find these countries having world class facilities at every point, safe drinking water tap, street light in place and safe trash bin.

However, it is time for us to think of healthy ways otherwise we'll remain as same throughout. It is also time for us to replace our raw and unhygienic toilets. It is time to stop our most used traditional habits of using "sticks and stones" with water. So, by maintaining clean toilets we can keep every disease at bay.  Let's join our hand and make our toilet habits a grand success, more clean and healthy as always. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

This November

This November, I remain so deep to wish 
His Majesty the Forth Druk Gyalpo;
Jigme Singye Wangchuck; 
A happy 60th Birth Anniversary.
I wish him for his ever Successful and long Live.

Thank you, your Majesty ever

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