Friday, January 8, 2016

Traffic Chaos

At a glance, Phuntsholing town seems to be one of the high end destinations cum a holiday trips for many of us.  Because, it is only the big outlet for survivals, the place that boarders with India and said to be the country's main business hub for centuries. 

But, did we ever realize on the fate of a town with daily increasing population, traffic commotion, climate issues, littering and town being completely submerge in the sea of dust.

As I have seen and felt, I think the same would have been felt by others for the same poles. Although, it is a place of high end exchange centre and at the same time it need to be well taken care else I've seen 'the fate of the place is heading beyond repairs' if nobody plan at this time, the future of the country is heading towards risk zone.

I think the day of the government is a sole responsible agency to think and plan on how to solve all of these issues after all it makes a big differences for the country and its people, particularly on 'traffic jam'.

The place has indeed become sore, simply annoying as compared to past years. I've seen better Phuentsholing town before seventeen years than what I've seen today, now a day the place is full of grid-locks. Nevertheless, with the new generations even the places I've visited before is no more same and safe over time.  

I think the town before and today are the two different places you and I can see, observe and feel. If we happen to get to and out-off the hustle and bustle streets, we indeed need so much of energy since the place is full of traffic jam and busy town. We only can hear and see human activity all around- the place full of dust, place full of things placed in any orders, place full of beggars to money-waalas, place full of street foods, place full of black and white faces, place full of handsome to ugly faces, place full of peeps and teets sounds and place full of litters.

If we need a change for a place it is time for us to plan well before population doubles and human wants becomes doubles.  It is also time to impose some urgent planning and some legislation in place.

I am neither an analyst nor an expert but all my concern is over pollution, traffic jam, waste disposal, drainage system and right town planning. It is very obvious that Bhutan is facing new challenges over climate change now a day.

We can get everything from the place but never a happiness that we want as a GNH based country.  

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