Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Letter to Dear Parents From A School Teacher

Dear Parents,
I was a baby, child and a student, adult and now I'm an educator. I know what it is to be a good parent to a smart classroom teacher. It's all about life and love. It’s all for you wonderful parents of twenty-first century.

Here in any reasons, I don’t craved to hurt your sentiment rather I wanted to voice out an inaudible feelings of your son and daughter at school, who is in need of your love and care because you as a parent holds a greater shares of responsibility than anyone else.

Tell me, is there anyone who doesn’t want to be in the sink of love and care. Tell me, do you want your child to be unnerved from the society, school and human circle because they’re in need of your help and support. Tell me, why your child is not doing well as others; is our teacher not doing justice over your lovable child? Tell me, you don’t wanted to see your child excelling in academic and doing best in life. Tell me, you don’t want to die in the hand of your own child who has decent jobs. Don’t you want to see your child buying a brand new car, build a house to live, round of happy family and going to holiday trips to foreign land? Tell me, you don’t want to go out for a shopping together in a mall holding your child’s hand. Tell me, you don’t want to have a coffee together in a pentagon room facing each other in the moonlit table. Tell me, you don’t want your child to become a super-star, a host, an author and a singer. Tell me, you don’t want to have the priciest gifts from Maryland?  

Listen to me dear parents, the story has not yet ended – “truth is truth, it must be told”. Here the reality is completely an odd and becoming an issue in our community. Your child at school writes a thoughtful story of ‘you coming home drunk, lost in the hangover of social media and swirling into unnecessary fight’ and remember these are some of the most hated part of your child. Is it not you, who need to stop your child from dreaming big, learning to become an inordinate human-being? In this way aren’t you the one who is simply lowering the motivational level of your child? Tell us, what you expect them to learn at school when you have sent your child emotionally drowned. The path of your child was already locked by you before he/she enters so called school/classroom - the loving world of your child had become too cruel. When you abandoned your child, you’re making them sick, you’re making them inhumane, now think how and what they shall learn at school? Just remember we’re trying our level best to instill a most priced values in your child mind by making them learn new knowledge and expertise of everyday life but it is you who has barred the growth of your child. Dear parents, we teacher are not the God, we alone can’t afford to make your child a thoughtful and wishful when your child is already half-dead.

There’re many who likes to have a cheerful and supportive parents because you are the source of their happiness, because you all are the one who have created them, your child has a bags and bags of forte, while you don’t seem to care for them because you always have the habits of getting lost in the mood of alcohol and so called media and remember this two are the most rated and the unlike elements by your child. Remember! If violence starts from your door steps your child will end up their life going after violence and it’s almost sure it might come back at you.

‘The world you give your child today will become a world that would last one entire generation’. Let’s not say ‘you and I’ in making the future of our child because you and I play a big role. Life of our child will be all about what you and I give today. Shall we promise a deal together to make a better and wiser life of our child’s future hereafter???

As a teacher, we know everybody of you so closely because your child narrates a beautiful story of you although we’ve never met once. ‘There is always a story of love and care in-between you and your child and your child’s teacher’. Do you have time for your child, will you promise to come forth and support your child in need, if these is the case, 99.9% of your child can have a certain life ahead of them. Since, they give an exuberant performance all-round when they are at school, we love your child so much. Please, love and care your child as much as we love your child at school.

But, here the point is not to mean that your child is in need of the rarest gift called diamond or the gold rather they are in need of your love and the affection. Please, in any cost never emboss your Childs thought with evil actions when they are at home, let’s put right shares of values and attitude that would protect them from everyday life.

Just remember, a little drop of your love and care can add to a feeling of tranquility in your child’s growth. If you forget your responsibility as parents, your identity might get cloned out in the society.

Thank you
Yours sincerely

Your child’s teacher

Sancha Bdr Rai/chemistry educator

Sunday, April 10, 2016


Bhutanese version of Charlie Chaplin
Bhutanese version of Michael Jackson

Bhutanese version of Osho Baba Tashi Rinchen
Bhutanese version of Malala Yousafzai by Sonam Deki

Bhutanese version of Stephen Hawking by Ugyen Drukpa

Pardeep as Prime Minister of Bhutan.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Government Considers Buying New Pool Vehicles

I am thoroughly confused on this yet again, why the government liked the concept of pool vehicles ban uplift, when it's already proof that the pool vehicles is not serving its primary duty. It had automatically forced me to scan the whole article on the subject that became obvious for more cost factors inclined. 

The ban for pool vehicles has come for good reasons by last government having researched scrupulously not having much help rather it became a nuisance for many big post holders to drop and pick their school going kids. Moreover, it has been found that the pool vehicles in past years had served as fishing vehicles, going for vegetable markets and partying.

Today, our country is running shot of enough currency reserves and the economy is still in big crisis yet we see government planning to procure some. I am sure pool vehicles in our country will not and will never fulfil its mandates rather it would become more cost fueling factors. 

Who will pay for drivers, maintenance cost, pollution talks, disparity among office goers, fueling and traffic jams for the incoming vehicles, when the country's economy depth is not sound? 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I am always a teacher - Lyonpo Norbu Wangchuk

It’s a happy news for ministry of education as a whole. Since, Lyonpo Norbu Wangchuk a passionate educationist to take over the new post as a minister of education after Lyonpo Mingbo Drukpa offered to step down stating some genuine personal problems.

It is always wise to be in the field someone who is close and have better work knowledge. So, with new lyonpo in place we expect to see changes. We believe so much in education being the backbone of the nation to have secure future. But, it's not happening the way it is suppose to happen. It's time for us to stop time and re-think on education wisely. Time for us to plan for better outcome. 

Once our ex-education minister Thakur Singh Powdyel said, ‘if education succeed nothing will going to fail, if education fails nothing will succeed’.

He is also aware that education is a long-term investment, the fruits of which will not bear immediately’. Thus, with this let’s pray for safe, valid and valued education system in place for all of us.  

Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Real Hero

William Carr Crofts who was born at Bradford, Yorkshire in 1846 was an English architect by profession, who was a nature born photographer and a lover of music.
William Carr and his photo-gallery
William Carr in action
Photography is a medium in which an artist express his or her feelings just like a love letter to a girl. It is also the means of communication in silence. It usually speaks more than what is merely captured with the artist thoughts.
He was truly a modern master of fine art photography. He has touches and still lives in millions of heart across the world as one of the pioneer in photography. He had given the strong sense of what actually is the art of photography and its essence in all his photographs.

He said, ‘it is the intent of the artist to articulate the world that the subject cannot say in its own voice. It is within nature, that the beauty lies. But, it is the artist who stops time and interprets the gift of beauty for all to enjoy in any fraction of time’.

Unlike others, every images he captured has meanings and can speaks in silence as beings. The most powerful images are the ones that has an element of surprise in them, the one that has total dynamic meanings for every individual while upon looking. Thus, his images are no exception as it stands as one of the most considered classic examples of nature photographs still today in many art museum gallery.  What made him different, unusual and modern was his interpretation of the nature through photographs. Moreover, he had taken always one step further than anyone to understand the beauty of nature.
William Carr's photograph
The way he had captured every single image of nature had made me so close with his photographs. Every time, I catch hold of my camera I think his powerful images that in a way horn my skills to better photography world. While simply clicking some of his photographs made me think that he was born truly to be a great photographers. His skills are inordinate and exceptionally powerful in creating scenic beauty of nature.   

As he had dedicated his life to travel the world and capture images of all kinds, I am thoroughly touched by his patience for photography. Although we can't live up to like him in the field of photography risking and sacrificing every seconds of life but at least we can aspire our self that photographs always speaks in silence and carried bags and bags of meanings in itself.   

Although, 'photography is a rich man’s hobby', but it's not always true. It is not in any kinds that good photographs only comes with expensive gadgets and the lens. But I believe it is all to do with how we think and plan to take a shot. And the other key elements in photography is how we use our own eye lens and the patience to enjoy with nature. 
William Carr's waterfall shot
He had travelled the world in the same way as everyone but he had captured the images no one had seen and captured and that made him so rich and unique. As a photographer he only knew how to keep world in lens because there isn’t any great things than so called nature in this world.

William Carr's sunset photograph
Through his art of photography he had respectfully earned the title of last man standing. His main intention of photography is to promote, preserve and respect the beauty of nature forever and ever.

Although, the path of a master is absolutely solitary one. But, my hunt and quest for a photography will never be less either.  

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