Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Photography Trips

Photographs is a medium in which an artist express his/her feelings and admiration of the nature so much so wide. I know what it is to be a photographer. I know where would be the eye of a photographer. The mind of every photographer will be always into frame and to the objects in which he or she is in love.

To go with the photography, a decent camera is most. Camera is an electronic gadgets or device that captures the feelings of an artist.  There are different type of cameras in market - simple to complex. The most popular type of camera a photographer uses are the DSLR, as it is simple, compact and portable. It’s not necessary to earn the most expensive camera rather it's important to have skills to take a shot, passion to walk into the wild or around the country and creative mind and spiteful eye.  

Photographs, matters in how an artist view and take a shot rather than simply carrying an expensive gadget and walk around.  

While shooting the images the elements like exposure metering, shutter speed, focal length, focusing, aperture and depth of field, direction, quality of light, background, color combination, shape/symmetry, texture, form and pattern, framing and selecting a view point are some of the key field one should know while exploring photo-shot.

To my best level, I always used to be in the same shoe of any other photographers and view the world in wilder ranges/angles ---

Monday, May 30, 2016


This work or the art piece has really inspired me to move ahead more and more. Just looking at these kinds of art piece and photographs I never feel likes to stop with my passion of going into the wild to explore nature and its beauty. 

I always assume more and best things into the wild and in nature than any other piece of substance. There are more and best things already in nature to those who knows what is best for life, to those who knows how to enjoy this subtle world. There is the greatest things in nature if one knows how to enjoy with nature without destroying its essence. 

Looking at some prominent landscape and bird images by photographer, Yeshey Dorji I usually get countless folds of energy to move ahead. His photographs has really moved my energy to explore more and more photographs. Although, photography is a rich man’s hobby yet we can be our own hero, we can do best of what is already there in the nature even simply by using simple gadgets available. 

My Learning Ability

Amongst seven billion brains. I am a left brain dominant learners as it is found and proven through research paper on how brain functions and learn about environment. Although, every humans are gifted with same brain shape, size and weight. Yet, it learn differently and uniquely. It is found that brain works best in natural process than through driving someone into learning.  

It is completely a wrong to think every brain work and think exactly in the same way. What I am thinking now may not be as same in a while. What I am constructing inside my brain now and in a while is inversely different than what someone think and plan at the same moment. Thus, brain totally is an independent matter.

As resulted from the field of neuroscience, brain-based learning refers to how one learns about the environment. Learning can best happens through proper teaching process, some through play and some through natural settings of the school environment. The research found that brain learns best on how someone's cognitive development has been nurtured as a child and the environment settings. The brain development takes place naturally and spontaneously on how someone mature socially, emotionally and cognitively through the environment.

As stated in brain based learning theory, I am a left brain dominant learners because I know best part of my innate learning ability as a boy. Although, each brain is uniquely organize and all learning is a physiological in nature here is how my brain works.

I prefer things in sequence.
I learn best from parts to wholes.
I prefer a phonetic reading system.
I like words, symbols and letters.
I rather read about a subject first.
I want to gather related factual information.
I prefer detailed orderly instruction.
I experience more internal focus.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Love of An animal!

This is completely what I like the most part of living-being one and all. This is simply sad yet beautiful that even an animal has some sense of life and love. 

It’s a tear-jerker worthy of Hollywood – and one of the first examples of compassionate care and grief in a wild monkey. The alpha male of a group of snub-nosed monkeys and his dying partner spent a final, tender hour together beneath the tree from which she had fallen minutes earlier, cracking her head on a rock. Before she succumbed, he gently touched and groomed her. And after she was dead he remained by her side for 5 minutes, touching her and pulling gently at her hand, as if to try and revive her (for a full account of what happened, see “A monkey tends to his dying mate – as it unfolded”, below). “The case we’ve reported is particularly important because of the exclusively gentle nature

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


A far view

                                                                  A close view

New technique to keep elephant at bay

This is a good news for the people of southern belt who has this problems for centuries with new and simple technology in place. 

The question is how far it can work with the people around and the elephants.  

Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Teacher’s Day To Remember

Isn't this a good new for the entire teaching faculty of Bhutan being received by the highest political leaders for the first time. I know they are the product of education and a teacher. Although, the term Education and Teacher varied from individual, yet it is slowly being heard. The voice of a teacher is being loud now in our society. This should happen aptly since the power of education is beyond views and judgment.    

Like-wise if everyone take pride in valuing the importance of Education system and a Teacher nothing will going to fail in our total system. If education takes a deep root in our soil I am sure nothing will going to fail at any crisis. 

World Cup Fever

Belgium was out last night. But I still have one last hope with England tonight.  Uruguay side seemed unarmed when Cavani couldn'...