Thursday, July 28, 2016

Dzongkhalum the NEXT Reutela

Off late, I was just worried about peerless Reutela which has claim thousands of life and the other properties but now it's the new unbeatable Dzongkhalum that holds far more concern for the road users. Recently, we've seen Dzongkhalum that connects between Trongsa - Zhemgang being the 'National Headline' for the same reason. - Road cutting, Dzongkhalum.

Round the year the main concern that holds the mind of people residing in Zhemgang region is the unbeatable Road Lock – box cut towards southern parts and the Reutela to west.

Onset of monsoon season every year brings so much hoax for the national highways and to the local roads. Most of the time many places remains isolated or cut-off because of road conditions. In fact, this new road widening works at Dzongkhalum has created unmeasurable travel for travelers. 

This summer this highway has given enough danger and had brought great loses, some even lost their lives. This season this road has remain almost blocked for many reasons – road being too slippery, narrow and falling boulders.  

I was stunned and absorbed by something unfamiliar with this road widening at this point – road block and loss of life. 

Should we say we're heading towards better developmental phase or simply every time the quality of work are being compromised? 

I have seen road in Bhutan is not poorly financed rather it is poorly maintained and access, who should be held responsible for this? How old and stable is our road, five-years-old or ten-years-old, very stable or baseless, it always remains the ultimate test and the challenges?

I've heard many dangerous updates for 'Box cut and the permanent Reutela road trips' – countless people has already lost their lives down to Disneyland. Let's not put any blame to our land geography alone. It's our planner who always fails to come up with better solutions in place. - Road widening, Dzongkhalum
Therefore, anyone who wanted to avail this road service can always prepare and scale the road conditions before journey otherwise, it'll be a great loss, waste of time and the resources. I can say this road is not for emergency exit for a rainy season until road conditions becomes stable. Even, if one get chance to cross this road point one need to put life on the danger line or risk everything. The chance of survival and the successful passing through this narrow and slippery road stretch always remains 50 by 50 of the real chance of survival. With new road widening works and monsoon season has brought real risk and the danger to all the commuters, risk is not too far away from us. 

Reutela has a long standing story for countless losses of lives and the vehicles. There are vivid narration where some vehicles or dead body even did not reach to the base of the cliff. I am sure same thing will happen for Dzongkhalum. 

Why can't we plan for better and more reliable road network or road connectivity through proper planning and surveying? When world already has 'the best and the most advanced technology at hand', why can't we go for it, which has everything – the safety measures and the cost factor. The other option we can have is tunneling some danger road point. 

Nevertheless, Bhutan always rank top on the gravity of road crisis. Let's hope for the elite road to elite cars, it's all about being smart. 

Let's put the safety first. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Organic Farmer of Paamm - zhemgang

Moved by his inhabitant materialistic inclination, his indispensable role even at this age never let him off. All I see is, success in life depends on right combination of luck and hardship. Both are complementary. However, priority must be given to kindness and the hardship, for it can definitely improve the quality of life. Let reason guide us not the escalating tension all around. I am happy to see his great gears – the combination of his hat, dress, polythene plastic and his firm eyes. ALL THE BEST.

Farmer at Paamm - Zhemgang

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Reading Technique

Step one: Orientation
Goal: Pre-reading preparation
Look carefully at anything that can give you information on the reading. Table of contents, the introduction to the story, the title, sub-headings within the story, glosses and vocabulary. (What kind of text it is – fairy tales, report, journal etc.), whether it is mainly action or dialogue, whether it is internal or external interactions among the characters and whether it is in chronological order or not.
Step two: Skimming
Goal: to get the general meaning of the text/story without trying to decode exactly what each word means.
Read the whole text/story thoroughly and silently twice. Do not use a dictionary – to help you resist the temptation to decode the reading word-to-word, you should time yourself, allowing no more than two minutes per stanza and finally look for mental summary.
Step three: Scanning
Goal: to extract specific pieces of information.
In real life you might scan a train schedule for one kind of information, a travel brochure for different information and a theater program. From the literary texts in this course you will extract certain basic facts by scanning it. Read through the text again very quickly, scanning for the things as asked for. To focus the attention more clearly, underline some texts or lines or words preferably in different color or ink.
Step four: Decoding
Goal: thorough comprehension
After you’ve skimmed and scanned, there’ll still be stretches of text that offer vocabulary or grammatical differences you can’t overcome easily. In those cases, intense reading – detailed, word-by-word decoding is necessary. So, now read again, this time slowing down and decoding these sections – carefully analyzing each word unit. Remember to think about structure as well as vocabulary when you are working. Establish logical relationship by finding connectors. Identify to what or whom a word or group of words refers and locate important words in the phrases or sentence, like the subject, main verb and important pronouns.
Step five: Global understanding
Goal: to understand and critically evaluate the why of the text.

The questions like why did the author put this remark or description in this place and not in another, what is the meaning of a fact alone and in relation to other facts in the texts? 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Fate Decides

Friendship photograph - xii sci (2008): Photo courtesy: Facebook
When man can’t survive by bread alone, he need to grasp the other options for survival. Sometime he even need to sacrifice his own life and the loved ones.  

While some rooted from south and some from west, have different religion to family backgrounds, likes and views yet gathered for a common end goal called – education, unruffled at the southern belt of the country.

Amongst this group, some decided to become an architect, some engineers, some officers, some fashion artist but myself and few more had chosen to become a teacher - the nation builders, the teaching force.

Had it been not privileged to be in this circle of friend we might have missed or not have seen many such beautiful life events? Now we can't say when it will happen such friendship gathering. Friendship isn't all about the in-depth schedule of getting together all the time but rather a remembrance alone is enough many a times.

Although, we don't know who own the greater fate, we even don’t have any written trademark on our forehead and the strength to become someone great and that isn't so easy either yet we made it in a small way that is what we are today.

When I chose to become a teacher I didn’t know anything about a teacher and teaching profession but upon becoming a teacher, I came to know endless things and what it is to be a great teacher. As a teacher I believe every day is a new beginning, every encounter a league and I am in it to make a difference. I'm in it to make a legacy that would remain for entire cohort in the heart of millions. Because teachers are the silver bullet of any nation to persist.

As a teacher I have learnt different behaviors of kids at school, I am into lifelong learning culture, every day is a new journey, every day I am directly or indirectly influencing the future generations. And teachers are also the role model and the point of references and that is what I have chosen to become unknowingly.

Had it been given a chance, I would rather became like any one of you, who don’t need to prepare daily lessons, do not have to dress-up properly and do not need to receive any insalubrious remarks.

Although, our togetherness was just for two years or so yet we became an intimate friends, friends for life. Our friendship bonds are still stronger and unbreakable in many ways and I hope to carry on till the end of time. And that is the best part we have learnt along with our daily syllabus and schedules within and –beyond classroom. But for me, there isn't any solid basis to be a teacher rather it came with an absolute threshold of the destiny and remember nothing can change that.

Gone are those days but not forever; there aren’t anything special than taking some special moment a photograph together, which can remain throughout life as a memory. Nonetheless, anything less than a friend would be a complete ambiguous.

It is this circle of friends who have put things together, the values of good human being and provided the force that would never end. Every friend aren't quite so dramatic within but they still come and make some differences and that is what exactly has happened with us.

I am very sure this moment would never come back and meeting together in the same form, same face and all together can never be possible but we can at least cherish the moment of togetherness through this image. When I look at the image I feel like I am still young and handsome. I wish I can stop the clock and turn back the time so that we can still be together – naughty and funny!

Although I couldn't become like you all, nevertheless I am surviving as a classroom teacher. And remember that is how beautifully I am educating your child at school.  

There had, of course been no conspiracy, - the north man had to compete with the south man for the same end goal like whole class had for the same. All I could remember was there are many sleepless night, no day went by that easy either in the process of chasing a dream.

As a student we have never left things unturned. The voluminous chapter unwrapped for the endless competitions and that is how we could come out with victory. 

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