Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Monday, January 30, 2017

The Kapil Sharma Show.

'The Kapil Sharma Show' is an Indian Hindi stand-up comedy and talk television series. The series normally revolves around Kapil Sharma, his team mates and with other high profile people around -usually with film actors and actresses.

Usually, I am not a big fan of this reality show which unnecessarily consumes my healthy times. But this time Sharma's reality show had completely stolen away my time and energy into huge laughter and fun. I must say, the show was down fully with myriads of inspirational messages.

The more interesting part of the show was to have a Chinese film Star Mr. Jackie Chan on the show which came as a big surprise to the audience.

Lost in the show I have found Mr. Chan was no less interesting, talented and fun loving person than the host himself. Mr. Chan to whom I have always seen as my Hero is also a person of inspirational package. The strong message he had left was – ‘be focus and work hard,' whatever maybe the job as reward will follow your footsteps in generations to come. 

And the big surprise came when Jackie Chan questioned Mr. Sharma on whether he had ever expected him on to be in his show one day or not, where Sharma had to remain silent and guilty. However, the bigger crowd roared when Mr. Chan assured Mr. Sharma about the "Oscar Award’"might follow him one day if he continues to work harder with the show and make people happy globally.

Bhutan Show!

We in Bhutan have many, many miles to go to catch-up such healthy television series but we must also need to understand the urgency of such shows with the change in generation. We must look this show for more inspiration and means to develop our country's programs. Bhutan being a small land locked country with limited resources, need to understand the need to come up with such highly secured TV series rather than fully depending on imported programs, which is completely dangerous for country's sovereignty, stability and sustainability. I have seen almost 70% of national television programs end up out laying blank singing shows. It is time we must also build stronger reality shows than merely focusing on the repeated BBS1 and BBS2 programs.  

If anyone had missed this opportunity. It is not gone forever. You can always tune into YouTube or else you can stay tune on Sony TV 24/7. Otherwise, it is missed for forever.  And I am not responsible for it. 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Interesting Faces

The most interesting photographer pose from a young school

Name: Kencho Dorji

This was the most interesting laugh I got while upon asking 
her name. She said, 'she wanted to become human Doctor'.
She just had two front teeth with which she challenge
 her father in biting competition. 
Most interestingly she also won 'Rat Race' 
recently that took place in her home corridor. 
However, the competitors were her
father, mother and herself.

Name: Yahana Chang

The out-look of a most typical Hindu Man I had
into my lens. Amongst all, he was one
I got lavish chance to photograph his
looks and action.

Name: X-man 

In fact, I was lost if someone have seen me
taking this photograph. Although, it took away
some of my fertile time to shoot the play of
this two little kids on the roadside yet it was
never a waste of my energy and time.
It gave me the feelings of my olden days
I had my nostalgic feelings.

Name: X-girl

The interesting lesson I have learnt from the
 effect of social media is the total sum of this
little boy who was as busy as like anyone of us.
Looking at such advancement of times and
facilities, I always feel like to get re-birth
in present times. So, that I can also get
chance to use all such interesting and
futuristic items.

Name: Modern Boy

Monday, January 23, 2017

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Random Shots

Looking at their skills and talent, hopes and dreams;
All the talented and skillful peoples are in India. 
They have their potential and work ethics.
All they do is for their survival.

Let us not forget to;
 look at them as the source of inspiration.
No work/job is less important than life itself. 
The main thing is we should know how to value it.

Work is Worship!   

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Chamkhar Town on Fire – II

Source: bbs.bt/official page

Fire break out is always associated with getting a most foolish findings. That is why our irresponsible people are encouraged for not just burning the town but also the possibility of burning the whole country and the forest is always on rise. Investigating teams however, need to rethink on how to do it more appropriately and accurately to curb such issues. So, that we don’t lose our town unnecessarily. Otherwise, this things will never going to end.

Moreover, the findings from our investigating team has never surprised me. I knew it. The game was over. I have seen same findings every time on such incidences. What a joke? What more do we expect than this?

It happened so much that every fire breakdown is caused by LPG cylinder or electricity. How foolishly and rubbishy people have put on the blame? Anyway, the good news is that in this way our investigating team is saving our millions of money. But, I bet you this is completely an honest lie.

In fact, the survey report have found out that majority of fire disaster in our locality actually occurred due to sheer negligence and not LPG or electricity. But, here the findings has concluded other way. It occurs as if there are enormous benefits to people and country by burning our Forest and the buildings. 

How stupidly our people have fooled our investigating team? Or simply they have concluded because the culprit was their relatives or have some biological relations.  

The concern trade officials please verify all the LPG cylinder that goes to Bumthang whether they have some manufacturing defect or not and BPCL line man to check whether the right amount of current is following through or not. Otherwise, I have already seen a worse future following your way and Bhutan will going to sink soon in the depth of fools.

If LPG and electricity is to be blamed for such disaster then Thimphu and phuentsholing has to be always on flame. However, I am signing a petition with the God tonight in heaven about this disaster. Who could be that possible fire bomber?

Concern agencies please do something different to curb such incidences from happening in near future. Put in place some liable penalties in place. Otherwise, this will continue to happen.

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