Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Most Lucky Phallus!

While people in Japan do enjoy the Penis Festival every year giving the genital organ the honour it deserves. Bhutan has the most amazing, decent and the attractive Phallus of different kinds. 

In Bhutanese context the Phallus paintings on the walls of the house, building, lhakhang and monastery symbolizes its miraculous workable values. Not only that, it is also believed that the painting alone can chases away all the evil spirit and the bad omens from the family.  

And the tenants of this building wasn't unlucky either. They are the luckiest of all the tenants living in some part of Thimphu. I hope they won't have any evil spirit surrounding their room. Since, they are well blessed and shielded with this handsome phallus parking board to welcome them. 

Perhaps, I wish I had one such lucky, strong, charming and the coolest chaps. So that I can demonize all the evil spirit like how Drukpa Kunley had once done it. Unlucky me and Lucky tenants! 

Can you imagine what size and color do Lam Drukpa Kunley had? Because he had subdued all the evil spirit of the beautiful women in the community.   

The most lucky Phallus

Atsara and his Gun, the Phallus. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bhutanese has a very Poor Waste Management System in Place.

Waste Management Team
It is a century of rapid change in society, in science and technology and in everyday life. It is the age of super-fast computer system to genetic engineering. 

But, what about the waste we produce each day. 

The world's population has reached to over seven billion. That means we are producing seven billion different waste every day. 

The question is where is it going.

Although, we have Clean Bhutan project, municipal community and Green Bhutan project working onto monitor, sensitize and fix this growing concern. However, we have never experienced clean environment.  

Over the year, global concern such as threat to human life and nature is overburdened with the kinds of waste we produce every day at our home or at workplace. It is the main problem we have everywhere.  

The research have proven that waste has become a new threat to personal health and new disease in the market globally. What do we expect more than this?

Every day we have started our work very early morning in ball freezing temperature till late evening trying all the possible ways to keep surrounding clean for our devotees. However, we couldn't do as expected. Since, our people have honestly lacked far behind in civic sense.

For the period of 'Zhemgang Melamchenmo' I took charge of waste management is basically to help people around fight with waste problem and the other intention is to abreast people on the impact of waste.  

To move effectively, we have used different modes of communication and personality to inform our general public, business community and highly educated minds about the waste. But, it wasn't easy. Amongst all we have faced difficulty in conveying good messages to our business community around. They were tough people to deal with our level of communication. 

We have seen every eyes on the row eagerly looking and waiting for us to come and collect their waste and clean their environment. As if we have polluted and they have paid us. 

Waste Management team busy in their work. 
If you have visited the place and found the vicinity clean and tidy, it is this group who have sacrificed everything just to keep your surrounding clean. "Thank them and salute them for their countless services". 

My appeal to the Government would be, if such religious discourse is for the good cause and for the well-being of the community there shouldn't be any kinds of business near by -be it religious items or any. I could see that our "Religious Ceremonies and Tshechus" over the year has became more like business opportunity. 

Plumbeous water redstrart

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bhutanese Has a very Poor Toilet Habit.

Meolam Chenmo being the most awaited religious event in the Dzongkhag brings thousands of devotees from all works of life together. And as a Dzongkhag Toilet Ambassador, I have seen this time the perfect platform for me to give a trial based experiment to provide clean toilet for all.

Pit Latrine, the Bhutanese Soul 

However, for few days I and my volunteer team have been proudly and happily battling the responsibility to facilitate a 'clean toilet for all' with very limited resources in whatever ways possible. Even by covering some expenses from personal savings, thinking that we could help make a positive impact on their lives. 

But it wasn't a good turnout even after a constant remainders to use toilet mindfully. And even by safeguarding and trying hard by personally informing them about the impact of toilet. However, we saw our people so rude and carefree. They acted as if they were freshly transported from another planet without any values and ethics. 
Overview of Public Toilet for Zhemgang Meolem Chenmo
Toilet in Bhutan has a long story. It came long way though hiding behind the bushes, using stones and stick to wipe the anus to pit latrine then to pour-flush toilet and the new season of Smart Toilet System in 21ST century. But, where do we stand in figure on clean toilet policy for all? 

It has never capitalized and touched the heart of our people in clean toilet habits although it plays a vital roles in everyone's life. It is a long never upended problem we have around in our neighborhood. Although, toilet plays very important roles in everyone's life yet we see less people bothered and interested to take-up clean toilet habits. Everywhere you step in, you would see this problem standing and unsolved. The bigger challenges are on rise every year with increasing population with more rude minds. 

In making of VIPs Toilet.
Toilet in Bhutan has a bad impression from a long time ago. We are traditionally inclined so much in using bushes, stones and sticks to relieve ourselves. Aren't we rude to ourselves?  

As soon as we hear about the toilet, we have a very negative feelings about it - this and that! We feel so cheap to say 'TOILET', because we have never seen and used clean toilet system at home, community or in city. 

We never mind to invest thousands-and-thousands to buy smart phones to luxurious cars but not to a simple pour-flush toilet system at our home. What a big mindset we have in Bhutan?

Although there are endless clause made to fix this common problems for a long time ago, Ministry of Health collaborated with village health workers to fight for clean toilet for all yet the mission wasn't seemed successful. Honestly we are failing as a nation in proper toilet habits all day and all year. We have still long way to reach the goal of 'clean toilet for all.' 

Toilet Settings for His Holiness. 
Honestly, we live in a small compounded society and everything is still manageable. All we needed is a cooperative and civic minds. 

It seems that until we come up with policy which has a provision to impose a fine we will never experience a better toilet life. Until our mindset change for clean toilet, we will never experience a clean toilet habits. And bushes, stones and stick would remain a companion for a toilet purpose.  


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Snow-capped mountain

11/03/2017 : Love or Hate!

The final line of snowfall. 

Mountain covered with snowfall, full of love. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Saturday, March 4, 2017

White-bellied Heron

Photo courtesy: Mr. Yeshey Dorji, bird photographer.
Lately, before the news covered on 'White-bellied Heron, pride of Berti', ended I became quite ambitious about easy watching of the bird along Bertichhu, zhemgang. One of the world's critically endangered bird species.   

Before the dream of watching the bird dies, I have planned my travel to reach the site and have nonchalant one-to-one watch over this exquisite bird - feedings and patterns.

The place somewhere lies to a good distance of Forty kilometers stretched away from the place where I live and work. Unless, one has a very genuine reason to travel to the place, one can. Otherwise, it is very expensive affairs to-and-fro travel for bird watching alone. However, with much sacrifices and without compromising my passion for the love of nature and the bird, I have made myself in the place on one national holidays.

Upon reaching the place, my first priority was to have a closer watch on its habitat, style, nest, body size and the population. I have stayed along the main stream for almost three hours trying to locate and photograph the bird movement. I have even reached near its nesting place to have even more closer watch with the help of one kind locals. But unfortunately I couldn't locate and view the bird I was looking for. Which left me some disappointment over expensive affairs but I have got some new birds species on my bird list. And as a bird enthusiast and photographer, it's enough to have one clean and quality bird shot and some landscape frames, which is enough if you can't make it to Bird you are looking for.   

It's a good initiative that the government and responsible agencies are trying their best to protect such bird species from its extinction from the land. But, at the same time it's not easy to conserve the natural habitats of birds, animals or fishes in this time of modernization. While the population of the world keeps on increasing, farmland and other necessity of life is becoming increasingly scarce. We can't stop people from mining our mountains and keep away from modern amenities but now it is time for education sector to take extra responsibilities to educate every mind on such important issues.

According to the international bird survey report, white-bellied heron is one of the fifty rarest bird species in the world. Today, there are about sixty herons in the world of which thirty of them have homed in Bhutan. For a small landlocked country, the presence of this bird is a trademark, a brand to say that Bhutan has rich forest coverage and good policy in place to protect its survival and habitats for all times to come. When the world outside is busy experimenting and experiencing on to a chain-revolution and Hi-tech technology era, I remained simply woven over the feathers of this little bird.  

Should we want our next generation to uphold on such values to mine everything for human goods? We don't want our young people to say – what is and how white-bellied heron looks like in reality, or is it possible to manufacture in factories for daily syllabus to learn by our Youth in schools?   

Photo courtesy: Mr. Yeshey Dorji, a pair of White-bellied heron in their nest,
a home-sweet-home. 
What all our common people have to understand about the bird conservation and preservation of habitat is everyone's responsibility. The concern agencies scaling some good initiatives forward through various awareness program is to benefit the live of bird species, because the future of this bird species is very uncertain. Let's not demand for the iron lance from the government to protect bird backyard. Simply creating awareness and protecting its natural habitats is enough to fight against its extinction. We don't want any people involving in its trade deal to China, Tibet or anywhere in the world like 'Cats eye' trade. This bird neither wear costly linen nor does it have any such expensive values to benefit your lungs and kidney but the bird population is getting lesser by each year, indicating its extinction. 

I am not a lone mighty warrior responsible to prove next White-bellied Heron generation like to be Dinasorous period. 

Who am I?

Tashi Jamtsho - a little boy who loved the game of hide and seek.

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