Tuesday, June 27, 2017

REC towards digitized textbook for students

Yesterday I was alerted by BBS news on, "REC working towards digitized textbook for students," which have put me into thousand different mixed feelings and have unpleasantly hijacked my level of testosterone out of order.

I am also the product of Bhutanese Education System. I had the opportunity to have free schooling. I had a rigorous up and down hill walk with almost 3–5 kilograms of books on my backpack. I don't blame for it. Many a times the normal weight on my back sum up when I needed to carry some sport gears, etc. And during summer season the weight on my backpack escalate up with Polythene Plastic. 

What few research findings on cause back and posture problems by carrying school books have become a serious concern for Ministry of Education? What about education system in the west? Do they have all the luxury to attend school without education gears? I feel carrying few necessary learning gears at their back won't be a much problem. What about farmers or unprivileged child, who works round the clock lifting and transporting heavy objects, etc.?

What about some Indian coolie who work more than eighteen hours straight of hard labor in Phuentsholing bus terminal? According to the research statement their back should look like football and they have to die through acute back pain. Does it sound scary? Who is responsible for them? 
Who cares for them?
REC (Royal Education Council) concern over our Youth is absolutely hat off initiative they are heading towards materializing textbook less curriculum. Do we have all the possible facilities, potential manpower, expert on IT and the subject matters to come up to such software package. I am in good faith that it won't turn up to horrendous facts for Bhutan. I hope this initiative won't turn up into World War III. Next I don't want to see our school going children claiming that they can't carry phone and tablet on their back.  
I hope REC is not indirectly promoting such bag.

                   ...to be continued...

Friday, June 23, 2017

My Response to Education Minister on what he said on Toilet Cleaning Jobs in Australia.

Past one week, I have seen people of all kinds disposing their poor character in response to education minister's poor choice of Toilet Example which went viral in Anonymous –Facebook page. I suppose maximum could be a Bhutanese living abroad in Australia. I must say he was unconditionally paralyzed with all kinds of insalubrious comments, as if they belong to other planet. Although, everybody has right to fix anyone but not this way. This is totally out of character. There are always ways to put things up for discussion. This possible man-made disaster may not have occurred otherwise –if minister could have been little more sensible in citing such down-graded example and our people have been little more literate and positive. 

Over the years, the expansion in social media has posed lots of risk to self and other. With change in time and mentality, we needed to be very careful and selective in using words and examples. Who knows sometime own family members can be too dangerous to share some information. We must know that things we speak and share can reach to any part of the world within a blink of eye. 

It seemed that ministers toilet example have created havoc and have demean overall morale of our people living in Australia. I feel such example should not doom their status in the society since it is like any other job. If they feel such jobs need to be respected they should not have bothered much. I don’t know why people feel so cheap to be address as a Toilet Cleaner.    

If the notion of our minister is solely to doom people working in the west through his toilet example, we are helpless. But, if it is for the greater cause, I am completely touched with the comments our people have passed through the Facebook page. I suppose it may not have come from a qualified individual to hurt someone's sentiment knowingly. What someone had cooked up –supposed to be his speech to a group of teachers is right. And his intention is to convey that we have no other skills than to take up toilet cleaning jobs in the west, it is completely disheartening. 

Then, our education system and curriculum are failing absolutely, it seemed that our teachers and schools across the country are not doing their job. Even, our minister is also a part of this big failure. And he should be blamed for failing our education system in the country.
As an educator, I wanted to inform His Excellency that the quality of education and overall development of our students have further headed down.  All the recent unending reforms that took place in our education sector have produced all kinds of hollow, wasted, deserted, barren, and dry Youth, nothing seemed to work for them. Whatever example we relate to them, nothing seemed to ignite their poor thinking and character. In the first place, I have seen the concept of positive disciplining have failed terribly. I feel something is really missing from our education system. I am not sure what could be that? –mindset or poor parenting or teachers quality or teachers monthly salary or curriculum package.

Everyone expects their child to excel in studies, co-curricular activities and personality. What more has given to our teachers other than their monthly salary? Which is barely enough to run them a decent meals. I know ministry of education has a big say on two, five day training on 21st Century Transformative Pedagogy and English for Effective Communication Training which due this summer break.  

Nevertheless, the actual intention of our minister was to hearten our teachers to dream big, must look into the 21st century, to raise the quality of education and to prepare our school boys and girls on rapidly changing world  with all kinds of skills. But, where is the justice. Where is their social status? How much is their monthly income? How about their daily workload? Where is their right?

I feel simply underlining such issues –on the need to uplift the quality of education alone won't help ease this unprecedented problems. We must work together to understand the problems our teachers faces daily, not merely highlighting on the issues. Perhaps, torn classroom walls and broken school policy won’t help Education to do miracle overnight. 

For a small landlocked and dependent country like ours, education is the most important weapon we can give to our children. I know another set of ‘Toilet Cleaning Example’ would collapse our ministry. It is high time we must come together and start to build a greater and stronger nation with all possible tie. Together we can!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Greater Flameback

Greater Flameback (Female) (Chrysocolaptes lucidus guttacristatus)

Friday, June 2, 2017

Princess Mako of Japan and Queen Jitsuen Pema Wangchuck of Bhutan

Princess, Mako of Japan in the country's traditional receiving ceremony. 
As princess Mako, officially prepares to leave for Bhutan. Bhutan started to prepare for it. Bhutan set a fire of eagerness to receive the Japanese Princess. This Royal visit is perhaps the first of its kind in the Himalayan kingdom. And we hope this visit may forever remain in the heart of two countries.  

While she is in the country, she is expected to visit some holy sites, have an audience with the King and the Queen at the Golden Throne. She is also expected to meet Japanese overseas cooperation volunteers and attend a flower exhibition in Memorial Chorten in the heart of capital city. Before she leaves for Japan, she is also expected to visit Tiger's nest, popularly known as 'Taktshang,' a Buddhist temple which lies at an altitude of 3,100 meters above sea level.

Imperial princess Mako of Japan, King and the Queen of Bhutan.
For Bhutan this Royal visit speaks in volume. It shows the kind of good will bilateral relationship two countries have maintained for so long. Indeed, over the years Japan has nurtured Bhutan with utmost care, loyalty and dedication. For a long period of time Japan has been a great financial power for Bhutan. Japanese have shielded Bhutan in multiple ways than any other country in the world in terms of development of agriculture sectors, bridge constructions and machinery donation. What we are? What we have today all around the country are all because of Government of Japan? Thank them!

I always have a high regards for Japanese people on their high work ethics, morale and high quality work. Often times I see Japanese project –DNC and JICA, a point of reference for quality work. Japan for me is always a place that will remain so special for endless reasons. However, I have a very high regards for Japanese people in Time Management which Bhutanese are ethically very poor at for centuries.

With development in progress, I could see unending values to learn from Japanese people. Therefore, I wish this Royal visit would further wire our existing relations and cooperation to next higher level. 

Princess Mako and Her Majesty sharing the
 special token of good will relationship. 
Although, we don't have any metro-politan-cities as your country have in multiple places. We don't have complicated doors to open and smart toilets system to worry about. What we call our only big city in the country is still run by the most assiduous traffic-men. It doesn't mean we run excess in number of heads. We are approximately seven-hundred-thousand living soul. Which you may sometime miss understand as a Robot. We are a firm believer in doing manually by human beings. And they are our traffic men!

All we have is a green environment, which is always ready to serve us the most needed element for survival, which science called it as an Oxygen and literary we called it a Fresh Air. Indeed, our forest are doing their best they can! Country's development are still in rows. It doesn't mean we have stopped working on our long term goals, –the future. It's not the end. 

Country upheld the concept of GNH excessively for all the purposes of life. We practice GNH values even while eating –we sit in circle placing all our food items in center. Our Mother or eldest sister lovingly serve us the meals. We talk only when we finish munching our food. 

However, over the years we started to feel some burnt on our land and forest resources. Since, our government have started to mine even our mountains to fulfill their political pledges.

We have a visionary and selfless Monarchs who works day and night for the benefit of his country. We have the most beautiful Queen with beautiful Heart and with all the quality of a great human beings. As you see Bhutan may not look like what you have seen in different media. However, we have the cleanest and undisturbed environment in the world. Our forest coverage is still with seventy-one percent unused, which other country just dream for it. Therefore, Bhutan is still a carbon negative country in the world.

I take this opportunity to wish people and the Royal Government of Japan continued peace and prosperity for all times.  

I wish Princess a very Happy stay in the Land of Drupkas and safe return. Long Live Wangchuck dynasty, Bhutan and Emperor of Japan! 

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