Friday, August 25, 2017

Lesson for Chinese from Bhutan on Doklam issue.

Fire Female Bird year is not a very auspicious and lucky year for a tiny Himalayan Kingdom. Recently, we have seen some barbaric attack by Chinese government on Bhutanese disputed land piece. It is also sad to see that the government was drag to court for blaspheming the rules by other political party, people being jailed for smoking in the public places and gruesome hydropower depth are some of the pressing issues.  

The most unfaithful was the Doklam standoff. This long disputed issue have brought unprecedented sadness and frustration to both the parties after China have made their illegal entry. The situation has further worsen after Indian government assure their full support to help Bhutan fight boundary war with Chinese government. 

This boarder issue have not only sadden our people around but also have made a difficult journey for media house in gathering some antediluvian data and information. Nevertheless, talking on the matter, till date Bhutan and china have seated for 24TH round of boundary talks and we have seen very less progress from Chinese side. It seemed that China have no regards for Bhutanese sincerity, honesty and the Royal Concern.

Bhutan must know that, why Chinese Foreign Minister was absent for all rounds of boundary talk. Who indeed, is the pawn in the game. They have always claimed that he was jammed-packed with some other pressing matter. 

It seemed that China has some concealed agenda to discuss with Bhutan beyond this land territory. No wonder their agenda could be to annex some more portion of Bhutanese land or wanted to give complete freedom over Bhutan's parental land. Otherwise, this Doklam issue would have not ensued, that too at tri-junction of Bhutan, Tibet and Sikkim. Thus, looking at their weight of attack, China is claiming themselves to have the most powerful military might. Indirectly, China is claiming their own Veto Power on the matter and taking control over the matter without knowing there are other cannier nation looking at them. China have to keep in mind that, no nuclear and biological weapon will going to solve this boundary issue. Since, no record have confirmed that Bhutan is under their power. Bhutan was well under their self-rule, ruled by vibrant and selfless Monarchs before China unofficially invaded Taiwan and Tibet. China should know that, Bhutan in no way is pleased with their economic growth nor with their nuclear dynamism.

China must understand that Bhutan is neither under the control of India nor going to be under any other nation in any condition. Bhutan will going to remain as the sovereign nation and independent state in any matter. 

Honestly, we are not much worried about this boundary issue, rather we are worried about what the Chinese diplomat have in their mind; to give them power or take away their right! It also matters on what role Indian counterpart is playing in between two countries is still very unknown and risky. So, to win this boundary line, Bhutan will never going to use New Delhi for their military power to win this race. China and India must understand and respect that for centuries Bhutan have never invested in nuclear line nor will going to open gym for terrorist. 

This is not the first time Bhutan is undergoing such attack from Beijing. The message is clear on their part. They are ready to pick war with us. India by far is their ultimate enemy and line of attack making Doklam as their main battle field and nuclear powerhouse. 

In the past, Bhutan have fought several battle and no history can prove that Bhutan have invited her neighbor to fight a war. Seriously, China must understand that Bhutan have never invited India to fight this boundary war either. During 2003, Bhutan alone have flushed out total ULFA, KLO and NDFB militant groups from the country's soil. Instead, Royal Government of Bhutan have requested Government of India not to interfere, stating that it was a home matter. But, we are not saying that Bhutan is ready to go head-to-head with China in any case. We don't have any powerful weapon nor do we have manpower to go against them at this time. It is too early and harsh for Bhutan to exercise their handful of military power.

Although, India have been a good, kind and generous neighbor for centuries. China have to understand that Bhutan have never requested New Delhi to send their troops to protect Bhutanese territory at Doklam and will never going to invite them in future too. However, to solve this land issue successfully, India should leave Bhutan fight alone their boundary battle in Bhutanise manner.


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Samdrupjongkhar, FCB godown on Fire.

Every time, when I hear about fire incidences, I have a very different feelings, feelings of exasperation. I was never pleased and swayed on any fire incidences so far. Honestly, until now I have never trusted on the cause of any fire disaster either.  

This morning, Kuensel updated me on, Food Cooperation of Bhutan, Samdrupjongkhar on fire. Which lasted nearly for seven hours. The more peeving news was that thousands gathered couldn't contained the fire. 

The more surprising to me was on the cause of fire which was reported unofficially was to be electric short circuit. Why every time our electricity circuit and LPG cylinder being upbraid? What is wrong with our power network and LPG cylinder?  

The big concern lies on the loss of food stored worth of Nu, 100 million plus that was completely raised into flame. Mathematically, the total amount that was consumed by fire cannot be earned by 1000 strong men in their entire life. 

However, the big worry is on survival of our civil servants and school children across the nation. What they will eat from tomorrow when every bits of ration was ruined by fire in the base. It must have occurred due to a human error. Where do we stand in term of GNH mindful index, when such incidences continues to ensue?

For me I feel, this is particularly a very melancholic fire incidences of all. The reason is very simple. Even a year old child can answer you on this, without any penny of hesitation. Firstly, Bhutan is a complete dependent nation to a giant India. Secondly, Bhutan has the least developed economy in the world. Thirdly, it is completely a huge loss for the whole nation. 

On June 24, 2012 –Wangduephodrang Dzong completely gutted and on October 25, 2010 –Chamkhar town raised 66 shops to ground and 267 people homeless for months. However, during this two separate massive fire incidences, honestly I did not worry much. But, this particular fire incidence have left me disturbed and bothered. Since, my concern was on how six schools in eastern Dzongkhag will survive, when their ration was gutted by fire in the base. They were little unlucky this time. Who should take a blame for this?  

Evert time, when I hear or see any fire incidences I always feel something is hidden and my mind always fills with tons of suspicion. I cannot guarantee all but almost all the fire incidences would be a forged one. Otherwise, every house has to be on fire every minute. Since, every household possess power line and LPG cylinder that runs every day. Why every time government properties and offices has to be always on fire? Until we have as serious monitoring system in place, we can never stop from fire incidences to happen.

I am unsure, when next electric short circuit might go wrong in PHPA offices. And I do hope that LPG cylinder in Damchu by-pass office will not storm and explode either. 

This is a serious matter to consider. It is time we must stand out together to put end to such rampant fire incidences from happening in the country, any big or small incidences can cause a serious crisis on our unstable economy and lives of our people. Please, play safe. Stay alert can only safe us from any man-made disaster in future.  Say NO to fire is the only solution!

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