Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Book Of My Life

A book called a great teacher. Also a start of my life journey is something I have long been waiting to share. I will tell you how my first Dzongkha lesson has changed me.

I was enrolled in school on 10th march 1996, my first day in school. I will never forget the year I have started my education journey because it has given me my entire transformation of life. Today I could recall my bygone days learning of all the subjects and more importantly my life’s first dzongkha period and my Lopen. Dzongkha was the first subject I have ever learned in school as a formal student. My Dzongkha Lopen taught me all the alphabet and a number. More importantly he taught how to correctly spell my own name first in Dzongkha. After he had done I have practiced until I have perfected because next day I have to write it in front of him without looking in the book. Indeed, those days writing of my own name has really troubled me and became a fashion for me. Today also I could vividly remembered on how I have perfected in writing my own name in Dzongkha.

My lopen, has taught me how to play with alphabets, numbers and other symbols to make a meaning. I know the hardship my Lopen has taken to shape my empty slate. He was also the one who taught me to sing a simple nursery rhyme with action.  I have learnt to pronounce the alphabets followed by few words along with him. And I know best how much hardship I have taken to master my skills for writings and speaking. Thus, I must say that the journey of humanity will only get complete with teachers.

Today I can stand proudly in front of my family, friends and society because I have a decent education level at hand. They are the one who made me feel a valued human being in society. In learning process I had several beatings and punishments while learning yet I never feel down because it was that stick which made me strong.  If my Dzongkha Lopen, have not taught me well, concept of living would become impossible today. 

Learning of Dzongkha was a hardship during those times. Since, we are compelled to memorize all the text rather than understanding yet I adieu my teachers. This is the end of my first Dzongkha period and a book of my life.

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