Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The First Day

It was through the dark hours of the winter,
As soon as the head fell upon my pillow;
The sound snoring sleep overruled the time,
And, the long night was just like few seconds.

It was frosty Monday, the 15th of March,
It was a full bright day and was cold;
The clear beauty of Paro valley was seen,
Yes, I shall be brief, and very brief indeed.

All felt unspoken for a while with no words,
None of them seemed to have anything to share.
Before I could get any reasonable responses,
I am gone from their company for good sake.

Indeed, I was excited, very excited to explore;
I dressed up in usual, fresh and full;
My sweet friend, please listen to me,
I'll not rest until I see the college door.

It was quarter to eight, I said with confusion,
By now all are making themselves ready.
We were to follow senior's footsteps,
With my friends and nameless faces we started to move.
 As the days passed, I learnt to live with the life.

Look how magnificent it looks the PARO valley?
I looked those valleys with calmness,
Beauty of the valley just gave me breathes.
The days passed from weeks to months.

The cold seasons into a lovely and warm;
I've seen a roaring PACHU still,
With my friend in black;
My life has just begun.

He'd been an old friend of mine;
I could still remember those moments with him;
And still smell the beauty of those happy times.
I could remember the bygone days,

With my fistful eyes in the clear valley,
Wonder how it was to sit under shady tree?
Rested with the sound of valleys,
Still that moment rounds me like yesterday.      

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