Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Letter To Dear JIGME

Dear G-ME                                                                                                Date: 15th March, 2004
Please don’t misunderstand me. I am here to tell you the truth of myself. I am left with no other option than to confess you truly. Now I think I have to open up myself to you otherwise it will be too late. Somewhere around and without any face left you to be recognized I felt in love with you so dearly. I think you didn’t dream someone around you silently holds a breath for you. Then I hope it would be a surprise.
But, I don’t know whether if you have of that kind or I am mistaken in falling LOVE with you. Just some feelings keep on reminding me of you deep into my heart. It’s like a wish to be someone dear to you. Till now I understood the beats of my heart and did all things accordingly and now hope this letter won’t mislead my feelings for you.
You hold a secret sweetness that can’t be well expressed until I write this letter. Your charming face always reflects in my sleep and even with footsteps I take forward. Your inner beauty of caring for others makes me so crazy and your simplicity of human kind makes me dream of you all night.I must declare that you are the last piece ever existed for any human being on earth. Remember without any mode of correspondence we will always remain incomplete.
Now, if you think and find any truth in my letter to be trusted, just believe in yourself. Keep all of my feelings secret that no one else should keep promise with you. Hope this letter would keep us alive forever and if you trust in your beauties reply me with remembrance.
Till then I'm your love thanking you in advance for a positive reply here.

Yours sincerely

This is the letter I've sent to dear G-me on my 15th birthday...


  1. Good eye opener.....i long for more hereafter

  2. will try my best...hopin to go on wt sam kind hereon...


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