Thursday, November 27, 2014

‘Good Luck in Your Exam’--- All Tens and Twelves

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Perhaps, commonly seen and send message for exam time made me texture my school days. "All the best of luck in your exam and do well" is the small token sent to wish friends and students in school. Although, it is very humble. But, it has power to give anyone the infinite courage, strength and power to do well.

Now a day; it has become the approach of life. ‘Yes’ - wishing a friends and students has become a culture, a rule in schools.

It has been said that the true self-motivation behind this present days of mankind, is all through this roads. In exam message there is undoubtedly many elements like - truth, trust and inspiration. 

Dear students – 

Today, I stand in front of you all just to wish – “best of luck in your exam”. Since, for you this exam is different than any other exams because this would fetch you into  your life biggest decision.  In deed- at certain point you might confront with hard questions but you can do it as I have seen you working harder than any other days. Just have faith in God and don’t believe in false promises”. 

I think the sole reasons of this reminder would best feel by one who can realize exam binds and brings home the sources of happiness, earning and so... for living, 'a total living'.

Nevertheless, for  the exam, if someone receives - "do well in your exam" message from - dear one, or friends or teacher, the happiness that one felt cannot be measured simply, not even with the famous principle.

Of late – once again, I wanted to wish all class ‘ten’ and ‘twelve’ students a very best of luck in your board exam. I can proudly stand in front of you all with great anticipations and putting God by your side to help you in need. 

"My world has been best defined by some messages and so does everyone around". 

Thank you


  1. Sir I too join you to wish our students with the very best of luck in their exam. May they be blessed and emerged as a winner.

  2. Thanks for joining with me Norbu sir...

  3. wish them all the luck in the world. may god of wisdom bless them all.

  4. I too wish them the best of luck. Like you have said Exam has become survival strategy, though it means nothing to test one's capabilities. I once again sent wishes to your students and all students in Bhutan.

  5. Thank you Gyembo and Saacha Sir for visiting and joining me to wish all our dear ten and twelve stds in their board exam...We all will pray for their happiness all together la...thanks


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