Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A letter to my mother

Dear mother,

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With all my earnest loving heart, I am declaring my days all over. It’s a long time since; I didn’t pass you any message, as I was bit busy with tight schedules at school. With all your love and care, I am doing well.   

In particular, hope this letter will finds you all in peace and in happy times. I thought of sending you before than this, but because of all works inline I couldn’t do it as expected. With full respect, my humblest feelings in words through this letter should comfort you the fullest. 

Likewise, still I could clearly remember the missing days I had for you. Especially, I had missed you so much when I had to sleep all alone in a cold-icy winter with just a thin Indian made blanket. These are the prominent fact of my little days. So, now I felt it’s important to let you know of my suffering. The hardest and the saddest part of my little days were, when I was to leave for school leaving you behind many mountains and streams. Hope you too have had the same hidden feelings like like me. I know you might have sacrificed millions of your good times in modelling my life, making my dream come true. Thus, for these decent reasons, I salute you more than anyone and there is nobody higher than you. You are the best and the biggest figure I ever have.   I am very sure, your gesture of motherhood is beyond compare to world’s most expensive jewel. 

Your true love, care you have inherited me, caring motherhood nature, sweet soothing voices, warmth arms, worthiest sacrifices are all in my deep self. At any cost, please, do not think I have forgotten you and all your deeds. Nonetheless, everything is same for you till my last existence. At the same time, I believed everyone's life is all the same in the journey of infant to adult and finally to grandparents. Finally, for you I have thousands of ways to make you feel happy and support you in times of need.  

Now, with much anticipating love and care to you, I am saying you goodbye and take care. Hope to hear your continued good health till my next letter.  

Yours loving


  1. Beautiful letter to beautiful mom~

  2. Any way thank u for the wishful words abt our fact, everyone of us love our mom so dearly and that is the real fact...Thank you both of u la...

  3. A good read and honestly put, you have reiterated that however big this world is, there is no bigger figure than 'MOM'. Loved it! keep Writing Sancha!

  4. You are lucky to have such wonderful mother. You are no less of her. Nice letter. Keep sharing. Thanks.

  5. Beautiful letter sir. I am sure it would be more beautiful if your mother can get all the messages you've embedded in it. Keep posting sir. I really envy your English - casual yet laden with sentiments.

  6. Thank you all for ur encouraging comments la..


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