Monday, August 11, 2014

Biology beyond classroom

Learning is inevitable everyday activities throughout one’s life. There’s no place on planet where learning is impossible. Learning takes place everywhere, in anyway, anyhow and in any form. By knowing these facts, I consider learning takes place even in doing bad proceedings that happens to one’s life. I believed learning is everyday outfits, which makes one’s life to precede further otherwise, world would modestly come to an end with tiny thoughts. 

A biology subject teaches about plants and animal’s life, its functions in the society and its reality. So, for the hunt of more practical knowledge on raring of Mithuen (hybrid animal, similar to cattle), class twelve bio-science students, subject teacher along with few teachers headed to a place called Dungbi a best known place for rearing of Mithuen. 

Mithuens in active hours
After reaching to the place we were warmly received by one of the person in-charge. Firstly, we introduced each other and stated about our purpose of visiting to the place. He was happy then. He took us to the place where they used to keep the Mithuen. He showed us the area where they let Mithuen to graze. All the students seemed very enthusiastic about knowing more on practical rearing of the animal. So, students themselves formed different groups and they started asking questions on – how is the rearing of the animals in the farm, what are the varieties of fodders needed, grazing timings, breeding seasons, area needed for the grazing, the nature of the animals, weather required and the kinds of common diseases. 

In a nutshell, there are different 
subjects learning at school. Some subjects requires more of practical ideas for learning well. Since, part of learning is not only knowing about the written facts from the book but beyond. Thus, all students felt happy about their field trips to Mithuen farm. Moreover, they got to know many useful information on practical rearing of the animal in their life. 

   Curious learners                      Photo graph: sancha Bdr Rai


  1. Sancha sir, that way learning is more practical. That way understanding is much better off. This I feel is a real learning pedagogy, theory and practice going hand-in-hand.

  2. ALL study in 21st century is about knowing things practically than theory from the books...thank u for reading my list ...actually m tryng for some more imgs but bcoz net is the factor...

  3. You got the right way of teaching! Keep them going.

  4. Actually m not teaching biology ...I have just accompanied them to the place...want to learn about bio la...


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