Friday, August 1, 2014

Drive into blogging

As a young schoolboy, I have always lived up to with my hobby of collecting a piece of writings. I have written many untold thoughts in my diary as a part of everyday learning at school.  I have also collected countless articles to enrich my writing skills.  As a young boy, I have great regards for writers and they were my cradle of inspiration, their thoughts taught me millions of ways to live in writings.    

My school days were completed with limited writings and with some collections of an article. Soon after reaching to the college, I have gradually caught hold of simple writing skills and started to gather some information on effective writing skills. 

It was during my first year in the college, when I was introduced to an online service called blogging by my lecturer. The new service introduced to me by my lecturer seemed to be unfamiliar to start up with writings, since there was nobody to guide me on it. Even, I felt insecure to seek his help.  Nevertheless, to fulfil my dream come true on writings. I have attempted several times writing on blog but couldn’t continue as there was nobody to guide me. Thus, my big dream of writing of an article online ended in nothingness. But, my enthusiastic thought didn’t let me sleep in peace on writing online even though I am unknown. So, shortly after a year, I had inquired my seniors about online blogging but none of them seemed to know on it. This undoubtedly gave me mixed feelings about Bhutanese people. I thought we are million times backward as compared to other nations. We are living in the world of mediocrity society. Our nation is still living in the culture of copying and pasting. I know we are skilful in copying others write-up. We hardly think of writing of our own. We die nameless, unidentified to rest of the world because we don’t inscribe that can makes us renowned and that is how we are living for many centuries. Likewise, my college days were completed without even knowing on how to post an article online through blogging. In fact, it was a sad story to narrate now.

Shortly, after reaching to my present school, I got to share my whole journey about online blogging with one of my teacher friend. Who is already into the service for more than a year? With much patience he trained me on online blogging. He had influenced me on writings and taught me on posting an article. Now, I am into the service writing my unwritten and unsaid thoughts. 

A teacher friend Mr. Pelden Nima one of the ambitious blogger, who is having similar kind of thoughts, is the sole person behind my blogging today. I don’t have any words to describe his help. My journey into blogging was solved by him with much anticipated heart. Therefore, I would be remembering him all through my writing times.  Finally, my dream of writing came into reality is all by his kind heart. Now, I got to express many untold thoughts through blogging.   


  1. Since you have one now, pour out all you have and keep writing! :)

  2. Will try for all times to come...

  3. Sancha sir, nice to know that you were introduced into Blogging by your Lecturer. I wish if this action could be replicated in schools by our teachers. This would greatly help students to put interest in writing. None clicked me to go Blogging, neither was there any one into it in my circle of friends, may be few lecturers. You were lucky one, thanks to your lecturer. Thanks.

  4. Thank u for the encouragement n doin as u said ne...trying to put all intrested stds into the track,...thanks


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