Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How I happened to be a teacher?

How I happened to be a teacher?  -is the first likely question, I was asked by all individuals and students?  In fact, a common question for any teachers during his or her first entrance into each classroom.

The easiest and the simplest question anybody can answer. But how many teachers have answered it correctly? For sure, the honest responses were all uncertain, as everyone has their own survival reality. For instance, many have opted teaching with genuine heart and to many it might have appeared as default career choice. Therefore, the best answer to this question one can get is from a genuine heart.  Nonetheless, I got to answer this same question during my first entrance in each class. At this stand, narrating all detailed background about my journey into teaching field appeared too subjective yet I did with much rational. Thus, with much apology to all, my choice was not to become a teacher. 

My journey into teaching career is without much twist and turns. As a young boy, becoming a teacher is not any of my dreams however; I became one of many teachers now. Although teaching profession is the noblest, respected and loved careers around the sphere yet I am not so dear to it. Since, my mind was overridden with the thought of an engineer’s life once. 

When I was studying in pre-primary school my big dream was to become a human doctor. Since, I am immensely interested in caring sick people, particularly senior citizens and those from needy backgrounds. But my dream of becoming a human doctor ended, soon after reaching to higher secondary school because my focus of learning had shifted purely into numbers – big mathematics with x and y. With the learning of this subject one can become engineers, teachers and other careers too. Learning of mathematics has all into my destiny and that is what my fate has fetched me into this profession. Finally, my long dream of becoming an engineer ended with big NO. But it’s not that I am poor at the subject. My first and the most loved career of becoming an engineer ended with pitiful reasons - no written fate, Bhutan wanted me to teach youth a good lesson, default career choice and lastly by quitting the diploma courses for engineering. Therefore, with no option left for me, I became a pleased teacher – a defined chemistry educator. 

 Finally, with much commitment deep inside my heart and with changed intact attitude for a teacher, I am working as a motivating educator for now and beyond. Today I could fully understand teacher’s life. I must proclaim that every teacher’s life is just like a mother handling a new infant. Moreover, life of a teacher is also inside the big circle. Since, teachers need to work with life careers, need to display daily work ethics with professionalism. Nevertheless, teacher also need to portray best example, has to be a North Star and the best point of references comparing to other professions yet people hate teachers. After doing so much for the life of all citizens, working for the benefits of all people still teachers are concealed behind the bars.  And that is my sole reasons, not to opt for teaching career. 

Simply defining a life of a teacher is not just easy and simple story to narrate with other human existence. Anybody can define the life of a teacher in any manner to one’s like. But no one had sensed the real hardship teachers undergo in schools to change the empty brain. I can proudly say the place occupied by teachers in the society is beyond comparison. Thus, this is my modest narration on behalf of all teachers to this question- how I happened to be a teacher?


  1. No doubt, teaching is the noblest profession. You get to be a part in building up nation's future. I feel it's satisfying one too. Learning is continuous, you grow as much as you help in growing students. Nice teaching career ahead, may you enjoy its height. Thanks.

  2. Yeah there is so much to do as a teacher. Society expects so much from teachers. And teachers were once respected equal to God. But those days are gone now. These days even some teachers get behind bars just for using correcting their kids. This is sad. And this has actually demotivated many hardworking teachers. Now new graduates who are joining teaching profession are not teachers by passion. they are actually teachers by chance. However, in the sea of many there are some teachers who still work hard despite being confronted with many social, financial and legal impediments. Thumbs up for such teachers!

  3. Thanks for all your good wishes and encouragement la..Hope to try for the best all my teaching days...thanks you two for so much


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