Friday, August 22, 2014

I owe your thoughts - Brave Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai was born on 12th July, 1997 to a Muslim family in Pakistan. In their dogmas her name has great significance. From very young age, she was said to be wise, against violence, decent and honest in manners. Her schooling has started all over with the aim to become a doctor. 

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She was brought up with all right thoughts and with all the human values in place. Although, she really was young yet, she came-up with a voice against all Pakistani girl to have proper education. She fought for the right education of every child of the country. She stands up for herself and other girls for the need of education. She used national and international media to let the world know girls should also need schooling. She wants right protocol in place for the rights of every girl. 

For which she became an immediate victim to Taliban. Her death was posted on Facebook and in many Talibani media papers. Even, she became victim to many Pakistani who all were against girl’s education. For which, she was known all over the world today. Since, she stands for good motives because at this time world felt the importance and power of education in everyone’s life. She knew education is the key foundation for all beginnings. Every beginning starts with right books and pens.
I was really touched by her nerve for coming up with brave ideas of right education for every girl. Although, she was young to fight against great Talibani still she did it with all pronounced ideas. She stated the countless values of proper schooling. She was of the view that education only can eradicate poverty, one can become self-independent, one can best judge injustice and ignorance in the society. Her statement was clear. She wisely has stated, Let us pick our pens and books. They are the most powerful and non-violent weapons that only can change the ruling and organization of this world. 

She has given a simple and valued lesson to world to have right education for all girls. Her focus was to make world realize for the need of education and what education does in the society. She felt education starts right from day mother conceive because mother gives birth to child.  She pointed out not to be so violent against women's rights.

I really owe her ideas and her great courage for letting world know the value of girl’s education. I feel she is all for good cause. World should respect her ideas, her motives behind education. If all of our girls follow the footsteps of Malala no doubt, world would become one of the best place to live in for all times. 

For all of these self-less acts and defying even her own death for child's right for education, she was nominated for the National Youth Peace Prize for the year 2013. As, world felt her thought was simply wonderful. That would change the living standard, living method of everyone. I would admire the concepts of living; the great Malala is surviving now as a girl. I would also respect ‘One child, one teacher, one book and one pen that can change the world. Education is the only solution. Education first…’ So, her idea was simply marvellous and I would salute her brevity.


  1. Malala is the symbol of courage against oppression and tyranny. She showed the world what a girl child could do on her own to fight for the rights of girl's education by defying even death. I salute her, and thanks sancha sir for writing this tribute to a brave girl child, now a young woman.

  2. That is what our girls need to follow her foot steps...simply wise and brave nature...Thank you sir for visiting and commenting on my articles la

  3. Sancha sir, wonderful tribute from you. She was really brave woman who fought her life for girls' right to equal education. I salute her bravery.

  4. Thank you sir for visiting to my blog la...Yeah, It was proud to be a part of her life...SHe did a greatest job ...


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