Friday, August 8, 2014

Job well done!

Poem recitation cum performance was a long been awaited program to come on live. And in fact, all did the way everyone expected it to be. The poem recitation is a kind of disguising the characters of written lines to live stage show. Nonetheless, it is also a kind of making realistic learning of poem. As everyone feels understanding of poem is bit difficult yet interesting. 

1.   Night of Scorpion” was written by Nissim Ezekiel.

This poem taught all about poet mother’s tragic night.  It had started in a house of a poet at night when it was raining heavily outside. A giant scorpion in order escaped rain came to sheltered inside poet’s house. This poem also taught us all about how the giant scorpion stung poet’s mother and how he had escaped. Nevertheless, mothers love for her children is also definite. 

This was the live poem recitation cum performance on night of scorpion; all the characters performed were in disguised. The performance was wonderful. 

 2.  Change of Fate” translated and written by Dr. Sonam Kinga.

This poem taught us about the love, sacrifice, patience, fate, doing well and also the life of a true lover in many centuries back. In fact, this poem was all about the real life happenings in the life of every human being. It taught us good values about life, countless sacrifices yet impossible to conquer the things written against our fate. At the end, the main character named Galong Sumdar Tashi, a true lover finally turned him-self into the life of an ordinary monk after having changed his fate. Looking at this poem, one can easily feel written fate cannot be changed by any actions. I must say fate is unseen, impossible to change and nothing can substitute the written fate.

This was the live poem recitation cum performance on change of fate.  The performance was wonderful. 

    3.  Lochinvar” written by Sir, Walter Scott.

This poem was all about a brave knight named LOCHINVAR. The poem taught us about the brave knight who came for war finally turning back with a lovely darling. I felt young and brave knight did many things in order to win the heart of his lover girl. Meanwhile, he was a man who can effortlessly sacrifice his own life for his delightful lover. He fought with her parents all by his courage to win her love. Finally, after arguing for many hours he could take her along with him.

This was the live poem recitation cum performance on night of scorpion; it gave me a sense of how brave was that knight in winning the heart of his lover girl. It also depicted the real character of a true lover far and wide. 

Finally, everyone involved in the poem recitation cum performance did an excellent job. Job well done for all!


  1. I wish I was there watching the performance. It would have been a sumptuous treat.

  2. Thank you for reading my blog list and passing me a comments all times...i love to have frnd like u online la...hop to c ur more comments later la...Thank you so much


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