Monday, August 18, 2014

My favourite show

Rowan Atkinson (Mr.Bean) has the mysterious ability to make people laugh without saying a word. His body language and facial expressions are wonderful. Very few people in the history of comedy have unique talents like him.

When I was a little boy I saw Mr. Bean showing all of his funniest gesture. Starting that moment, I started liking him so much. Whenever, his show was being aired on TV. I usually do not feel like missing it. Besides, almost every time I was hooked in his funny expressions and gestures.

Mr.Bean as baby boy!
The one of the comical shows I had ever watched was when Mr. Bean was acting as a kid in a grown-ups body. He tried a lot of uncommon things that would get him into bad situations. He tried things that wouldn't embarrass him but seemed to be so peculiar. But at the end Mr. Bean found out something else since the guy he acted was visionless. At this point, everything would have boiled beyond zero centigrade deep down inside Bean’s heart. Still, he has that automatic talents to hide things and can act as normal.
Mr.Bean's Teddy Bear
Yet, other interesting shows that made me felt he was abnormal being but it is not.  Normally, Mr. Bean is a silly and foolish man who lived in an apartment with his Teddy Bear. He makes stupid things such as losing his swimsuit in a swimming pool, acting anew to his apartment, shortening his dresses, driving his wonder cars, way to washroom and cheating during a test were some of the funniest shows.
Mr..Bean's Holiday
Mr. Bean wants things to be in his own way. While trying to accomplish the funny acting’s, he gets himself or someone else into more trouble. I found him with the rarest quality that a common people least possess. All of his shows were just beyond compare to normal show.

Mr.Bean was born comic. He doesn’t talk but his actions alone are enough to make him a humorist. Not everyone can act like the way he does. He acts out what he wants to say to the viewers. All that matters is he can make people laugh all the time. His action may seem silly but if we look deeper, we can see it’s all just so funny impossible to beat. I can say it’s amazing to watch his shows.
Mr. Bean's Wonder car!


  1. Mr. Bean is one of the greatest comedians. His expressions in itself has composition of comedy.

  2. Thats exactly what Mr. Bean does la...

  3. there is no one like Mr Bean. he is just superb.

  4. His story will remain all times in the history of man existence...Mr.Bean


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