Thursday, August 7, 2014

...the Pen that Writes...

Before one starts writing, it’s important to know the combination of pen and the paper. "None can work independently". Pen writes and Paper offers space and finally it ties into a beautiful lines and that is the amazing unit Pen does. 

Since, the start of human existence, the numerous changes might have taken in pens’ life. Perhaps, from rude guises into a fine design and that is what we are using now. Nobody can say the exact time taken by an architect to design this necessary machine called Pen with all outlines. The real discoveries typically date back to 'eighteenth-century'. At times, it’s absolutely difficult to think about its discovery. Although, its discovery might be an accidental. Yet, its function in the society is afar comparison. 

I can write well and can you? –is the commonest note I can sense from everyone's eyes. Pen springs the way of '26 letters' into live existence each moment. When there are millions who can write, there are millions of words comes into live. And all of these become possible through pen that writes. Nevertheless, pen can write all discoveries; we can proudly say, pens had introduced every findings of the world and written all history. Perhaps, pen inventor deserves the expensive prize amongst all. Otherwise, everything would become still un-known. 

Generally, the advent of all pens is just simple. Yet, with much function for every human. Now a day, there are varieties of pens in the market with reasonable prices.  

Meanwhile, at this stand the usage of pen has greatly being reduced with the introduction of computers still it’s not possible to get totally away from pens. 

We know computers are beyond compare to writing pen in many respects – light not required, battery, maintenance, money to buy, no two hands required to write and net not needed for up-date. So, for all of these reasons - "Pen is superior to any super computers". 

Well, for all the reasons, I have a very deep respect for all writing pens. Mr. Pen you deserve the utmost and dedicated respects today because you helped me to write my NAME.


  1. "Pen is mightier than sword" said Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton. Pen is far more rationalistic weapon than violence. Pen is really mighty. However, invention of computer system has diminished its usage. Nice post Sancha sir.

  2. Thank you sir...Its just to make a important note for my little pen

  3. Unless the brain isn't insane pen isn't the same, unless you aren't befit to write, pen isn't bright~ Great post la!

  4. Thanks for ur comments la...Thank u for reading my article la...


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