Thursday, August 14, 2014

The wise footsteps

If reading and writing becomes the part of daily learning’s, it is not impossible to become a writer. Likewise, it's not a new thing to take up writings as a part of everyday learning at school. Knowing, everyone has born with unfilled brain. Yet, we are accustomed with insecurity feelings for writings. At the same time, it is not wise to judge or down-look oneself before proceeding into writings. So, that makes us feel, we are not born gifted. In fact, we are born with boundless talents in placed.

Ask any writer whether they read or not. For sure, the response would be positive. Since, every writer’s journey begins with readings - newspapers, magazines, journals, on-line blogs, books etc...

One can write only through readings. Otherwise, the world to become an author would remain in dreams. Simply, having done with many writings, one can best cherish the moments of humankind. Moreover, through writings one can easily express the sincere feelings, difficult times and show artistic nature. 

To improve on writings, one needs to write daily on any subjects or happenings and even need much dedication, patience and time.

Being one of the skilled writers is not an impossible dream. It's closer to reality if one believes into read...and

So, these are the techniques to improve the skills.
1. Maintain daily dairy or journal.
2. Participate in writing prompts
3. Rephrase newspaper and magazine articles.
4. Read beyond what you normally learn in the subjects.
5. Comment on your friend’s write-up.
6. Join a writer's group.
7. Attend conference or workshop on writings if any.
8. Make daily writing habits.
9. Select any reading materials of your level. 
10. Log on to English news channel 


  1. Reading is the best habit one can ever have. With it learning is never ending process. Reading must for one's learning. Read. Read. Read. Nice post. Keep sharing Sancha sir.

  2. Thank you sir for visiting into my blog all the times la...

  3. Nice post Sancha! Although I have no plan to become a writer, I love writing blog and journal, and reading too. Keep writing! :)

  4. Thank you for leaving me necessary comments. Its not necessary to become a writer or an author...I believe writing is all about patience...

  5. you gave here all the reasons why everyone should start writing to be able to write and may become a writer one day. this should serve as an encouragement to all.

  6. Thank you sir for visiting my blog la...Ofcourse, am encouraging all my stds to pick up writing habits but i am not sure on positive reaction ...Thank you sir

  7. As someone said:
    Let the books be your dinning table, you will be filled with delights.
    Let them be your mattress, you shall have restful sleep.
    That is the beauty of Reading

  8. Very true sir. To be able to write well one must be a good reader. I have never been a good reader. That's why I am not good at writing.
    Nice post Sir.

  9. Its not like we can become a writer over night...Writing process i believed is a continuous long process...
    Thank you all for visiting my blog...keep visiting my blog la...


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