Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hats off for you - My Father

Dearest Father               Source:

Oxford dictionary defines a father as - "a male parent for a child or a first man to introduce a new way of thinking about life"

At this stand everyone talks about their own mother so much. Love for a mother in the world today is beyond its hold and meanings. But, I have hardly seen anybody talking about father. Its sad to see - "love for all father is not in anyone’s mind". For sure, many of us still didn’t bother about the life of a father, the meaning and the actual hardship he carries in his heart. 

For me - my father and in fact, all the fathers of the world are equally important as a mother. Since, father is the one who introduce all existence on this planet. Otherwise, life won’t be possible in any best reasons. And here my point is not to mislead between - father and mother. I could feel both father and mother endures all the same responsibilities and challenges.  Indeed, for all lives but it’s just a matter of thinking.  

Well, by genetically the works and the responsibilities have some differences in-between father and mother. But, not so complete. Generally, every father takes the greater shares of physical - muscular and outdoor works - managing every physical household needs, build a house for a family and even works like a cart to support a family and finally he keeps everyone content in the family. 

He sacrifices his own life for the livelihood and to up-keep his family. Nonetheless, he also fights selflessly for his own family and makes his family more secure.  

Likewise, mother usually load herself more for working inside a household activities – cooks a delicious food for a family, wash clothes, keep surrounding clean and check the welfare of each child’s health. For all, these worth reasons both conveys me the same meaning and possess equally challenging duties.

All fathers and mothers are the biggest and dearest person around the world who deserves the greatest and expensive salute.

I, bear so much faith in this statement- "nothing would replace parents". And true to this, I remain so indebted to my parents. I have my deepest respect for my parents because they have given me an identity, defined my life and the source of inspiration, foundation for every reason. 

What I am now and what I am doing at this time is all because of their right actions. In fact, they have given me the insight, the most expensive jewel called life and with this life I am a complete human today. 

In particular, my father to me is a total existence, a reason for my beautiful life. He has planted my life with the most fertile genes and that is what my life here today as a modest social being. He has supported my livelihood when I was a little boy. No doubt, he would have fought for my life and made me this learned independent person for this time.  Without his support and consideration, I wouldn’t have existed with this particular life.  So, whatever, little wealth I own today equally belongs to him. His shares are well-maintained for all times. 

My eternal love and care for my parents is always there in loads. In precise my father takes the greatest shares of my warmest feelings. Amidst all beings he is my greatest hero, my idol, point of reference and identity that defines my life. 

Thank you- my prized father for my living today.


  1. Sancha sir, as you opined, father and mother, as the parent share the same responsibilities in bringing up their children. They share the responsibilities between and these aren't the different responsibilities they are assuming. It's the extension of parent-responsibilities they're taking as father and mother. Nice read la.

  2. Thank you sangay sir for the comment la...keep coming to my list la...

  3. No matter whether your father or mother is bread winner, both shoulders the responsibility of nurturing their own child. Therefore we must thank them equally as Sancha Sir pointed out. Nice write up, keep posting sir.

  4. without either a father or a mother, parenthood is incomplete and so is a home incomplete without the both. they are both the most important people in anyone's life and both equally important too. thanks for the tribute to all the fathers. nice reading.

  5. Thank you Norbu sir for the comments and bearing ur times into my articles la...Thank you so much

    Similarly, Gyembo sir..Whatever you have listed is all the way of life and true to this facts i owe your views la...Thank you so much both sir for the comments la...

  6. I can feel the depth of respect for your parents. As a matter of fact, both parents are equally important though the areas in which they have played vary. If father can't bring build the house and bring necessary stocks, neither a mother alone can't keep the kitchen lit. It's nice read. Thank you

  7. Thank you sherub sir for the comments...Its all true la...keep visiting into my page la...

  8. Neither the importance of Mother will more in weight than the importance of father nor the importance of father will be more in weight than the importance of the mother. We can't can't utter the sentence in defining who is more important. It is like who come first, hen or egg. In between the fact of who come first both the hen and egg are important. So, our father and mother are same in all regards.

  9. Thank you Jigme sir for the comments la...but here my point is not to differentiate between father and mother. its just to make Father too do possess equal challenges and responsibilities like mother does because at this stand everyone talks about their mom so much but as a father he is not getting in fact he is bounded with life challenges...Thank you for visiting my blog la...


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