Sunday, September 7, 2014

Heavenly blessed beauty

It seems to me that you are truly the first being that the planet has ever received. Your birth date was complete significance than any, the time was prized and the atmosphere was serene when you have entered into this life. Nevertheless, world is firm enough to hold your beauty.

It is not so hard today to believe about extraordinary beauty of life. It would ensue to all beings but with rightful fundamentals in place. As I believe all beauty comes from the land and with its own purpose. Perhaps! to reconcile different times. 

I, now pronounce the amazing life of a tiny cat. It is simply beautiful than any other creatures. I believe it is more of social animal like human beings. This creature in particular is more intelligent, more responsible, kinder, more generous, more humble and more dutiful than many human beings on planet. It’s one of my amiable creatures for entire times in living history. This little being, I believe was a direct gift from a God to subdue the tiny creature called Rat. In fact, king for all rat kingdom. Otherwise, rat might overrule this universe because human being cannot subdue it like cat does. 

Well, I am not after killing all rats. Rather, my point is all about the appraisal. More than any if we check the life cycle and the life span of entire system then it’s all about one after the other. It is also one being more superior, more beautiful and responsible to other. It’s the rule of life. 

To tell the truth, there are loads of good and bad things that usually happen to both beautiful and ugly life. Some consider beautiful life is entirely luxurious and beauty in itself but it’s not. If we just check in the life proceedings of beautiful cat, it might have tussle so hard to exist beautifully in the society. It might have suffered so hard to reduce the rat’s family otherwise; the owner might have chased him away with bad remarks. Even, without remembering its beauty.  Beauty without any responsibility becomes charmless and valueless. Similarly, same principle applies even to all beings on this planet.   

The silent moves ...
 I simply believe beauty born with responsibility is more just than beauty. Then, it’s time to replenish the moment with joy and delightful.  


  1. Sancha sir, your cat is really sweet. You sweetly described. Thanks.

  2. Thank you for the comments sangay sir...I always loved to read your comments...thank u

  3. sancha sir, cat are not mere pets. they are working cats because they do something we cannot and we are their beneficiaries.

  4. Thank you choki and Gyembo Namgyal sir for the comments...please, I always wanted to see your comments la...Thank you la


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