Friday, September 5, 2014

Phone to Web

View of ZHSS assembly plot (2014)                  sancha rai

Times with my nature (2013)                 sancha rai

Best second (2013)  

Secret view of ZHSS (2013)  Sancha Rai

View of ZHSS (2013)    


  1. Through your collection, I can make out many additions to Zhemgang High School. Eager to visit once. Thanks Sancha sir..

  2. Tenzin sir, your visit in this place will be regarded with respects la...At this time every bits and pieces of ZHSS is considered for the betterment ...thank u

  3. Sancha sir, I could see a lot of face lifting with ZHSS. The pictures you captured says it wears a radically new look. I would love to revisit the campus. Thanks.

  4. Sangay sir...I would be waiting for your kindness visit to ZHSS la...Hoping one day to meet each other and talk on about our blogging...Thank you for reading and visiting my blog la...


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