Friday, September 12, 2014

School activities

Wall magazine for Reading week               Photo: Sancha

Wall magazine by class X C                        photo: Sancha

Wall magazine by XII Sci A                          Photo: Sancha
Design inside by class XII sci A                   Photo: sancha

Learning Drig-lam Namza                             photo: sancha

Learning by all                                             photo: Sancha

ZHSS family for Reading week                   photo: sancha


  1. interesting and innovative activities of students......interesting one.

  2. Thanks for the comments Gyembo sir...

  3. It would be really wonderful, if the students could decorate their lives with reading as they've decorated for reading week. Happy Reading Week la. Thanks.

  4. In fact we are trying hard to make all our stds into the world of reading hereafter. but the genuineness must come within self. we are trying hard sirjii... Thank you sangay sir for the comments