Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Smile at Counter Number Two!

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How expensive is your smile – one dollar or two, whatever? So, is mine. How many of us exchange our little smile to a stranger or to an unknown face? While many of us still negate to smile for self, forget about smiling to others. Honestly, can we smile like the man at Counter Number Two?

Hardly had I reached the bank counter when he smiled at me. It's no surprise to a Gross National Happiness country to have such smiley face but how many of us can do it earnestly like him. However, looking at his broad smiley face he seemed far too friendly, ready to help in need are the direct facial clinch I could draw as a bank customer.

When everyone is busy in their own business he can do that so easily. When everyone is so rude at the same counter he can license out his smile and that is all what made him great and what made me express my feelings on his big smile.   

One should learn a lesson to smile having been to school for education, having learnt discipline and wisdom of life but with growing age and the concept of I and self-importance, we even forget to smile to own self and to others. And this is really vanishing over time in our society – and beyond.

As said by Great William Shakespeare. "There's no art to find the minds construction in the face." Yet smile is the much expected and sought things by everyone for all the reasons whatever maybe inside your mind. So, if you want to make yourself and someone happy even if you are in grief, one should know at least to wear that artificial mask. 
His smile made me think on – will I be able to smile if I happen to be in his place as one of the bank staff?       

I was heavily drowned by his welcoming smile. I got my work done at the earliest and he helped me for some. He wasn't aware of how I felt from his apt smile. Even, before I am done with my bank work, I had already planned to write on - 'Smile at Counter Number Two'. 

Indeed, honestly he is someone who need to be remembered for his smile. Unsure of the fact, I walked down heavily boxed with thoughts back home. The questions like what made him smile, reasons for his happiness and what attractive nature do I possess as a bank customer never stops to appear. Is it that my savings in 'Bank of Bhutan Limited' made him so to wear that smile? If it is the reason for his happiness and that smile, why are other person so rude and self-conscious in the same banks and the counter? Let’s try like him, I assure this country will flourish into world's best place to live in, no matter what comes; war, conflict, crisis, diseases, whatever? 

Meanwhile, the question like; why do people wanted to settle in Mars –and beyond, the reason is right here. Because we have forgotten already to smile for our own-selves, some have long been forgotten to make a smile to others. I find no reasons to settle in Jupiter either. If you can't smile honestly you can wear any kinds of smiley masked face because your day begins and ends in that smile. 

His brilliant quality to smile was contrived so well that he just came out from some lovely places. And I was all wondering about his smile thereafter. 

His introduction through that simple smile made me feel proud. There are at least some genuine people around. His Holiness Dalai Lama, always used to mention, 'how to be happy, make someone happy, the value of smile and the power of one single smile you make in a day counts more than your savings in bank account'. 

And I am sure his smile at counter number two would also mean a lot, will never go in vain till world revolves around its axis.  "I wish him Luck." Because his smile had made my day better than any other day. I wish I'll get him back any time soon with same flying smiley face when I return to assure my savings. 

Don't forget to smile; if you forget somehow you are making yourself a loser and a fool. What unite us most in the community is mine and your smile? And remember, if you smile it will cost you nothing but if you forget to smile it can cost you even more anytime anyhow…! That's it!


  1. Sancha, he's smile is definitely something worth emulating and pasting on everyone's face. The face value would increase if everyone wears a smile like him. Thanks.

  2. That is exactly what i am so concern about his smile. His smile was worth millions for me at that stand la...Thank you for leaving me comments la...

  3. sancha sir, i think you are hiding something here. looks to me it was her smile and not his that you are talking about about. anyways, among all the animals, god has given this unique gift to human beings alone. so, we must smile more and frown less because smile is the best make up on any face.

  4. Hahaha...Gyembo Sir...its not like you have declared here la...I wont be surprised to write she if it was she then...anyway nice reading your comments la...Thank you sir for visiting my blog

  5. Sancha sir, smile is the universal language of kindness and there is no one who does not appreciate smile.

  6. Definately NOrbu sir la...Thanks for the comments la...wanting to see your presence into my blog all the day la...

  7. Sure Sancha sir, I will be your regular audience please.

  8. Thank you for the regards Norbu sir...


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