Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ebola the next threatening call for BHUTAN

The latest update on Ebola virus sweeping across the African region was not so pleasing to hear. I could see every news corner highlighting on Ebola virus that has already taken many lives. The expert have claimed this virus is more, deadlier than HIV/AIDS virus.  Well, at the same time, it’s sad to know this virus has higher risk of spreading to other regions if it’s not taken into account immediately. However, the good news is that - WHO is trying their best to stop this virus going further. And we can never assure - one day Bhutan might become victim to this virus. Therefore, every concern individual needs to be more watchful.

So, till date the growing rate of population is never compromised. With this population growth, we need to be more careful with some of the terrifying diseases that might come any time. Perhaps, my belief on recent coming of different life threatening diseases is all because of this growing population. At times, growing population itself is a risk element for every single kits present in the world. It’s a waste of resources and finally Mother-Nature is answering this call.

Well, reflecting back to my geography classes, I had learnt on the Earth’s carrying capacity. Now at present times, I could see a line exceeding the carrying capacity of Earth over population growth rate. Therefore, to balance this change, the nature is playing its own nameless role in minimizing the population growth through different forms. Ebola, Cancer and HIV/AIDS are no exception to balance between human verses nature. 

With the modern development, people have prepared every possible mode of technologies. Hence, anyone can travel to any places within short span of time. So, with this exchange culture and people, anything can happen any time. Thus, way to stop spreading of Ebola virus to any regions is a big challenge.  

As Bhutan, being one of the developing nations, we cannot compromise on bring to a halt on different visitors from across the world. The only way to stop the spreading of Ebola virus to our country is just by being careful on every entry points. I could feel the clear line of spreading of any diseases is no other than this very points. Perhaps-it’s good news to hear that the ministry of health is already in place with the strict checking and scanning system in every point. I would thank the initiative carried by ministry to keep away Ebola virus spreading in our country.
But, we shouldn’t be resting in peace just by this initiative alone. The time has come for every individual to be more careful and watchful. If anyone suffers from slightest signs and symptoms of any extreme fever, headache, nausea, red eyes, vomiting  and total body ache etc..., one need to immediately contact heath personal for immediate prevention. Otherwise, this life threatening virus might take countless life any time. Therefore, it's always wise to take extra cautious while travelling to any land because life is no safer now a day. 


  1. Sancha Sir. well said. The nature decides everything. At the end nature passes the final judgment. But for Bhutan, we have not crossed our population beyond the capacity of our land. Therefore nature will not allow us to be the victims of Ebola. Great thought that I have never thought. Keep posting sir.

  2. Thanks for the comments and visiting and reading my articles all times la...thanks

  3. you are right, these new diseases and natural disasters and calamities and wars that kill thousands of lives are in a way nature's own measures to keep population from exploding to the point that it exceeds the earth's carrying capacity. Having said that, ebola is indeed more dangerous than HIV/AIDS and measures must be put in place to prevent it entering into the country. Good awareness.

  4. Thanks for the well thought comments all time la. I always felt proud reading sirs ideas in the form of comments. always thought provoking and critical ideas all times la... thanks you so much for reading my thoughts ...thanks


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