Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fete day- a new happenings in zhemgang

source: Pelden nima

11:10:2014 - was a day like no other days in my life. The day that had bonded  school and the local community better than any other such occasions. The main objective behind coming up with this idea was to promote community vitality as being one of the autonomous schools. Even,it taught every individual to showcase their talent in many ways. Similarly, it was no exception for me, my class and to rest of the staffs and students. Perhaps - it was a delighted moment for all of us with many ambitious hope. 

Thousands of people from dzongkhag and nearby locality have gathered at the Zhemgang HSS ground to be the part of the day’s celebration.

Around 9:00 am Dasho Dzongda, graced the opening of the day’s celebration through notable speeches. He had also briefly highlighted on great start on move for health by former health cum education minister lyanpo Sangay Nidup and the importance of our individual health because it was the same date our former minister made the utmost move from all the way from Trashigang to Thimphu and contributed the huge amount of money to the benefit our Bhutanese health care system.

source: Pelden Nima
The day featured different kinds of activities from – wide range of games and play, food stall, dances cum mask dances and singings. The interesting part of the day, among many were lottery, weight guessing and lucky-dip.  

Unexpected dimensions were witnessed by this region on the day. The time was better than any such gatherings. I could not ascertain the actual turn-up from the local community but - I can proudly stand that the turn-up was beyond schools hope.

Well, the day ended with declaring the results for lottery, weight guessing and lucky-dip. The winners were awarded with handsome prizes.

source:pelden nima
In a nutshell, through this kind of activities and organizations school would produce better results in all terms – academic results, community vitality, discipline and kinder cooperation amongst parents. Nevertheless, I am with great hope to see this kind of forth coming cooperation by our community in building understandable relation hereafter. Thank you all for visiting our school for making the day a grand success. Thank you dear parents and all!


  1. Sancha Sir, that is one of the great initiatives of school I believe. And I look forward to continue with the same spirit in near future. Nice write up sir. Always keep posting.

  2. good initiative to foster better understanding between community and the school.

  3. Thank you Norbu and Gyembo sir for the comments and for visiting my blog all the time. thanks


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