Sunday, October 12, 2014

Inflation rate - not happy game

It won’t surprise our people to get news font-line on inflation rate that are happening round the clock and its even becoming talk of the town. It is not a new updates. But, the very recent inflation rate was beyond imagination to many. 

Perhaps- for civil servant recent pay review is not even equals to meet the recent inflation rate. Since, the rate of every commodities is never been compromised. Rather, it seemed to accelerate in complex. Is it, what Bhutanese are born to face in this century?

As soon as the news derives about the inflation rate for commodities, many of us needed to empty their little incomes. The news on inflation rate is never been a good news for many livelihoods and no exception for me today.  

The inflation rate that was highest in the month of July soon after the pay review for the civil servants was something unexpected. In fact, the news broad-casted was not an impressive one. Since, the little income done by the individual is almost spent for this increased inflation. On the same reflection, civil servants are always the loser for this game.  For now, I am bit worried in buying a kilogram of salt that might cost me more than usual. Since, with this accelerated hike on commodities my salary is not just enough for surviving.  Similarly, I am nervous too with other bills that come at the end of every month.

Again the thrill of this October month was yet another challenging moment for all the mobile users in paying extra tax on every recharge. Since, it was imposed by our present government as green tax for telecommunication. I can understand this as simply emptying the little earnings. Similarly, if all the paying in the form of taxes exceeds individual earnings one would certainly enter into negative before monthly salary comes in account. Then, our civil servant who is depending on salary must need- needful time surviving in Bhutan. 
In general whatever the earnings done through one's hard toiling is going back to government in the form of taxes.


  1. Sir, you have accurately reflected the outcome of pay review.
    Everything changed with pay review. Government assumed the Bhutanese reach to the materialistic life after pay review and comes many tax.

  2. sad reality of our life right now and there seem to be no escape.

  3. Sancha sir, as you said, the value of money is nothing now a days. After few years a 500/- note may get only one kilo of salt.

  4. Thank you Gyembo and Norbu sir for commenting in my article la...thanks


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