Monday, October 6, 2014

Special sunset
 The everyday's activity is ends by the final bell for all teachers. Similarly - no exception for me now. As soon as the final bell goes, I take a deep breathe to mark the end of the day. With all the good thoughts, I consent my workplace with the hope to return back safe. 

Well, usually I journeyed back to my place in complete tiredness. I could feel the total exhaust with day’s work at school. Normally, I conclude my work to be so decent because teacher teaches all the good values.     
On one special instance back to my way - I could see the very clear sundown setting behind lovely mountains afar to my reach. The time was different; every moment the second passes by, each moment it’s leaving us afar. Leaving every existence behind in darkness and making world older by one day. Sun going behind the mountains is a common routine. But, rest and think about the ruining of the world and the intact being. 

Even though, it makes us older and ruin by each moment. Yet, I could sense many beings enjoying the setting of sun all days and no exception for me. It was nature who is playing a conditioned role. It’s so deliberate without it; survival would end the very next second. Every beginning would end without its presence.  So, for all of these reasons the whole world endures its presence.  Its presence is significant than any other figure on the planet. It carries life and every nutritional value the world wanted. So, it’s sad to forgo the beautiful setting of the sun behind mountains? 

Sun going behind countless mountains and setting after twelve-hours later is not un-common. It’s something very complex mechanism to understand and to believe. It gives a sense of living world. Life continues like a setting of the magnificent sun each day.  

I was wondering in peace with much relaxed manners with many of my colleagues and loving students. I could easily felt their delight because everyone seemed to be whispering in a clear tone about the sundown. It was far beautiful than any moment. Even, I could felt the chirping of birds, barking of dogs and nature being so calm and quite. As, I know dog barks when they are excited and when they sense different happenings. So, was the case that time? Nonetheless, what I can determine is every being on this planet seemed to enjoy the company of sun.  

For a moment - my hunger after tiresome school activities was never noticed. Even, a normal car that passes all times was not into attention. My five minutes’ walk back home was not in any clear footsteps. Finally, I reached home without any bumping and twist turning on the way. So, these were all the best reasons to put down my thoughts into live about sundown times because, I have loved the presence of this magnificent body.


  1. Nature is an infallible calendar as u said rightly. Keep on sharing Thanks.

  2. Thank you for the comments la...

  3. Yes Sancha sir, from sun up to sundown, unthinkable things can happen. This is the law of nature.

  4. Thank you Gyembo sir for the comments...


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