Thursday, November 13, 2014

2014 - I owe you the most

This year is like no other years in my life. I can’t recall every bits and pieces of happenings. But, I could remember some events for certain reasons. In a way, some of the events had taught me prudent lesson and some have disappointed me. While, few still on the progress.

2014. I am proud to declare – 
it’s my second year into teaching and learning world.

So this year - I was fully loaded with lots of task. Class-teacher cum subject tutor for science students. Remembering their names and dealing with different behaviors is yet another challenge I have faced. We have respected each other and learned all together. We understood each other’s problems; we have learned new knowledge putting it midst. ‘We stand for each other is our motto’

Indeed, this year has spread my wings into writing world.  While, that can best reflect my nature. In a way, I may not be forgotten.  Finally, I made my dream come true and made a lasting story.

Vividly, I could recall the month of June because I was short-listed for master course which I have applied for. Then, I was called for the interview. The interview was over with scarce hope for getting. And, sad to state - I was not selected for it. Thanks to panel members who had patiently tested my knowledge and passing me needful remarks. While, I am thinking to do better next time is my new assurance.

Fete day – the other unique events happened with lots of fun and in un-forgettable ways. It was probably the first of its kind in the school. I have learned great lessons by it. I must say it did not disappoint me rather it had perfected some of my skills.

Finally, the year is coming to its departure with fun and fun. Today, I stand proud as, I had learnt much knowledge and it would remain forever with me.

This year would remain dynamic and un-forgettable moment throughout and hoping to see the same in coming years.

Bye bye 2014….and welcome coming 2015 with un-discovered fun fun fun…


  1. Sancha Sir I like the way you bade farewell to the year 2014. And glad to know that you have wonderful 2014. Simultaneously hop will have wonderful 2015.

  2. Thank you Norbu sir for the wiser comments and hope you too have the same like mine and I wish you the best...thanks

    1. Sir plz forgive me for typing error. I mean Simultaneously you will have wonderful 2015.

    2. Thanks sir...its fine la...hahaa...good times ahead la...

  3. Glad that you'd an event crammed year 2014. I could see the same. I wish for wonderful 2015.

  4. thanks and hope you too la...thanks for visiting my blog ...good day ahead

  5. So many eventful things seem to have happened to you as the year draws to close in another few weeks. And you seem to be looking forward to another wonderful year to teach and learn so many things in life. This must be the spirit, lopen Sancha.

  6. That is what happens in everyones day to day life la...thanks

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