Friday, November 7, 2014

A Love Letter To My Dear Father

Dear father,

Hope this sweet letter of mine may find you in good health. I always assumed you and mother to be fine and doing all great things. How is other doing at home? Hope to catch them in fine conditions.

I am writing this letter for you since, last few days - I couldn’t dream well about you and mother. So, for the stated reasons - I'm sending this letter to make you feel that I'm missing you and mother so much.

I always assume myself to break and level the mountains between you two and myself. So, that I could see and feel you all days. I could reach you any time and talk to you face to face rather than with modern technology. 

Father, it never suffices my missing you and mother simply by talking in phone. But, anyway for my own survival I've left home for good reasons and you know it better than anyone to me.

Every time I think of you two and recollect memories of childhood and your sufferings in bringing me up to this level but when you two are in need of me and my help I left home and it’s not so fair. But dear 'Father and Mother' I left home with your permission to earn a living. Many a times, I view this world is full of false happenings yet there is no other ways to substitute life. However, I'm not as crazy about every new day-break and night-fall as it just loads me with lots of sadden feelings just thinking of you two. 

Anyway, in my absence please never feel empty and sad. Since I'm doing well with my daily routine d life here.

With much love and remembrance to you and mother, I'm wishing you happy times and safe stay.

Yours Loving Son


  1. A poignant and a touching letter. Loved it because you spoke from your heart and I am sure you must have shed some tears writing it. ENJOYED.

  2. Thank you for visiting into my blog all times la...pain is painless outside the fall...thanks

  3. It is funny that we (most of us) are with parents till we are able and independent and this cycle continues!......nice letter!...

  4. The scene is so kind happening now and then...its just for living we leave home...thanks

  5. What a heart touching letter that I ever read and wrote in my life to my father. Sancha sir you are one of the wonderful son born to a luck father like yours. I wish if you are one of my son.

  6. Thanks for the visit again with notable comments la...thanks

  7. Such a cherish-bound letter... Salute...

  8. Thank you lungten for the comment...


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