Monday, November 24, 2014

Final words

Dear students,                                                                                      25th November, 2014
Perhaps! we all are sad because soon you all would be leaving us behind. I am here to offer you last advice and experiences on behalf of all staffs and your juniors. I wanted you to know that, you all are very smart and intelligent human being and each one of you is completely capable of succeeding your listed dreams. 
I wanted to tell you the fact of school. Why school is important? Most of would tell you- school is a place to learn and do well in exams, learn math, English, Dzongkha and so on…but, this is not so close. They are all important and true. But, it is not why school is important?
School is important because it is a place where you can learn how to deal with harshness of life when it gets difficult on how to overcome obstacles such as – irritating classmate and demanding teachers. It is a place where you can learn how to ask for help when you have your doubt and push yourself forward.
It is your responsibilities to overcome all of these problems and that can prepare your life ahead of you. Just have faith in me, school’s life is not so challenging. But, I am sure the greater challenges are not yet started.
But, you shouldn’t be worrying about all these facts of life in future, because school is a place where you can learn how to overcome life obstacles. Many a times - I had sleepless night worrying about you all since, I see so many of you giving up and not having faith in your ability. I saw you care-free with life and not having faith in your teachers. Whether you are a top or bottom student is not important. I tell you - the most important is you take charge of your own ability trusting yourself more than anyone to you. And that is just enough.
Start believing in your own ability, brain and understand - that sometimes the short-term pain crafts long-term happiness. I am sure - all those great people in their life would have made greater sacrifices than you all did so far.
                                             "sometimes the short-term pain 
                                                      crafts long-term happiness"
I can tell you all - the marks you get on each exams or ranking top is not important. But, I am not trying to tell you all - it’s useless attending school and obtaining good marks. Here, my point is - how you handle your life, rank more important?. So, becoming self-independent is what needed the most soon after school days. And that is what school and each teacher teaches you till these days.
So long life proceeds, you have to face the challenges and the decision ahead of you each day. So, as long as you all are in our life, we would not let you go empty, quit your life in education. We would have demanded you many things, confronted you, pushed you and challenged you each day. But, if you all stop for a while and think properly - our deeds is just for your resulting survival. We won’t mind if you ignore us in many, and that doesn’t matter to us much.
Our good wishes and regards will always be there along with your everyday breadth. We would always have a warm smile and a wider heart to encourage and push you ahead because each one of you is worth much humane for us.
I am sure at this time of the year - you all might be feeling happy because you all are in the verge of completing your high school days, but more important than this is the next greater and stiffer challenges still to come your way. So, for your future life - we teachers, staffs and juniors will always put God by your side to help you with each defy you face every seconds of life.  
Lastly, I wanted to leave you all with this note. – “Just believe in yourself as long as we believe in you”. 

Thank you with regards and wishes.
(Sancha Bdr rai, chemistry educator)


  1. That is a wonderful wishes and piece of advice from teachers heart. Hope your students will read your post. I can see real jam inside.

  2. But, who would believe teachers hardship all days and night? I am in the hope - one day God will see the real truth behind every teacher's hard work and rescue each teacher is all my wishes...thanks for commenting in my article...

  3. This is a sweet passing message from a teacher to his students. This is how it should be and they will feel inspired by this. Nice one at a right time.


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