Monday, November 10, 2014

Tribute To Our Great King On 60th Birth Anniversary

His majesty - 4th king of Bhutan
"I wish our great king a happy birthday and long live on this special occasion".

My King – you've born in times of need for every Bhutanese. We always treasure your birth so special. As always you've shown the seeds of right kinds in the Bhutanese soil. You've reserved this land far and wide. You've unified this land so much. You've made this land a heavenly place to live for generation after generation and finally you've made the history of this country by crowning as the world youngest king at the age of seventeenth and that is the 'History For World'.

We owe your leadership more than the governance of great scientists, inventors and philosophers. Truly, you've moved this country wiser than any greatest people in the history of Bhutan.  

As a country we are not economically rich. But, I can proudly say we're richer with good human values. We're living completely in serene, peaceful world than any other people in the world. Since, peace and harmony is given the highest priority than going materialistically richer. We live in the land where materialistic wealth is given lesser importance or simply a secondary option. 

Your concept of GNH over GDP is far enriching and wiser than any super inventions. It has deeply rooted in the heart of Bhutanese. Purely, it’s simple but more genuine than worldly matters. Since, you've always shown the seed of 'Peace and Harmony' in the heart of Bhutanese over selfish survival.

In fact, Bhutan has born many, many great people but not of your kind and vision – you really deserve to be the precious gem of all times. As, you've always stated, people can become rich overnight, rich can buy every materials or worldly existence but not peace, harmony and happiness. So, this wise principle that has born from you indeed has put people into right believe.

Honestly, you have architect this nation in a dynamic ways. You have taught us to be kind and peace loving nation. You have taught us to survive in million ways.  As, we have seen, your ruling being much protected. During your reign, Bhutan has seen and experienced the greatest change; more important than any other changes ever. 

You've made this kingdom secure in so many ways. You've given identity to this land and each people for longer existence. For every good reason and each beginning, we put you and your vision in the first place. You've shown the seeds of happiness and I'm sure it would remain forever.   

So, for every beginning you've always stood in the heart of being human. My king you have truly shown the seeds of happiness in our heart. We became one of the considerate human-being through your unique identity and vision.

Today, Bhutan has become one of the most tourist visited destination owing to your kind design, rule, thoughtful ideas and unique identity that you've shown always. 'Thank You, Your Majesty'.


  1. No words can describe just how grateful we all feel towards His Majesty. We can only feel inside the each of us. Nice tribute.

  2. Thank you for the comments you have patiently left over my article la...thanks

  3. You have beautifully paid your tribute to our K4 through your beautiful words. I too join you in offering prayers and wishes.

  4. Thank you Lobzang sir for patiently visiting into my blog la...thanks

  5. Can you please share information how to attend King 60th Birthday celebration. Do we need to apply through Tourism company. Since i will be in Bhutan during 11th Nov'15. I would love to be part of celebration.

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