Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Last Glimpse

As, I finally see it ' The Year 2014' had concluded with countless activities of man-kind.  But, now only I can do is to take the brief note of the activities entirely with much penitent and pass back some of the unkind remarks/feedback.

I'd say the year has given me lots of beautiful and the good things. So, all the good things that'd definitely help me go ahead and hoping that would bring me the new change. 

Similarly, for the New Year, my conscience is very clear for many good things still to start and definitely this would be the last chance and the view I get to check for the Year/2014 before the air and the happenings of 2015 takes over.

I'm sure many would be taking special - ending and starting resolution for the New Year. So, for the proceedings, I'd like to take this last chance to wish all - "The Best Of Luck"---2015... 

The Last Chance - SR

The Last View - SR

Monday, December 29, 2014

Can It Be Possible - Bhutan?

Photo: SR
Before night takes over - I'd rushed to the last shop I was looking for.  It’s only the shop that serves my purpose well and definite. 

As I entered into the shop, I was pretty shocked to see the little boy working so professionally. I must say - it came to me like more of surprising than just believing and narrating it.

Perhaps, I was totally touched by this little boy and the service he provides for so many people. I was momentarily lost and missed some of my real purpose there in the shop. Thus, having lost in his petite self, I was then left with no other choice then to question him - Where he is from, age and the working experiences?

Truly, I've not came across with such little human-being working so efficiently and diligently to this level.   To him, it might have come due his interest and the other may be the compelling factors that made him that professional in the job. It is the daily and precious plate needed for survival. 

“He said, he's running thirteen years and he'd been working for last four years in the same field”. His replies made me even more surprise to believe the world around him. How can that small boy work for the entire world?  So, after knowing the real back story, my mind was completely filled with many random questions/thoughts that'd not came to me so long. Honestly, the boy had shared me about himself so well, more than what I've expected.

Thus, in a closer aspect I found him as the best model that we can look-up to. Since, the way he works and the way he delivered his service was afar compare. In a way, the very incidence has left me uncover about the fact of life. Now, back to home I've many undiscovered thoughts that I'd be passing down to many of my colleagues, younger and relatives.

Photo: SR
What can we do at this age? What thinking would come in our communal?  Is it possible to work like him? Can it be possible to say the work is work-ship?   

454 Images II

This is all the very summary of my down-Town
Journey in rare times, that really accord with the 
Camera... Indeed, just the flash back.

Photo Courtesy: SR
Real Time SR
Sun-down SR

Photo Courtesy: SR

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Lines From The Student

I would say the best part of teacher is well known in the book of our students. So, this is what the very examination made for some of the teachers in the school.  Thus, in general they know best things/part of each teachers- the good and the bad parts.

And this is only the richness teachers possess and agree on with.  Its nothing more than few lines to satisfy the self esteem, else its difficult to fulfill the life goings. 

Picture: Sancha Rai

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

454 Images I

Dusk time 2014

Special Sunset 2014

Dusk time 2014

Who Is Who?

To me, this is more important than any other progress that has taken place so far. 
I’m the biological great grand-son of my late great grand-father and rest of my fathers...

Two Generation old  Grand-Father
One Generation old Grand-Father

One Generation old grand-mother


Me, Mom and Father

Monday, December 15, 2014

National Day Celebration

First King Of Bhutan
It’s a rare occasion to celebrate with jubilation in each heart and soul. –because on this particular day - our first king Gongsar Ugyen Wangchuk, ascended the throne, unifying the country under "Wangchuk Dynasty" to his best ability. In other way, it also gives us the logic of unique nation (Bhutanese), with our own unique identity - language, culture and traditions.

Over the period, our wise monarchs have headed the country into peace, prosperous and a sovereign nation. While, we live in a small country but, we've our own distinct uniqueness and own philosophy of life.

This particular day strengthen us to become one sole nation, the concept of one people and as one harmonious family.   This day also gives us the complete sense of pride and unprecedented happiness in each self.

National day is the day for all of us to envisage on how we've endured strong and united nation over the century.  
First King Of Bhutan
We would call all our monarchs 'a great hero’s' who'd led us completely into one successful and independent nation. Thus, this is the particular moment to feel great honored to our legendary Kings for all times.  

My wishes for all - "Happy National Day Celebration" to all our fellow Bhutanese and let us thank our great Kings for their continued hard work and support they've rendered till date.

Life and Alcohol

Photo courtesy : Google

Chemistry defines an alcohol as – "any organic compound in which the hydroxyl (OH) functional group is bound to a saturated carbon atom". and here it seems the term is complicated to understand but, it’s always important to know what really an ‘Alcohol’ is all about. 

Therefore, anyone who is observant around can see any activities even in bits. So, this time didn't let me go beyond the part of life I've grasped about. Of course, everyone has their own right/choice of living their life but I felt dismay when I see people drunk – I must state it’s the normal happenings of each day in the vicinity. Moreover, the closer views behind is more painful than to share it.

I’d like to say something to explain why I felt disappointed and for what?  

As somebody once told me, people drink in three special occasions – they drink when they feel happy, sad and normal. That means people drink round the days. And moreover, if mood is the main causes behind ‘drink and drunk’, I bet you - life going would be in question.

I didn't see any better phases of life with alcohol. Rather it has lots of conclusion within one self, family and society.  Here I’ll tell you, why?
Picture courtesy: Sancha Rai
If one drinks alcohol, he/she would die with sprit contain in the alcohol precisely. –because the sprit added to brand the alcohol has much harmful effects to the organ inside our body. Thus, if the individual organ runs out of conditions to function, how can it be possible for survival?

Similarly, if someone in the family comes home with drunken state every day, I'm sure the family as a whole would suffer in many prospects - the cost factors and the family disorder for sure would befall/surround.

The further reasons could be the long term lever damage, brain damage and even alcohol poisoning. Nevertheless, knowing all these severe effects, the unhappiness that comes in every home and society directly or indirectly yet we don't mind quitting it. So, what comes next is still carefree.  

So, just say NO to Alcohol would prevent life away from Hospital and Doctor.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Nobel Peace Prize Winners

Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai
For the year 2014 - The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded jointly to Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi - "for their struggle against the dominance of children and for the right of all children to education".

At this moment, I’m completely running out of words to write on their great success, the struggle that they've shouldered and the example they've set for the world - because, when seventeen year old girl can make history, why can’t we/other?  It’s high time to reflect upon the work she has done by even sacrificing her own life to benefit the forgotten child for education and their right. So, what I can just say is – 'congratulations and hats-off for winning the greatest prize'.

Indeed, their move was simply to help all children around the world for human right. Perhaps, they've set wise steps for the children's right for education and proud to see both of them too working against child labor. So, at this time they've best felt the need of right education and what education can do for human survival?

They've also given the identity to every forgotten child for claiming their right shares of education. Their main idea is just to encourage every parent to send their child to school for education. –because they've felt education would lessen poverty level and child labor in every family. Thus, what they felt was with education one can easily stand good life; voice-out their right and can make life worth living.     

In short, both of their concepts are simply to raise the level of good living, importance of education/what education does and right to claim for equal shares of life. 

Therefore, I would like to 'thank' both of them for the noblest initiative man ever can take. So, I want to see both of them continuing their work on till everyone in the society become self-independent and I'll always remain indebted for their philosophy of life. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

2015 : National Reading Year


Perhaps, it was very happy and impressive news for all of us now. Since, Bhutan is observing a –"National Reading Year" to commemorate the 60th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the forth King of Bhutan (King Jigme Singye Wangchuk).

I think this is the noblest initiative and the great move than any other expensive works of human. Since, my belief for reading is so much like " the Fish and the Water". Reading is something that gives us the sense of feeling, touch, warmth and association of the worldly beings around us.    

I always believe reading truly makes us wiser, because if we go deep inside reading, it gives us the boundless things we desire for, we can travel world within few seconds, we can best imagine the world around and so on. Reading is the simplest and the cheapest mode through which we can put the world in any forms.

For me, this initiative is a kind of encouragement and inspiration that gives me bigger wing to further enrich my reading habits. So, besides that it also carries the message that - time to build up reading habits. Time to think on, what Reading Does To Us?

Similarly, if reading takes over everyday proceedings, I bet you – we don’t need to regret later. To me, reading is the best solution to every problem and I believe reading too is a greatest asset one can have along in the journey of life. Therefore, if you all believe in reading as much as I believe in reading, the concept of worldly views will change for better.

Now, what I can suggest is just caught hold of the book of your choice and start reading it – that'll flourish your life survival.  

Together, let us make this "National Reading Year – 2015" a huge success, memorable and valuable one by at least reading a book.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Why Do I Need a Mother?

This is honestly the simplest question one can reflect in oneness. Why Do I Need a Mother?

To this statement, different people would say different things. But, I believe the final arguments would ends with same meaning – "Mother looks after the whole life".  Isn't it TRUE? 

It’s time for all of us to think. What Mother is really meant for? Is it just to cook food for her children or to do some other house-hold activities? For me my mother means lots more than these. "She is a person who cares me, when I’m in need of love and care. She nourishes me, when I’m in need for every necessity of life".

Why Do I Need A Mother?

My course of life begins all with my mother. Whether or not – firstly, I was given a living inside her womb for entire nine months.  She is only the one, who carried me all with hardship.
She can best explain the pain she'd felt - 'the greatest pain and the greatest sufferings', I've given to her during the times of birth. Soon after the birth, she is only the person to 'recognize, love and care' me so much. She'd best felt my cry and she is the one who made me feel good with her softness.  

My mother is the one, who'd taught me everything – to behave well, good or bad and life's lessons. I'd proudly say that, she is my first teacher before; I was made to go school. She is the one to train me on, how to eat and sleep on time. She is the one, who gave me food, when I’m hungry and gave me water, when I’m thirsty. Above all - she is the one, who'd put my life into right moral.  

Now, I've gone little far than my little days, it’s all because of my mother. Now, I know what is ‘good and bad’ and many more, it’s all because of my mother’s relentless hard work. Now, I've grown little taller and developed a sense of human-beings, it’s all because of my mother’s teachings. 

Today, I stand proudly in front of all, with complete sense of human-being; it’s all because of my mother. She is not only the person to look after my welfare. But, also to look after the entire house-hold activity and other members in the family. She never forgets to cook, bath and warmth the house with her love and affection deeply rooted inside her heart.  Perhaps, she always tried to bring every matter into a closer endings in order to benefit every members in the house. 

She never forgets to looks after the welfare of father, brothers and sisters too. She feed everyone with the utmost love and care on reaching home after day's work. She supports and voices-out on behalf of all family members to benefit her family in times of need.  

Above all, I am sure everyone would've felt the way, I've felt about my mother.  Thus, the good part of motherhood is - I'm still a child/baby in her eye even though I've grown into a fine man. To her, I might remain a baby till I live.

Perhaps, to me this is what Mother means - and why do I need a Mother?

Goodbye Beloved Teachers

When life has thousands reasons to walk and live, I've thousands different ways to spend my coming holidays. So, does you all my ‘teacher-colleagues’

I've been working so hard for nearly, 280 days round the clock in, educating different lives with different wants, likes and ages.

Honestly, I've been so busy and fully occupied for countless hours of teachings, correcting exam papers, assessing note books etc… – and that is called the life of a ‘every tangible teachers’.

As a teacher/educator, almost every time - life goes beyond teaching and correcting exam papers. As, we need to engage our students into various fields of learning – going for extra classes, attending club activities, prayers, co-curricular activities, literary activities, cultural programs and so on…and this is the life of each teacher behind the screen. Yet, we get lots of blame starting from the people of highest rank to the lowest.

In Bhutan, now a day in the name of suicide case, education deteriorating day by day, gang fights and rapid unemployment - teachers, schools and school managements are blame so much by – people, parents, bureaucrats and policy makers. Is suicide case happening all because of schools and fellow teachers or it’s because of the individual’s choice of life or parents or policy makers? What does these all mean? As a teacher, I can feel the pinch when blame comes without worth. Honestly, I’m not sure - on what ground every arguments ends up in blaming education and schools.

source: Google
I guess the ‘rules and regulations’ following in the school, is all being framed by our leaders and what is all wrong at this point? So, when a thing goes wrong the fault comes to teachers and schools without knowing the ground reality. What’s makes our nations to go against schools and teachers, when every learning sprouts from it? And what makes everyone good reasons to bark at teachers and schools?

Hence, truly this vacation for all teachers and schools is to relax for hard happenings. I think it’s the time for our teachers to gets ‘out of syllabus and hardship while in school’. It’s a time to re-generate lost energy for countless activities for priceless pay. So, for the year - I’m done with all the possible works and deeds. Perhaps, it might be same with rest of the teachers too.

Dear friends - "it’s a time to get out-off hectic life, to forget all those nonsense talks and ruminate passed happenings". And this break would definitely offer our teachers to become more fresh and energetic in coming session. To every point, honestly teachers deserve a break for many priceless activities of school. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Beauty That Fade

Fairly a long time before, there lived a beautiful lady who is in search of happiness. - 'truly a great happiness'. 

One day, on her way to city – she found a beautiful bird. She was adored with two wings and the colorful feathers. Perhaps, she was made to fly high-up in the sky, bringing every joy on the Earth.

But, as soon as the lady saw the beautiful flying bird, she was impressed and fell in love so deeply. She patiently watched her flight and great drives high-up in the sky. Indeed, she was totally lost for a moment with her flight. She invited this little creature to fly with her and the two journeyed across the sky in great accord. She admired the great instant with her for a few moments – high up in the sky.

However, she was little tensed that – she might fly-off, far away leaving her all alone. She was afraid, that she would never get her back again. Yet, she envy for the birds ability to fly up in the sky enjoying all the happiness the world possesses.

So, she thought deep inside herself to set a trap and get back the same bird. Since, next time when bird appears, she won’t ever leave her again.

The bird, which was also in love returned after few days to the same spot with the hope to get the same flight. But, unfortunately she felt into the trap and was put inside the cage, - never to be return back and enjoy his fly.

Now, she was happy – extremely happy to get back the attractive bird. She looked at the bird every moment. She felt so happy to be with her all times. She used to feed her with the utmost self. There she was, the object of her longing and she used to take her to different places and showed her to everyone she meet.  Thereafter, she entirely used to pass her time with her.

However, days passed far away and the weird transformation began to take place with the bird. She started to look ugly day after day. Now, she doesn't want her back anymore. She thought to free him. But, he cannot fly off and started to lose interest. She doesn't want to care and pursue her like before.

The bird unable to walk and express her feelings was left untouched thereafter. She became uglier and weaker then. The lady no longer promotes and paid her attention, except for little feedings and cleaning the cage.

Soon after that, the bird died. The lady felt terribly sorry and in fact she was unhappy. She started to think about her and the life that is born for.

She could vividly reminisce the first day she’d seen her, flying serenely across the sky and the mountains.

That day, if she had looked upon genuinely into herself, she would've realized that what’d thrilled her about the bird was her complete freedom, the moment of her wings and the physical appearances.

Perhaps, without the presence of the bird, her life too had lost all its sense and death soon knocks onto her beautiful life too.

“If you’d allowed her to come and go, you would've loved and admired her even more”. ‘The unclear soul replied’.

She died without realizing and enjoying her beautiful life like the caged bird. She even didn't get time to think upon, what is life meant for? How to cherish the beauty of freedom? –“The Beauty That Fade”, the object of impermanence is so called - ‘life’. 

Ode To Winter

source: Google

A time to frost and a time to witness;
A time to gather and a time to finish;
A time to heat and a time to cook;
A time to return and a time to harvest;
A time to get and a time to lose;
A time to preserve and a time to endure;
A time to halt-down and a time to reconcile;
A time to weep and a time to laugh;
A time to mourn and a time to joy;
A time to keep-silence and a time to speak;
A time to love and a time to hate;
A time to hold and a time to refrain;
A time to knot and a time to enjoy;
A time to see and a time to get;
A time to search and a time to examine;
A time to relish and a time to appreciate;
A phase of tolerance and a phase of vicissitudes;

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Boldness In Their Heart

'Origin of everything, everything begins where, in the mind of humanizing'.

Honestly, I don’t have any suitable ‘adjective or words’ to define their – "Boldness or Courage". Since, at this juncture of ‘Nano-World’, who would dear to come to this extreme. - ‘into public notice’.  When the world is already - selfish, bother-less and helpless.

At this situation, if a person uncovers their identity in media or in public, one might end with ‘unkind remarks’, rather than appreciating, supporting and providing opportunity.

In fact, their decision was very hard. Still, their courage would help millions of us, - those who are living with the virus and those secretly hiding from the ‘social stigmatization’. Thumbs-up - to three bold-hearted friends for the kindness and concern. 

When they came in front of all, it gave me lifelong messages to be fair. With their decision we're made aware of the reality and the facts revealing in human mind. It’s very closely - we know every existence is the very product of ‘sex’. Yet, we feel and fear sex as a criminal work.

Although, I am not an expert on the subject, but, still I am sure that certain percentage of 'HIV virus' transfusion is be from external sources like – sharing of infected needles and direct blood contact, mother to child and oral sex. So, knowing all these truths – why is still some unique stigmatization prevailing in the heart of many  people? And reality is what ‘sex’ cannot be forgotten, avoided, cut-off and sell.

When our three friends showed-up or came-up to reveal their identity on – 'HIV status', it’s nothing surprising and alien. Of course, it’s personal but, it’s always wise to confess the truth before it becomes a matter of discussion.

Coinciding with “World AIDS Day” - on 1st December, when three of our friends came for a public talk, revealing their status. So, I felt proud of their decision and it’s a sign of family concern they've for Bhutan. Just think, if they do not bother about us, they wouldn’t have showed-up and said their identity leading to more number of infected person sharing 'HIV virus'.
Well, for sure, deeper inside their heart they might be having self-concern, self-image, self-personality, the secret pain and the family protocols, yet for the greater benefits they came-up and greeted a lesson, - 'indeed, the great lesson'.  And by their concern hope all our people would turn-up for the check-up before it’s too late to start. Similarly, my message to all our friends is - "don't try to play the safe game by escaping the reality".    

                  "We only realize and feel the real pain, when we've to face the reality"

Nevertheless, on behalf of all - "friends, family, children and concern agencies", I would like to express my awaited greeting and gratitude for their kindness.  Perhaps, we all would definitely pray for their good health and better life ahead. Thus, "We can't escape the reality and it’s not too far.  

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

THANK YOU: H.E. Mrs. Tarja Kaarina Halonen

Of late, Bhutan was honored to receive the Former President of Finland, H.E. Mrs. Tarja Kaarina Halonen. She was on her five days official tours to Bhutan. On her arrival president expressed her personal happiness on Bhutan's progress in the field of education and for conserving impeccable environment. She also highlighted on the successful journey of Finland's education. 

On behalf of Bhutan - Lyonchhen congratulated and thanked Mrs. Halonen for Finland's remarkable success in the field of education. And also for being exemplary and guiding for Bhutanese children, bringing about positive reforms and prioritizing on providing quality learning.

But, sadly it’s not so happy ending for, "ministry of education" in a closer-look. Since, ministry is still facing greater challenges that needs further streamlining on – human resources, teaching-learning aids, infrastructures and proper plannings system.

Nevertheless, here my point is not to offend the progress of our education system. We know that compare to recent years, the progress in education system/sector has improved significantly.   

Moreover, these  day, teachers-students ratio has improved significantly from, - ‘1: 45 to 1: 24, developed teaching-learning materials, good infrastructures and so on...’. “It’s a huge change for Bhutan”.  But, still there're room to improve - if we want better education and quality learning for our children. And also to enhance teacher’s professionalism and commitment towards education.

If education needed to flourish well then, our teachers should be given the greater priority than other civil servants.  But, my point is not to mean rest of the sectors and ministry,. Perhaps, my point is to lift our teacher’s morale, education system and better future for Bhutan.

However, former President of Finland’s visits to Bhutan had set a clear boundary to boost  better in education sector. Because, she was of the view that - "education succeed only through the hand of good and committed teachers". And to make our teachers happy time to look upon the existing wage, benefits and relevant exchange programs. She also said that, in her country teachers and the education sector is given the first respectable privileges than any other sectors.  

I am very optimistic on the facts that Bhutan needs to think on - how to lift our “respectable teacher’s society”. Since, our teachers play a ‘greater and significant’ role in the life of every nation.

As, a Bhutanese - I found there are many things to learn from Mrs. Halonen, “the value of teachers and what education does for each individuals".

Thank you, Mrs, President – for making education sector worth-talking. And it is also the wake-up call for "Ministry of Education, Minister and Education sector heads” to look upon the existing  rules for teachers to  be called as 'Gross National Happiness' country in broader sense.
                              - "Education is, that pays us back..."

World Cup Fever

Belgium was out last night. But I still have one last hope with England tonight.  Uruguay side seemed unarmed when Cavani couldn'...