Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year Memo

As said 'begin well to end well', and for many I am sure the deadlock would be to brake on bad habits and to begin a new life but to those who all have been into the path would be a challenging one but it won't be a difficult gateway if given a try.

As we know we can't cry over the spill milk so is the case for the bygone years. We can't in any form bring back any instances from the past but at least we can relay and refine it other way. We can only volte-face and realize about it. So, for me 2015 is something special because I've done many great things that is likely to shape soon. Perhaps, to be focus my marriage is never a repudiating truth for the year and I kept all my promise in it.

While many as I know would be eagerly waiting for New Year party to begin, young hearts looking the clock to ring twelve for a dates and some to promise for New Resolution but I've dedicated myself to sacrifice to update an article in my blog since it do not require any physical exercise and energy neither it involves one's into fighting and misunderstanding among family and friends. I setup myself to summarize for the past years and planning for the upcoming years. Nonetheless, with this I do not need to search of 'a dance partner, come home drunk nor miss my bed'.

So, for the year I would commit myself to write more, become refine and more peaceful so that many things in life will follow my way.

Further, I also wanted to better my skills on being more punctual, dedicated, diplomatic, practical, honest, resolute and stable on my job.

From my panoramic view I wanted to thank year 2015 thoroughly for letting me learn more about life and hunt for knowledge. The year has given me enough for successful and peaceful life, for giving us peace of mind, for keeping us fit and harmonious all throughout and more importantly for keeping our country more secure and stable from outside world. I am hopeful 2016 would give us the destination and the birth to a 'New King' and this will remain in the 'History of Bhutan'.

Perhaps, with the onset of New Year many might be thinking to resign from some bad smoking habits, drinking, gambling, doing drugs, partying and unlawful relationships which in a way are the bad killers but I am sure for many it will going to be a challenging journey, waste of time and energy.

While many excitedly waited to jump and shake their body heavily on the party floor I setup to sleep and snore, dream for the year, abridge for the bygone days and planning for the future.

New Year is also a time for many to improve some significant moves and time to drain oneself into the pool of drinks because next day is a new day, next day is a new time and next day is a new year. It is also a time to burn and remove all evil activities for rest of the life and to start anew and more promising one.

I wish you all a 'Happy New Year' 2016 although I turn one year older, one year senior and one year wiser.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Secret Behind Tourism

Isn't it a tensing moment when we hear on 'Sex Tourism, an emerging vulnerability' for a small Himalayan kingdom? I am honestly confused why this kind of life culture which is not supposed to take place is on rise, on demand all around. Is it simply for the income or for the survival or simply for the kinds?
So, if these activities going to place then let’s not say we're the only Buddhist nation, survived without any external social customs. By looking at the facts mentioned I'm little hanged on 'how Bhutan would be just in few years of time from now'. 

According to the survey released on 'Sex Tourism' Bhutan had faced several instances where many are into sex offerings business. Although we become too much dependent on western life style yet it is not a wise step that country like ours can take part in such activities. Therefore, if this continues to happen the future of our country will be at threat.  

As it was very evidently reflected that Bhutan's tourism is more into 'sex destination' and to the facts I am thoroughly confused whether it is for human exploitation or tourism expansion in itself. Therefore, looking at the study released I could see living culture forced more into undesirable scene, more vulnerable into sex offerings rather than country's tourism. 

So, for many the costs of living a life through sex exploitation have become more like a business and to this 'Tourism Council of Bhutan' is a sole responsible agency and should cut-off this activities from the root before it ruins oneself and the nation. I think many of the causes would be just happening in the name of getting more numbers of foreign tourists who can deposit huge sum of income. But, what about the life when this group of foreigners leaves the country, 'is it possible to support one's life thereafter'.  Although, there are many who likes the idea of having this culture but this aren't the solution to live a life.  

Although, no exact figures are available, but the trend is reported to be wild in the tourism industry time and again. Of course, tourism is the only sector that generates huge revenue for the country but it also becoming a risky business behind, for a long run.  How far should we prolong on this statement 'Tourists are preferred due to the monetary incentive and so on for Bhutan'?

Other emerging exposures, according to the study are commercial sex workers on rise, which include many young girls born to different diseases related to open sex business. 

Study also stated that with various categories of sex workers are involved and the profession was slowly becoming well organized and to a more professional that needed to be root out. It also stated that single women are picked up by different customers from bars and discotheques which in turn is a huge risk to the country.

How easily 'Bhutan Tourism Industry' allow foreigners to visit the country even after knowing that the in-coming tourists who demands for a female guides and escorts during their stay in the country? Isn't it funny and demanding? How foolish are we as a nation? Is it possible to buy a life through the money one gets through this activity? In the name of little income we are risking our own life and history of Bhutan. Therefore, if these are all true, it needed to be monitored as it could lead to bigger issues in future.

Let's put a stop to this 'social attack' all together before it becomes an issue which in turn can ruin our society from outside wave and to allow this to ruin is a national infamy. 


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Present Heroes: The Person I'M Close To

Dalai Lama: World Peace-Keeper

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook inc, Chief Executive 

Lionel Messi: Football, best player (Left leg)
Barack Hussien Obama: US, President and Writer
Stephen Hawking: Greatest Scientist of 21st century (Paralyzed)
Malala Yousafzai: Nobel Peace Winner (2014), (still a student)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


The Facebook - one of the most visited public pages that requires no age limit to hang around has become a place for all people to depot their grievances by uploading all sorts of off scenes human activities by creating false identity.

This page is being over used, used like a dustbin, put to a point of beyond views by posting all sorts of posts. My feeling on this page is something different. For me this page is a bit that should function as it is meant for but most of the time it's never functioning the way it is for. This site in particular should provide a platform for better and more social interactions with friends, sharing information's and to get freed of some stressful works instead we see more like cyber-attack to one another.

As I've seen most of the time it is being misused by uploading some of the obscene post which shouldn't be shared in public. I'm not sure where it is actually coming from, the fact is so much concealed that even the person who is scheming the server is not being able to tighten the matter. My cynical guess probably would be that is it may be coming out from net centers or servers or hackers or some individuals.  If it is the cause then it is time for the regulators of the net to design the programming more secured and tighten so that to we don't face any consequences.

Perhaps, viewing at some of the posts that are too distracting to go a social view made me think on 'social rights or the human rights'. I found it is not so wise to post someone's un-authorized property. The frequent increased in cyber post like sex clips and dirty images through different identity is my top most concern because through this ways one's social image are really put down. My question is who is doing all these cyber-crime or more doubtful on the ownership property or server centre not being tight or security being not put in place for this page.

I've personally felt that it is high time for all of us to think on the rightful and tight security to be in place before thing goes wide or before someone becomes victim of unknown lens because we see present time is more of fixing someone's identity and acquaintance. It is time for every country to seek for high and tight security in place either through server centres or from every individual excess point otherwise it would become difficult for the country to have better security and recent times we've seen so many security problems and this is how country and the individual would fail. I've also foreseen the future of many innocent individual to become easy prey to such kinds of activity. It is also important for everyone to get socially interacted with different people but without forgetting certain humanly actions and activities. So, it is also time for us to be more careful and mindful about every part of life otherwise we may lend up becoming fatality any time to anyone in the name of 'Face-booking'.

Of late, I've seen some post related to very personal video clips, images and some messages which I thought shouldn't go in public and made known through this site. It is a matter of how we value each individual life.   

Although, we've so much to get and so much to give but not through these channelling, not through making someone a public figure, not through criticizing someone's very identity, not through posting someone's negative lens. 

What is there so much in negating someone's personal identity and life which after all makes no sense instead it spectacles one's own inner quality. We can easily put a sense on someone with the kinds of activities someone puts in. There're many other ways to make deals and solve the problems if things go wrong rather than making it communal issues. 

Thus, in the name of 'Face-booking' who should be blame for such a crime, when one's identity is given false or being replaced by someone's identity?

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Toilet Habits

Today as we stand we find ourselves more magnificent and refined society, a society that has everything intact. But, as long as the entire stretch of time Bhutan do not have any good and healthy toilet habits.

The most people are interested in clean toilets and it's no exception for Khengpas. Although this place is far left place yet people around are well aware of 'the importance of Toilets'.

The only public toilet we'll find in zhemgang is below the main town; few meters away from vegetable markets. Anyone can use this toilet free but as a responsible citizen we need to flash down one’s own waste with water while making a visit.  

In Bhutan, toilet habits seemed to be the poorest of all the habits. As, it was passed down from a very ancient time, from our grandparents in using forest, bushes, stone tops and dead logs and so on as a toilets. We never think of replacing our toilets with better water supply, flash system and resting pot. We only think off easy ways to ease the problem without thinking its side effect and health hazards. So, if this trend continues we can never stand as civilized society even in thousand years down. The concept of "ours" isn’t there in our culture and community; we leave everything to government and to others without thinking it's all our investments or property.  

The clean toilets policy is always the common talk and the challenges in every place; be it in public, individual home and schools.  So, why is there always a question of unclean toilets although it is one basic part of life? My understanding on the issues very simple, our people are not aware of personal hygiene and long run possessions, since there are free medical services available.

Honestly, we're a very bad toilet users since we don't have the habit of using water, we only think of one time use, be it toilet or any other public property. We never bother on government's property; we hardly consider things like public toilet usage, dustbin for waste disposal and street lighting system. However, on clean toilet usage there is always a question of Bhutan being bad in toilet habits and Bhutan even don’t have good toilets. So, to my knowledge recently many tourists have left notable feedback on the common toilet issues, they were not happy with the toilet facilities and the conditions of existing toilets nationwide.    

I've over-heard people averring the very clean toilets in country like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Finland, Denmark and Norway. Because every individual in this place takes their own shares of responsibilities/duties, they're well established to be called as civic society since individual shoulders their own task rightly.

Friends of mine who have visited Australia and lived there for almost four years have narrated me several systems and the one that I liked the most is 'paying taxes' to government for them meant so much. As, they believe that government property is also their own property because through huge tax collections government pay back in term of required facilities and that becomes theirs property. Apart from this, if anybody is found to temper and mis-use any of the facility - toilet services, street electricity and trash bin, anyone on the spot can penalize and fine the individual. So, I also wanted to have same rules being implemented in our community so that we will feel the pinch of our exudate. Nevertheless, with similar kinds of policy being in place can certainly place our country's development and reputation to high profile like any other nation.

The people in the west are equally responsible and they've the sense of belongingness always. If they find anyone not complying with rules and the policy they try looking for the right solutions and fix it aptly. Thus, that is how we find these countries having world class facilities at every point, safe drinking water tap, street light in place and safe trash bin.

However, it is time for us to think of healthy ways otherwise we'll remain as same throughout. It is also time for us to replace our raw and unhygienic toilets. It is time to stop our most used traditional habits of using "sticks and stones" with water. So, by maintaining clean toilets we can keep every disease at bay.  Let's join our hand and make our toilet habits a grand success, more clean and healthy as always. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

This November

This November, I remain so deep to wish 
His Majesty the Forth Druk Gyalpo;
Jigme Singye Wangchuck; 
A happy 60th Birth Anniversary.
I wish him for his ever Successful and long Live.

Thank you, your Majesty ever

Monday, October 26, 2015

Golden Words Of King Jigme Singye Wangchuck

King Jigme Singye Wangchuck
" particular, speaking for myself; my sorrow in having lost my own father is indeed very great. What is more the country has lost a king whose kind has till now never been known..."
                                                              (Royal proclamation to the people of Bhutan, July 26, 1972)
" far as you, my people, are concerned, you should not adopt the attitude that whatever is required to be done for your welfare will be done entirely by the government. On the contrary, a little effort on your part will be much more effective than a great deal of effort on the part of the government..."
                                   (Address to the people of the Bhutan on the coronation day. June 2nd, 1974)

"...children are our treasures. They hold the promise of the future and therefore, it is only right that they should be given every opportunity to develop their physical, mental and spiritual potential to the fullest extent in an environment free of want and free of fear..."
                                                  (Message during the international year of the child, July 28, 1979)

"...the greatness of a country is determined by its people. The productiveness and character of the people is in turn determined by the quality of education they receive..."
                                   (Message during the silver jubilee celebrations of Sherubtse College. 1993)

"…the Chhoetse Penlop will be enthroned as the Fifth Druk Gyalpo in 2008. As it is necessary and important for a King to gain as much experience as possible to serve his country to his fullest capacity, I will be delegating responsibilities to the Chhoetse Penlop before 2008..."

                                                                                    (Address to the Nation, December 17, 2005)

Note: Collected by teacher colleague (Mr. Kuenzang Tsheltrium)

Sunday, October 25, 2015

One Last Chance

What would I do, if I'd one last day to live?  

I know it is short yet within twenty - four hours; I can create and do so many wonderful and lasting works than ever, twenty-four hours on…

I'd get up in the early morning, because I know this hour of the day has so many beautiful and lasting things to offer than any other part of the day. I'll check some fine scene for photographs. I will sup few cups of hot water and go out for some rest.

Then, I'll do all the exercises and have a lovely, light breakfast of some vegetables, fruits, salad and green tea, go for a swim, photograph again, then have my friends come over for a nice lunch. I'd expect to have them come few (i.e. one or two) at a time so that we could talk about the families, the issues, talk about how much we mean to each other. Even, we can also talk little on the importance of living a life for all times and life after death, in fact more philosophic. Since, individual history lives after death.

Then, I'd like to go for a walk, in a garden full of trees and flowers, where there would be some birds and other living creatures; I'll closely watch their world, colors and listen to their chipping sounds. I'll not forget to relate life, the inter-dependence nature or inter-woven relationship.

In the evening, I'd go along with some friends to a cafe with some great pasta, little rice, maybe some roasted red meats over locally made thin soup. Then, I'd dance the rest of the night. I'd dance with all the wonderful dancers, country songs into play, more energetic than ever  that would keep me little far away from life  – in fact, from the perplex life.

I'd dance until I go exhausted, until my body stops working, until my last nerve stop to function and until whole of the body drench into the pool of sweat.

Then, I'd go home, have a deep, watchful, peaceful, wonderful sound sleep with all the mixtures of dreams. Would you do the same, if you are given the last chance ever?

Monday, October 19, 2015

Fate Of a Teacher III

source: Google
We feel so proud to say 'a highly qualified GNH bound country, have high level empathy and compassionate minds'. But, honestly how many would have felt repentant when the news headline is on 'allegation for teachers or teacher fined and jailed for using some punishments'.
Teachers are not like God, not a supernatural being who can bring all surprises within and turn over miracles. Teachers try hard, check all the best possible ways and then educate and nurture raw minds yet we see many dissatisfaction's and the feeling of anarchy is in fact ruining the working heart of our teachers across the country.

Why everybody is snubbing to invest in education? The laws being not so straighten and not being put into use rightly, more profound and more content, when the education is felt necessary, education is in fact more than the double salts.  

Everyone talks so hard, so much on education, felt prominence but why can't our people come forth and support the idea of education reforms. Why there isn't a mind of lets work together for our own child and the country's future?

Day by day the values and the trust for teachers and education are mounting low, the rules being diluted and education section being side-lined. So, with this how can we expect better quality education and life ahead?

Of course, once the child is inside the school campus it is in the hands or in the care of teachers but it is not always easy to handle human with different nature and behaviours. Perhaps, there'll be many who won't obey or follow school policy or rules and regulations, in order to put them into right path concern authority needed to use lawful punishments. And this is the point our inhumane parents bark without knowing the real estate but they wanted their child well educated, holistically developed and disciplined one. What if our teachers turn blind eye to every wrong doing at the peak of learning right things? Is it that our parents don't want to see their child a better person?

Meanwhile, our parents needed to know whatever the punishment or decision taken by concern authority is done with true evidences and lawfully based on country's law, school policy, irrespective of background and the genders. 

The laws which govern our teachers have become so weak, are in fact the main gateway that is irreparably damaging the status of our teachers. Perhaps, the human minds towards education have reached to a very difficult and complex point, risky even to say 'I am a teacher'.  

So, if education scenario continues in same drift, it is right time for our teachers to close their doors bolted otherwise survival is at highest rift.

Thus, if we resolve all our thinking, actions, businesses and policies wisely for investing in education purpose we'll never fails as individual, society and nation. 

Unless our notion and the mind-set change for better within one's heart, what gain is it to build a temple and finally asking for forgiveness.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Gift From Youth Festival II

Note: Our school boys trying to be in Aatsara's shoe. 
It was done greatly and performed so well.

6:09 AM

As said 'early bird catches the worm' so is this mountains scene. 
In fact, this is truly a morning bout I had.
The quiet and the patience mountain sides
dipped inside the sea of the brisk morning light
that catches my eyes and the lens so dearly.

In the midst of onset winter
these mountains would be inside 
 thick blanket of snow.

Perhaps, if we can open early as possible
there isn't doubt for such solicitous scene.

So, endurance is what we should have in
'The world of photography'

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bhutanese Version Of Messi

Literary, the Jersey Number 10 has so many meanings and imprint 
because it's meant for great, wore by 'L. Messi'.
Psychologically, it shows perfectness, cool and attractive.

Bhutanese Version Of Messi

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

As Simple As This...

Continuation to Dangkhar Community Lodge...
Honestly, how many of us have planned honeymoon, holiday trips and pilgrimage destination within Bhutan? 

So, before landscape and the beauty of the land comes into our mind we start to dream, plan, think and look for a panoramic view of other countries, without realizing our own country's potential. Here in Bhutan, we've already some of the untouched, unreasoned and unseen places that no other land has today. Here we've some of the very original or natural ancient monuments and precious gems which no other country possesses. But, still why we planned for holiday trips and honeymoon destination outside?

What if we can plan a holiday trips, a pilgrim in some of the secret and most holy places here rather than looking for short term happiness outside, where there is already a high risk of getting into trouble and being hacked.

Perhaps, planning leisure destination some where within, one can save huge sum, it is far safer and securer and it can save time and energy.

Although, we can see and experience world's most magnificent products, world's highest buildings, luxurious car, famous film stars, world class cinema hall and most delicious food outside Bhutan but we can never experience peace and security that we've like today in our own land.

When so many outsiders or foreigners plan trips into Bhutan, why can't we planned and try a pilgrim, holiday trips and honeymoon in our own country. 

Perhaps, along with dreaming and planning we should also think for cleaner and fresher air to breath and environmental cost for future generations. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Dangkhar Community Lodge

Zhemgang, to most people appears to be unknown and one of the most under-developed Dzongkhag in Bhutan, but if one pay a visit and see around one would undeniably find so many beautiful and un-touched souvenirs.

Although, Zhemgang is being considered as one of the remote place yet it has its own uniqueness in culture and tradition. It is culturally preserved and traditionally rich in every aspect.

Once if you are in Zhemgang you would indeed texture better and purer air, fresh water with high mineral content, unique landscape and the serene and a composed nature with rich diverse animals and plants.

Perhaps, this is particularly 'a best' Zhemgang can offer to anyone who feels like to experience the differences that no other land can offer.  

Note: Anyone can book this well preserved, traditional lodge that belongs to Dangkhar Community; it's approximately 2.0 km away from Zhemgang Town.

article: coming soon...

Friday, October 2, 2015

Digital Confusion

It seems to me that these two worlds of mine represents extreme in many ways, 'extreme individualism and preservation of extreme societal norms'.

So, I belong to extreme individualism of social networking era and my parents sphere to other side of extreme societal norms and culture. The world has changed so much and so fast because of many smart minds but to more and more confusion.

In the midst of changing, my parents have seen both the world so clearly, sometime they narrate me some of the uniqueness they've during their times and some rapid changes ensued today into unbelievable level.   
Honestly, my parents know very less of modern world – mobile phone, computer, robot etc, etc. Since, during their times there isn't any digital facilities like today because of which they know very, very less of it yet they feels satisfied and contented with the life. They know only on how to make a call that too through looking at some inbuilt picture set against the name.

The usage of mobile phone and being in digital world is what I finds the most waste of time and resources. It brings so many mixed reactions, feelings, put into a lower bracket income but necessity is a very unavoidable scene that is putting us into pressure.

I feel my parent's time was far better and prudent since digital items today has created unnecessary commotion and junk in the family, husband and wife, friends and bosses. My parent's 'black and white world' is extreme superior since they need not have to worry about the money for upcoming new gadgets, no unnecessary spending on mobile voucher and the other levied cost.

Today, because of so many technological items there isn't any peace, spare of time for family members or parents, husband and wife, child or baby, friends and society. All the time and sense is lost in the world of digits, social networking sites and others.

The clear periphery of individualism I've seen is during family gathering or social gathering, everyone into own business, lost and futile world. I've seen few into serious television world, some into social networking, gaming and only very few like our parents into real social sharing. So, through this culture how can we uphold sincerity and peace in family, husband and wife? So, this is the point where divorce rates top the list, children into drug world and parents die off un-cared diseases.  

Today, I supposed to have most desirous and complicated phone and the next moment yet more urbane and complex coming in the market. So, with the change we needed to update and upgrade else we'll become bullshit. If we go along with this newer version of change we can't afford. Therefore, I've little worry on what shares of values and wealth we can pass down to younger generations. 

Today, as I see the advancement in technology is far beyond anything, simplest to most sophisticated. Now nothing can defeat the growth and substitute the usage of these items. Perhaps, today we cannot live without these items in hands and at the same time it brings so much complication in financial and relations crisis yet we cannot avoid or else there won't be any world for us, will become handicap of the time but the growth is becoming difficult and dense with the digital world, which to hold, which to look and which to concentrate. Although, we needed to change and accommodate but the survival is becoming weak, the trust in the relation is becoming very fragile, delicate and at risk.

My mother's black and white phone is distant better, cheaper, wiser, comfortable and cost cutting one. Is it possible for my parents to gift with new touch screen mobile phone over that decent black and white phone or shall I quite on the idea? But, the question is do they really know how to make a call and use its latest apps?

What appeals to me most strongly about my parent's time is that their daily life is more peaceful and healthier. The feelings of insecurity and belongingness wasn't there, the values and trust for each other is so much intact for ages but had lost its essences too far than ever nowadays.

But, it is also better in some ways, it is faster, cheaper and safer mode of reaching some important and necessary messages without having much travel that needed to reach within few hours.  I see advantages of these latest technological items if used responsibly and lawfully. It has changed the level of thinking to more negative and mistrust utterly there come so much impatient, aggressive, cynical, ironic smiles and beams from each other.

At this time even if we act least bothered it's not going to work and both the way is not enough. I've big stake in this yet it is unavoidable weapons in twenty first century

My only last hope is to catch hold of a decent mobile phone that can just give me the right services for calling and messaging during needs. I'll wait and see what it will bring and it has to offer me rightly and justly. Perhaps, mobile phones which do not have any net supporting apps and not even the games.
'How is my new idea on black and white phone'?

World Cup Fever

Belgium was out last night. But I still have one last hope with England tonight.  Uruguay side seemed unarmed when Cavani couldn'...