Sunday, January 25, 2015

Where We Stand?

Poor me!  - waited taxi nearly for thirty minutes and couldn't get one in the Babesa express high way after visiting to friend’s place.

I'm very sure there would be some thousands of taxi plying every day every-where in capital city today and particularly the number of taxi that had passed within my stand in the road too was many. Yet, none of the taxi I was trying to stop was listening to my call.

Honestly, I was little pissed-off with the notion our taxi driver has today from few of the un-wise lots. Since, they are injected/guided with little common outlooks that every youth dressed-up like Korean, punk or hip-pop are measured to be bad or notorious. We cannot guarantee and punish all youth in the name of few notorious youth or any of the individual travelling during night time.

Having stand for nearly thirty minutes on the road I'd many mixed feelings. Then, I was vigorously reflecting the back. And I could recollect certain incidences of past years - taxi drivers being robbed, bitten-up, killed, scared with weapon and not paid the fare and so on especially during night hours by our few tarnished youth.

Having known the fact, these incidences or happen-stand shouldn't mischief the honest youths/individuals in any state.

The other feelings I’d was, any of the individuals dressed-up unique is sure to fall under substandard group in every body’s eye and to our taxi/cap drivers the most. Because, it was imbibe common notion that those dressed-up like Korean/punk lend-up in fight rather than paying fare after reaching to their target.

In the name of few of our youth, I was literally punished, punish in the cold weather of Thimphu. I guess, with this action there’re many things to learn in life, in fact, lesson to life.Perhaps, to own a private car, dress decent, unsafe to travel during odd hours in urban areas, not wise to send our young children out with friends and educate our youth on social issues.

Thus, finally I was left with no other choice than to walk all the way to home on foot. But, again walking alone during odd hours in Thimphu has become unsafe.

The recent incidence of homicide case had pushed my entire nerve into flame until I reached back home safely. Its in everyone's eye capital city became unsafe/unsound place to live or survive these days. Yet, everyone of us rush to this place wisely or unwisely with all known facts behind. 

I must call expensive and unsafe Thimphu these days.

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