Tuesday, March 31, 2015

'Togetherness Is Happiness'

'Togetherness Is Happiness'
The word 'Happiness' can be defined through different angles. For me, 'The grand-father' watching the art of human being called the dance, the moves of the Aachara (in dzongkha) – the person who makes the Tshechu occasion great, fun, fun, fun are some that defines my right to 'Happiness'.

Simply, man or woman or children sitting under the tree shades, basking under the hot sunny day, watching the close traffics of different people, Baby resting in the warmth of mothers arm, getting together with family and friends - are some that defines happiness in 'The land of Thunder Dragon'.

In Bhutan, the Happiness is viewed plainly. Perhaps, with much deeper and wider sense of life. Although, everyone has right for speech or expression and can define the word ‘Happiness’ in any form.  But, for Bhutanese-  happiness is all about enjoying life humbly and offering upright future to younger generation.

We are not closing our self to materialistic world - Here in Bhutan money or the wealth or the precious stones or beautiful buildings or crowded city or well-planned town are not sole reasons for happiness.  

The real art of Happiness starts from little thing called good and happy family, respectable society, enhancing future citizens, preserving everything for very next hours are given the choice to called it the 'Complete Happiness'.


  1. Well said Sancha sir, I believe Zhemgang tshechu has brought remarkable happiness to the people of Khengrig Namsum.

  2. Thanks you so much for leaving me the comments, a wiser comments always and always...

  3. I take pride in the opinion that you have put forward in this update. I like your words "Offering upright future"...keep writing friend!


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