Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Prayers For Dr. Kalam

Lines from Dr. Kalam???

"Don't read success stories, 
you will get only message...
Read failure stories, 
you will get some ideas to get success..."

Monday, July 27, 2015

Last Standing Buddha

As I could see the last standing Buddha, all alone for the people of Bhutan.
Perhaps, in any Buddhist nations Buddha, the greatest being holds the highest post of all.

So is this images taken to highlight the  far and the wide ranges of flourishing 
Buddhism in Bhutan and to other Buddhist nations. 

This is exactly 360° views...

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Sad Story Of Our 'Bhaluu'

Image: S.B. Rai, 2015

On his thirteenth or fourteenth birthday, a selfless and generous 'Bhaluu' is distress of his old age yet he never culminates his duties of guarding us. For us he is no less than the personal security guard. As a result in his presence the campus feels much - secure and tight.

He is our 'Bhaluu' and I'm not so sure how far he can live hereafter?  I'm not sure how he got his name and happened to join this loyal family of 'Zhemgang Central School'. Perhaps, I'm also not sure where he came from, about his parents and all? However, after his arrival he became so close and he guarded us all through hard times with out-most care. 

I must state that his date of birth was never gone mistaken since after his arrival in this family he was never left alone. He was also never left un-attended. He usually got all sorts of company and the best of the foods he liked going to every door steps. He purely belongs to 'Zhemgang CS'. He is like our own son because the way he guarded us since long time back was like 'son guarding his family to his best level'.

He became close guard or the immediate police personnel of the school soon after his departure from his mother. In his presence we do not really need any human guard with all guns and violence. He used to guard everyone who belongs to this community so carefully and so un-biasedly. He could easily smell and differentiate between new and the old faces.  

So, during my first arrival I found him extremely energetic, so handsome and totally engrossed in his duties. But, now with the advent of old age he become so weak, so reluctant, more anguish,  the charm of his young ages had all faded away, with deteriorated health he even lost his eye sight and that is making him unable to perform his duty these days.

Perhaps, he'd thrown evidently many, many messages what happens to compounded matters or beings, sure to decay. As we know that every compounded beings is sure to die and no exception for our 'Bhaluu'. 'Death must follow birth' is all I believe. All I pray is his soul to rest in peace and getting re-birthed in one decent, caring and humble family after his Death. So, even in the realm of his death we want to see him well and guarding every-beings with out-most dedication.

Nevertheless, it's no doubt for our 'Bhaluu' to die soon and his Death is somehow not so far.  However, his death would be remembered for some time as he belongs to this community more than a decade. His death would definitely bring some sadness and would touched many heart because of his Tolerance Nature and many more...

If I'm to rate or level his performances I'd for sure give him 'Five Stars' and no doubt a 'Gold Medal' for all of his selfless duties besides risking his own life. The sacrifices he made were all because of his love and care to this family. Nevertheless, in many respect he is better than us and he understands our feelings and the talk because he responded every time with mindfulness, better than some human-beings. His death would follow some symbolic rituals and no doubt after his death this community will become ‘Barren’ and feel like ‘cold cave’.

There can be and come next hundredths of Dogs but not like our 'Bhaluu' with all peaceful nature, safeguarding and rational-beings. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Landscape trial

Into the world of photography, I'm experiencing better half of my life with more mindful skills and energy than ever.
Of late, I started to believe so much on 'camera doesn’t lie'. 

Perhaps, it's really hard to capture on what one think of the scene. It’s totally different to view outer space with naked eye and with camera in action or in hand.
It’s very easy to say Camera can do whole work before coming into the world of photography and it’s hard to experience thereafter.

Many a times it is pretty demanding to meet with the exact time, exposure, shutter speed and the amount of light that is needed by the image to be of good quality and needless to state that these are the sole components of good photographs or photography skills.
Nevertheless, bucket full of ‘patience’ is yet another most important element one should own in the world of photography and in itself.

 So far so much the gears are taking in right lane and totally enjoying the world of 'camera doesn't lie' each time before I pick-up the camera. 

Source: SBR. April, 2015

Source: SBR. May, 2015 

Source: SBR. April, 2015

Source: SBR. April, 2015

Monday, July 13, 2015

Random Click - I

Indian Idol Junior


I am completely confused to comments on the program. And I am sure that there would be many who would submit the similar kinds of thoughts and expression like I do for the program. The program that comes at the cost of entertaining others is perhaps becoming one of the most favorite programs these days.

Despite clicking to news, sports and discovery channels, recently I am totally hooked by 'Indian Idol Juniors' program or simply a singing competition.

As, I always treasure the most gifted quality in few human beings is the ability to sing. Since, I was a little boy I respect or liked the gift of a vocal or ability to sing so much. I'd say, the most gifted talent of all is gifted with vocal. Since, this talent of one would remain forever and even continues after death.

These are the power-house...


The way anchor host the program, the judge's commenting on the individual performances, the individual performer giving their heart and soul and the audience reactions are some of the things that makes this program a grand, entertaining and successful one throughout.

When any of the new programs comes in, it shouldn’t come just for the cost of ticket and merely as a shake rather it would be better if it comes in with full energy and in different levels. When it comes, it should suffice the needs, should give the viewers the sense of touch, sense of feelings, sense of new knowledge and sense of satisfaction then it is truly a program for viewers.  Otherwise, there won’t be much talk and the charm with any kinds of programs.  

Here the little concern is about our local programs like singing/entertaining programs which come for the shake and in the name of unprivileged nation or technically backward. Should we keep up to the name of unseen nation or should we claim to have no place to construct the entertainment house? So, what if our producers or the host can learn the way on how other producers or the host does or entertain the audience or what if they go beyond today's level of entertaining?   I am with the hope that there are still many, many rooms for the betterment of our local programs.

Of course, this is purely the personal feelings or the views that I've.  And here I do not mean to detriment anybody's bad feelings.  

So, only my hope is to have better and entertaining local programs in times to come and pray for worth watching it.

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